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[Review] Lucidol-L Hair Treatment Water


Contains 2 types of hyaluronic acid.
Quickly moisturizes to straigtened dry or bed had hair

I got this small spray bottle from Guardian during their 50% off. i cant remember how much i paid..

the lower part of my hair is dry and damaged from all the works done over the last 2 years. So i am growing it out now and just got a trim to cut some of it away.

I bought this hoping to moisturize my hair in office or whenever on the go.


the darker part is fine, the coloured part is not.


the ends:

It is still dry and only slightly better i would say. after a few hours it is back to normal for my damaged ends.

i think it works for NORMAL hair and good for dry conditions like air con or beach holiday.
for damaged ends like mine, i would suggest leave on essence.

[Review] Only Aesthetics QPX Brazilian IPL


I did a first trial session at Only Aesthetics for $55. They say it’s QPX but the machine clearly states IPL.

What makes QPX technology different?
QPX™ Quad Pneumatic technology provides the highest clinical performance at lower energy than conventional IPLs. Therefore highest in its class for safety. Making it possible to treat even skin type I – !V without causing burn to the darker skin tone.This is all made possible because of the unique technology in every QPX product.This technology is patented and whilst other IPLs may claim similar performance, only QPX can deliver.

How other IPLs work
All IPL devices use a flash lamp (a bit like a powerful camera flash) to create the necessary light energy to remove hair. However QPX-based devices control this flash lamp in a way that is much more sophisticated than other less-advanced systems. In most other IPLs, the electrical current surges through the lamp in a wave and the colour of light varies during this pulse. At its peak, the light energy is too high and produces too much blue light that must be filtered out. Much of the energy is lost so treatments are carried out at unnecessarily high energy levels that can be uncomfortable on the skin, and can only safely be used by a trained therapist.

Quad Pneumatic technology
QPX technology solves this problem with unique circuitry that creates a constant pattern of electrical current to the lamp—in a ‘Quad Pnuematic Pulse’. This perfect energy level is continuously generated, so the most effective treatments are produced at far lower energy levels with no harmful energy that needs to be filtered out. Quad Pneumatic technology makes QPX systems easy to use as there are no complicated or costly accessories required for the different treatments or skin types.

In the room..
Treatment wise it was TOTALLY painless. I’ve never done brazilian IPL before so I can’t gauge if it’s more or less painful. But seriously I couldn’t feel a thing except see the flash of light everytime they zap. Amazing! I can only compared it to waxing which to me is tolerable but not the most pleasant of experiences.

After all that zapping is done (~5min), the technician leaves you to clean yourself up with a box of tissue and a some wet wipes. Not that I’m being princessy but when I go for my waxing, I don’t hafta clean up down there. And what a mess it was, there was so much ice cold gel (prolly numbed the area so much that I felt no pain) and I took forever to get it really clean. Prolly took longer than the zapping itself :/

No pictures, so bear with me..

Finally, I got myself cleaned up. I inspected the final result. One thing I noticed was it was definitely not as clean as waxing which the technician mentioned at the start of my treatment. Not only there were a couple of missed hairs, the end effect and feeling is much like shaving (although I’ve never shaved down there either before).

Signing up..
All in all, I quite like it so I signed for the package which works out to be slightly under 1k. (will be more if you require zapping of the crack). The package is a 2 year program. 1 session every 3-4 weeks for the first 6 months and 1 every 2 months thereafter. This works out to be 15-17 for the entire 2 year span @ $58-$66 per session. Totally reasonable if you ask me. You can also opt for 6 or 12 month interest free installment payment plans with selected credit cards. I used UOB.

BUT I’m totally miffed cos the sales consultant DID NOT mention the cheaper option (also a 2 year program) but just offered me the accelerated one which was ~$300 more. After emailing them, I got a call a couple of days later from their manager regarding this issue and they were willing to refund me in credits.

Basically they are claiming PERMANENT removal as opposed to a few years kinda permanent.

They have the option of adding a whitening serum (before IPL) and a mask (after IPL) for $27 per service per session. I think they have a package for this as well. Or if you prefer a DIY home kit for more regular application, they have a bottle of whitening serum for ~$180. In any case I will be trying it out @ my next session which will be my 3rd visit. Maybe use my credits? ;p

Other QPX services..
The most popular hair removal treatments there are for underarm, half leg & brazilian. Recently they are now offering this service for men (think Boyzilian) too!

