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[LOTD] Channeling My Inner Duchess


It’s strange how one’s sense of aesthetics change as we grow older. I used to love the funky high street styles for its bold choices of prints, colours and the general sense of adventure. Maybe it had to do with my dancing days in university. In the recent years, one of my current style icons is none other than the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton. The 20 year old me might have been surprised.

Her sartorial choices are always sensible, flattering and never matronly. She won’t be winning any awards for the most creative dress sense but definitely reigns high in the fashion charts worldwide.

Taken from US Weekly – Copy Kate Middleton’s Style for Less

Here’s my take on Duchess fashion, of course for less.



Floral sleeved shift dress – H&M

Suede wedges – Timberland

White leather clutch – Coach Japan

Of course, what I needed to finish the look is the signature to-die-for curls. 😦


Making up my lack of royalty and bouncy curls with the colour of royalty and a mega-watt smile


A closer look at my outfit’s details. I love the watercolour-esque prints of this dress and it’s oh-so-comfy. Not to mention, it’s a dream for a laundry nut – machine wash and no ironing needed! This is one of my favourite work dresses too.

Hope you like this outfit as much as I do. I look forward to do more LOTD inspired by the Duchess again.

[LOTD] Summertime Livin’


It’s been horribly hot lately in Singapore and it has been a pain trying to dress up. All I want to do is either hide indoors or wear flipflops and a tank top-shorts combo.

Turns out, the hot summer weather can be a great inspiration to dress up and here’s my summertime lovin’ get up.


Cobalt blue low-back maxi dress, some tiny store in Tampines ($12!)

Neverfull tote bag, Louis Vuitton Paris

Jelly flats, Zaxy

Floral scarf, H&M

I love how casual yet feminine I looked. I had so much fun twirling around and taking photos in this outfit. It was comfortable and made me feel really attractive.


My favourite hair-do now is to simply clip my hair into a pretty ponytail with this absolutely gorgeous clip I got from Far East Plaza. You can’t really see the diamantes on it but it really sparkles when you see it. It goes with virtually every outfit and I find myself using this almost daily, especially when I go to work.


My trusty Zaxy jelly flats served me well. I apologise for it looking rather gruffy.

Final word, I love how I felt sexy and beautiful even when I wasn’t baring a lot of skin. Modesty need not be sacrificed in face of fashion and I truly believe in that.

[LOTD] Dressing Up for Winter


My great European honeymoon never fails to bring the fondest memories to mind. Indeed, when we considered the various countries to go for our honeymoon, Europe seemed like the place where everyone would go to. This decision to go to Europe was definitely a wise one.

Had the chance to see many beautiful places and tick off many things in my bucket list. Oh yes, and be with the man of my life.


In France, outside Notre Dame


Definitely difficult to pack for 20 odd days of winter without reusing stuff.

Black puffy coat (loved that I could cinch my waist, lest risk looking like the Michelin man)

Turquoise knit turtle neck, Uniqlo

Purple tartan scarf, Taobao (the hugely popular Chinese equivalent of Gmarket)

Red leggings, Taobao

Waterproof boots, North Face (best buy ever! Kept me dry, warm and stylish at all times)


At the Louvre with the signature glass pyramid 

We ventured to colder places, and one of my favourite places was the Black Forest of Titisee, Germany. It was picturesque and of course, cold.


See what I mean? It was where I totally wanted to be a Uniqlo ambassador. At  SGD$39.90, the waterproof, wind-proof pants was what kept me warm and dry every single time.  Fyi, this is apparently the place where blackforest cake was created.


Rolled up my North Face boots (see what I mean about versatility?), put on some ear-muffs, and a red checkered scarf, I was all set to challenge the cold of Kleine Scheidgg in Switzerland.


My childhood dream – to do a snow angel in actual snow. The kid in me died from happiness to fulfil this dream, especially for a kid from the tropics.


 Near the Flower Clock in Geneva

Braved the cold winds to take a picture to show something besides my big fluffy black coat. A grey turtleneck woolen dress , printed cardigan, both from Uniqlo and a purple scarf from H&M. I had to hold onto my scarf and dress as the winds were absolutely wild.


The Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Here, I tried to inject a bit of colour by wearing cobalt blue jeans. Oh yes, I was using my new Desigual satchel but it’s not very visible under that big fluffy coat.


In Lucerne, Switzerland

My husband said I looked like a kid. Indeed, I was going for the preppy look – white turtleneck, navy sweater, both from Uniqlo and winter shorts from Taiwan. What makes it more colleagiate was probably the orange Ferragamo hairband I got at an incredible steal – EU$40 at the outlet store.



At the Harry Potter Studio Tour, UK

It was such a treat to see all the beautiful sets from the Harry Potter series. I would strongly recommend the butterbeer as it is really every bit as tasty as described by J K Rowling. My Desigual satchel can be seen a little more clearly here and I was wearing a striped knitted cardigan from Primark with a black and white checker board scarf.

Recollecting all these memories is definitely a blast from the past for me.



[LOTD] – Floral Peplum


It was a bright and sunny day, and what better reason to dress up for such glorious weather?

As you can probably tell by now, I love colours and prints. I am hardly shy of wearing both of them at the same time, and to add a cherry to the metaphoric icing, this lovely dress came in my favourite peplum style.

Here’s the break down of my outfit:


Paintbrush-inspired floral peplum dress, H&M (yes, second H&M dress in a row)

Black pumps with stacked heels, Salvatore Ferragamo

Gold patent clutch, YSL

Necklace, Dior

Watch, Tissot


It’s pretty safe to say that I adore this outfit. It was fitting for a lunch with girl pals and possibly a night out in town as well. It was versatile, and still pretty me. My broad smile probably says it all.




Yes, almost all that I was wearing were purchased during my Europe trip and I can truly feel the hole in my pocket. 😦

LOTD – Oriental Chic


Was out for tea with my fellow contributors quite some time ago and decided to dress up in a somewhat different manner.

Syd mentioned I was pretty experimental in my sartorial choices and I have to agree. Until I hit the dreaded 30s, I would continue to play around with my fashion styles.

Here’s my look of the day.


Kimono wrap dress – H&M Conscious Collection

Suede caged heels – BATA

Black ceramic watch – Skagen (previously featured)

Floral hair tie – Helen


Was also dressed for my sister-in-law’s 21st birthday party so the outfit served dual purpose. I loved the drapes of the dress, how it is modest yet it exudes a classiness and stands out on its own. It needs minimal accessories and a loose bun serves to make the outfit more polished.


Here’s a cuppa to a new year ahead! Cheers!

[LOTD] Floral Crush – Chiffon Blouse & Tailored Shorts


Hey everyone! It’s only during the weekends where I get to indulge in my sartorial side. I got this sheer blouse from H&M Conscious Collection earlier in the month while trying to work some summer prints into my mainly color block outfits.

H&M blouse, H&M shorts, Vintage belt, , Kate Spade bag, Agnes B sunglasses, Tory Burch clines ballet flat (royal tan)

I was all dressed up heading to a brunch that got cancelled at the last min 😦

I’ve been using this bag since I came back from my US trip. And I seriously use it for everything, work & weekend. Well, I do love my red bags 🙂

Pictures were taken begrudgingly by E. ha!