Interested to know more?
There have been many complaints from customers who have signed up or have bought groupon vouchers but aren’t able to reach them via their hotlines. So the best way these days to fix an appointment with them is via SMS/Whatsapp! Yay!

ONLYaesthetics™ @ Holland Village
25A Lorong Mambong
Tel: 6314 4434
SMS/whatsapp: 8500 4434

ONLYaesthetics™ @ Dhoby Ghaut
190 Clemenceau Ave
Singapore Shopping Centre #05-03
Tel: 6338 4434
SMS/whatsapp: 9731 4011

Or check them out on their fb page here

[Review] Kaminomoto Hair Growth Tonic


Look at Heidi Klum, one of the hottest supermodels in the world. Whether she’s wearing her hair straight or uber sexy with curls, it’s always full of volume. Yes, luscious hair has always been a symbol of beauty.

I do love voluminous hair and always try to achieve this with blowdrying, root perm and using thickening shampoo and hair products. Well, unfortunately for me I have been faced with a hair loss problem lately. I wonder if it’s stress related or perhaps my diet and general lifestyle. Having not a lot of hair to begin with plus this case of hair fall is worrying at my age. In any case, I decided to do something about it. Popping some supplements did cross my mind until a little birdy who used to work at Beijing 101 recommended me to try Kaminimoto Hair Growth Tonic.

20120726-204821.jpg 20120726-204835.jpg
It comes sealed with a plastic wrap so it’s not possible to open it at the store to test/smell it.
“Helps to prevent premature hair loss” That’s me alright.

Kaminomoto is a leading manufacturer of hair care products in Japan since 1908.

::Main Ingredients::

  • Hinokitiol (Hinoki-extract) – Antiseptic function, prevents dandruff & itching, activates cell function of scalp & hair roots
  • Thyme extract – Controls sebaceous glands with astringent & prevents dandruff & itching with antiseptic
  • Sophora Radix (Kujin extract) – Promotes blood circulation and activates cell function of scalp and hair roots. Helps hair growth.
  • Neo-Takanal – Prevents dandruff and itching, keeps bacteria from increasing on scalp
  • Capsicum Frutescens – Stimulate blood circulation
  • Calcium Pantothenate – Suppress inflammation of scalp
  • Pyridoxine HCl – Control sebaceous glands

You realise they have more than one active ingredient for a particular benefit.

The actual bottle itself which should last for a month with daily application.

Sectioning of hair is needed so that the tonic can be applied directly to the scalp.


  • Sprinkle a generous amount onto scalp twice a day (I use only after I wash my hair and about 4-5 times a week)
  • Massage with fingertips to work in the solution (Most definitely but just a gentle rub)
  • Treatment should be applied more generously before bedtime to work with scalp’s natural nourishing properties while you sleep (yes, I use this at night mostly)
  • Applying an appropriate amount regularly over a long time is more effective than applying a large amount once
  • It is important to keep scalp clean in order to prevent falling out of hair so please shampoo at least once every 2-3 days (erh, I wash my hair daily)

This product contains alcohol and has a cooling sensation after application which I like, just remember not to do it when the a/c is on. It smells a little medicinal which I expected after seeing the ingredients but the smell doesn’t affect me. I’m almost through with my first bottle and I will purchase another as I’m seeing some results such as less hair fall. My scalp is also healthier cos it’s less greasy at the end of the day and I feel it’s alot cleaner than before.

Retails for SGD 19.30, 150ml @ Watsons

[Review] Aqua Korean Hair Salon


I recently permed my hair at Aqua Korean Hair Salon at the recommendation of Syd, my fellow contributor.

This is how I looked after the first round of perming (Will explain why I went through two rounds of perming).


I opted for the Natural curls look inspired by this particular hairstyle.


My decision to perm my hair had to do with my upcoming wedding photo shoot. My completely resistant hair would be a nightmare to work with so I thought some texture would be great.

I took the Korean stylist, Emily. Our serious communication problem was the language barrier. Despite having taken Korean lessons at 19, I cannot hold a decent conversation with her. It was a lot of smiles and sheepish looks from both of us.

Service level at Aqua was great – drinks, snacks and the constant making sure I was comfortable.

Emily was evidently skilled, but she could be a little less rough while washing my hair. However, she gives a killer head massage. Yay to that!

However, the next day, my resistant hair decided to do a diva stunt on me and ended up looking like this.



Not balanced eh? It looked limp and lifeless as well. Was rather miffed but was able to arrange to get my hair fixed at Aqua the next day at no extra charge. I was pretty impressed by the goodwill gesture.


On my way to Aqua. My mom was like “the curls are never going to last till June!”

So, I headed to Aqua again. This time, Emily did a Korean perm for me to make my curls more obvious. image

Feel like an alien onboard the mothership.


Can you see the bowl on my shoulders? Was pretty intrigued by that.

The end result of two perms in 3 days will be revealed in the next LOTD post. But I’m pretty happy with how I look now, that’s for sure.

Go try Aqua if you think that you would wanna try out Korean hairstyling. It’s really different compared to what I normally experience, in terms of techniques. My colleagues said I really look very Korean-y now which is a definite morale booster.

Prices are reasonable for an Orchard Road salon – I paid about SGD$220 for the perm and treatment. When I permed my hair at a rather well-known chain best known for its celebrity owners, I paid nearly $400. Do not expect an opulent and luxurious interior. It’s comfortable and cosy, but the stylists Sophia (who is so pretty! Porcelain skin anyone?) and Emily (I don’t think it was her faux pas. My hair is that resistant.) are really worth a try.

I am planning to do another hair makeover after my wedding. Definitely will go back to Aqua for that.

Check out Aqua’s Facebook page for more information.

This is not an advertorial, just sharing my experience at this particular place.

[Review] Phyto Anti-Frizz botanical hair relaxing balm


Remember what i got in my first glamabox?

One of the products is Phyto Anti-Frizz botanical hair relaxing balm, and i decided to try it for the first time today.

Frankly speaking, i never thot i would need any hair product, as i am proud to say i have good hair quality =X. they are always very soft, smooth and fine.
i’ve permed once, coloured several times and in Dec i rebonded it. the rebond kinda made my hair quality dropped 😦 its no longer shiny and although its straight, its actually very hard to comb through. in fact, i dont bother combing many times and just let it be, luckily it still looks neat and decent.
i cant wait to grow it out…

yesterday my hair is ultra dry and frizzy and unmanageble so thats y i opened this box..

i wouldnt say my hair is ‘chemical’ free but nvm free pdt just try

this is the 15ml tube (retail is SGD5 according to glamabox)

its a very thick vicous colourless liquid, almost gel like

smthg i must say though, i also use Asience Shine Therapy treatment during my shampooing just now, this time putting mroe than usual due to my ultra bad hair days. I’ve used the treatment many times, and it always helps to soften my hair and makes it easier to comb. so the effect of the pictures below is not independant to Phyto only, but definitely improved quality and condition after using this PHYTO balm.

the directions says but a dab on your palm and apply onto very wet hair.
then comb out with wide tooth comb to distribute the gel over the hair,
and relax hair strand by strand spread from root to end. (i couldnt catch if im suppose to apply more dabs strand by strand?)

anw 1 dab is obviously not enough right, so i applied about 8-10 dabs, each time rubbing my palms once to spread out then apply through a section of my hair.
then i went to blowdry to 70% dry

even though my hair is still damp, i can feel its softer and smoother!!!

this is 99% dry.. not bad right!

and once more with flash to see more details

im in love with my hair again!!

PHYTO impresses me with thier botanical ingredients and formula as well, to come up with a solution for hair problems. also they are environmentally frenly, using only glass and aluminium tubes. woots!!

I cant wait to use it again!

2 Tail Braid


ihave been watching alot of Hair tutorials lately and i am damn impressed that we can actually create so many looks with our hair. you will be amazed trust me. just check out LilithMoon and you will be hooked man!!

one of the tutorials i learn is how to do a 2 tail braid. damn cute la, too bad my hair is not long enough…

sorry for the blur photo

closer look

not bad right!

i will try out more hairstyles soon!

New hair cut


I had my curls at the bottom of my hair chopped off. always wanted to try this type of straight unlayered hair look. and also growing my bangs out for the longest time (still not there yet). i’ve had side swept bangs for the past… 8 years?? so this time i really need to change

i really like the turnout. the hairdresser, Winnie is a friendly cute and adorable lady who works from her home in Tampines. she uses high quality products from shampooing, conditioning, serums and hair dyes, and price is really reasonable!! its the overall experience, which is very comfortable from start to end.

i also retouched my roots and really like how the organic hair dye she uses is ammonia-free so its gentle to the scalp and no pungent smell like the other hair dyes. i’ve dyed there 2 times and so far my hair quality is still as good as ever.

the hair dye used..

let me know if you want her contact!