[Review] H&M Raspberry Smoothie Pore Cleansing Mask


H&M is really getting pro – they’ve expanded to even skincare which i never thot a fashion giant would.

a friend of mine bought this for me from HK and he doesnt know what my skin type is but i am actually delighted to get this since time to time we need to clarify. more so in Singapore’s humid weather making my skin v oily.

smells really YUMMY. the texture is really thick and creamy. my advise is spread fast as it starts drying up pretty quicky too once exposed to atmosphere.

one packet is enough for 2 applications so i will seal it up with tape after the 1st time and leave it in the fridge.

about 15 min you can really feel tightness on your face and you cannot move a single muscle in order not to cause any cracks/folds in your skin.

super dry and i hope its sucking up all the oil

my least favourite part of this mask. RINSING OFF.
i spend alot of time rinsing off the mask, cos firstly i spend some time to wet the mask to make it creamy enough to wash off, and its really stubborn on the skin.
i suggest rinsing for about 30 sec and using a paper towel to wipe off most of it first before washing again. even after washing once i still spot some stubborn mask on forehead and sides of my nose =x

i can say this clarifying mask is good – pores are def cleared and skin become ‘dryier’.
hence i slap on my moistuirizer after that and all is good.

this retails for HKD19.90 which is about SGD3.40. i would think its expensive but for 2 applications its actually quite affordable.

[LOTD] Floral Cottons


H&M dress, Salvatore Ferragamo belt, Pedder Red pumps, Kate Spade bag, Agnes b Sunglasses

Hi everyone! It’s been awfully hot & humid lately over here in Singapore. One of my favourite outfits for this sort of weather is the cotton sundress. And I just love skirts & dresses with pockets even though I hardly ever utilise them to put anything other than my hands.

The dress has an elastic waistband so you don’t really need a belt to define your waist. Usually I would pair this with another lighter colored belt, or a woven one but they are missing? ha!

The floral prints are very fitting of this hot season

I could do without the exposed zip at the back cos I can easily put the dress on without unzipping it.

What are some of your favourite getups for summer?

[LOTD] Romantic Dinner Date


It’s spring and flower power is back in full force. Have you caught the fever yet?

Peonies are an absolute favorite of mine. What’s yours?

H&M dress, ALDO platform heels

The length is perfect for me, hitting just above my knee. The loose fit is great if you want to be comfortable while the satin finish gives the dress a touch of elegance.

Look classy from the front and cute from the back with this centered bow just above the keyhole. No zips to fuss around with and being lined gets my vote!

Stepping out in my neutral AND flattering sky high heels for a night of romance.

Btw, this outfit was taken at my sis’s wedding banquet @ night so it wasn’t exactly a date, but hey! it was definitely romantic 🙂 AND there were candles too.

[Review] H&M Conscious Collection


Ever since I discovered H&M in 2008 at Langham Place, Hong Kong, H&M always reduce me to a blithering, wallet busting idiot. I adore H&M for its wearable and affordable fashion, always able to capture the essence of runway trends.

As I flipped through the online catalogue, I thought I’ll share with the readers some of the more noteworthy pieces in the collection. I am ready to part with my money on these pieces real soon!


At SGD$39.90, this cute and flirty number plays up your feminine charms appropriate for a first date. Talk about wallet-friendly seduction!


I can so see this for a cocktail party, church wedding or even a night out with the girls! Love the glamour of the fabric and the intricate details at the neckline & hem. Retails at SGD$ 159


One of the two pieces I made up my mind to buy. Where should I begin? The so-chic shade of green, the embroidery details at the neckline or the absolutely to die for back? I am thrilled at the ways I can match this dress with a bejeweled clutch, and a solid colored pair of pumps. Retails at SGD$139


The hemline of this dress is so this season, but what makes this absolutely divine is the use of the soft chiffon and the burgundy-purple colour of the dress. Such a red-carpet ready outfit with a tousled updo. Retails at SGD$399 (my heart says Yes but my wallet says NO!)


The other piece that I can’t wait to lay my hands on. This burnt orange tone is such a show-stopping colour. Matched with this va-va-voom hemline, how can I resist? I already decided to wear this for one of the gazillion weddings I would be attending this year. Retails at SGD$139

Let’s just cross my fingers that I can get them in my size when I get to the stores this weekend. Look of the Day with Make Up for these outfits? Exciting thought.