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My Night Time skincare routine


Hello – i have not blogged for very very long!! sorry about that as i was busy with an exam which is finally over!

we just did an LOTD last weekend so do expect more posts coming up!

anyway, i wanted to share my night time skincare routine, and i wanted to try in a video format for fun! its my VERY first time doing this.
i just filmed, download a video editing software and tried for the first time, so dont expect quality video quality and editing skills k.

I’m sorry that I placed the phone too deep in the shelf. it was really spontaneous idea so no QC checking!!

Products used:
Innisfree White Tone up skin
Missha Time Revolution White Cure Science Blanc
Missha Near Skin Inner Moist Eye Cream
Clarins Lotus Facial Treatment Oil

Song: Girls’ Generation ‘All my love is for you’

[Review] Innisfree Mineral Water Foundation



I got this mineral water foundation in Korea last year for 15,000 won.

Was quite excited since i’ve never tried mineral make up and always wanted to try.

Personally i prefer foundation / bb cream that is watery in nature as they spread and blend easily, without leaving a cakey feeling.


credits to All made in koreaΒ for below photo


I really like the water texture of this foundation, i think this is what a tinted moisturizer feels like (althuogh i have not tried)/

its probably the same thing if you ask me, just fancy names to vary the products.

it blends very lightly into my skin, and i use this every day if i am going out.
Coverage is not high, so dont expect to cover all your acne scars, but it does lighten them.
my skin feels moist and light after putting this and my face looks so naturally nude.

it also give off a healthy glow, and i dont have to put much powder to set the make up.

it comes with SPF15 PA+, which is not alot so i always use sunscreen as a base.

can u see how watery it is..?

here’s a comparison, i put this only on the left of the photo.
it covers imperfections naturally and skin tone is more even.

i would mind buying this again!

[Review] Innisfree Green Barley Bubble Cleanser


Every night, my cleansing regime consists of 3 steps:

1) Make up remover – now using FANCL Mild cleansing oil

2) Gel wash with clarisonic mia – now using Avene soapless foaming gel (My Holygrail!)

3) Bubble wash – currently using this Innisfree green barley bubble cleanser


picked this up during my korea trip last year and i was in Innisfree store looking for some stuff to stock up.

Personally, i love Innisfree as they use very natural ingredients and free of parabens etc.

and of cos, my dear YoonA from Girls Generation is their spokesperson



the reason why i use a foam cleanser on top on my gel cleanser is because with the clarisonic Mia, it cannot reach the nose contours very well and i do not use it over and around my eye area. does anyone do that? the brushes seem too harsh..

so those eye and nose contours are not cleansed properly and i will use another foam cleanser to cleanse those areas properly + my face once more.

Also, i am a very firm believer that foam is essential to cleansing. I feel that foam can pick up the dirt and grease from the pores on a minuscule level. so i feel more secure when i end my regime with a foam cleanser.

this is how the foam looks like:


and upside down:


and upon spreading:


this has a sourish smell like light vinegar i dont know why.

when i wash on my face during breakouts with open acne, it stings slightly upon application.

maybe its the alcohol content 😦

however it feels clean after washing and sometimes when i apply toner i feel a certain sting again. maybe its the toner, i dont know. i never had this issue before so i cant wait to finish this bottle.

i feel its not as gentle as the Biore Marshbmellow whip so i dont think i will get this again.

Here’s my face after washing and drying.


Happy Saturday all πŸ™‚

My holiday make up & skincare stash


Blogging from my iphone cos my PC is down

Im leaving for China in a few hours time and quite excited! Its my first time too. Beijing – pls dont disappoint me!

I limit my make up to 1 Bellabox.
These boxes i collected over the years are handy. I have another box for my skincare stuff lol

My minimalist holiday make up box:


Dior lip glow, ZA Liquid eyeliner and brow pencil, Diorshow mascara, OCC lip tar, Innisfree mineral liquid foundation, SANA loose powder, NYX blusher, Revlon eye shadow, Canmake eyeshadow which is gg to finish!
I missed out my Silkygirl bronze eyeliner for undereye

Heres the skincare box:

Mixure of stuffs from bellabox n my own loot, mainly bellabox though. I hope i can access wordpress there so can give mini reviews during the trip.

And of cos, LOTDs from Beijing.

Till then, have a great weekend! πŸ™‚

Korea Trip Stash!


An Yeong Haseyo!

Korea is really the land of skincare and my skincare heaven! there’s so many variety and product range is soooo extensive that by day 1 shopping i feel that all these products are just gimmicks and walking down myeong-dong is like a competition to see which skincare brand has the best marketing to draw in customers… but still i am a good tourist and i bought loads!

and all those who serve me in shops are PRC.. by default i am also a PRC to the sales assistants so i always have to correct them.

want to see what i bought from my korea winter trip? these includes things for my friends so not all is mine k

i have took photos according to brands and here’s where 90% of my shopping goes to


MISSHA- one of my fave brands!!

close up of the MAKE UP from MISSHA

I NEED THIS – its damn cool and it works man


I also like this brand cos they are very environemtally friendly and into using natural ingredients with all the no parabens no frangrance no alot of things

and YoonA from girls generation is the ambassodor ❀

Sorry blur photo – Foam cleansers – using soon cos running out, first time trying

Toner, scrub, and mineral foundation. i haven used foundation in years since i switched to BB cream so quite excited haha


The Face Shop

all the premium masks for Syd and other stuff for friends. only thing for me is the Volcanic Clay nose pore pack which i reviewed before and likes

The nose pore pack selling liek 28 sheets for a less than SGD10 i think. i buy gmarket SGD2.90 ONE sheet.


Etude House & Nature Republic

and how can i forget my Girls Generation official merchandise from their homeland. Chocolates and Perfume

i realise yesterday that the perfume is not their real official merchandise but they only endorse it, i feel cheated abit man 😦

I try to hit 30,000 won per store so that i can claim VAT refund but for etude huose and Nature republic i didnt hit.

i also bought alot of lipsticks mini ones for friends but i gave away before the photo 😦

I wish i can buy more but i shall not go too far. i think this should be able to last me for a good year or 2. by then new pdts will be on the market so i will buy then…

i also bought a zara bottom and a fluffy sweater and food stuff for colleauges and family.

i didnt bring my credit card so no aftershock next month. think i spend SGD1,000 ++?

[Review] Innisfree White Tone Up Skin


Finally its time to open this after finsihing my previous toner. I’ve been wanting to open this asap! Its my 2nd bottle already, tried this last year for the first time.

Yes, in korean products, ‘SKIN’ means toner. so rmb if you are going korea looking for toner, just buy ‘SKIN’.. i think the japanese toner pdt equivalent is ‘lotion’.

my favourite part is to read the korean words (as you might have realised by now), you can read it too. it reads the same way as in english I dont know why:

my limited korean reading brings me up to there only.

why i really like this:
it has 7 free!! SEVEN!!!

Innisfree is known for having natural pdts and do not believe in added preservatives/artificial fragrances, i beleived thats why they are so popular in korea.

i am also very impressed that the printing on the packaging box is from soy ink. really damn environmentally friendly.

time to see another special thing about this toner, the colour!

its a milky liquid, but its not thick anything, just like water but with a milky look.

once poured onto cotton pad, its just like any other toner

you can immediately smell the berries fragrance of this toner. its so distinct and quite sharp. cfm you know its the ‘berries’ smell yet so calm and soothing. really love the smell!!

i bought this as part of my whitening and brightening regime.
From Innisfree site:
“Formulated with fresh berry ingredients to refine skin texture and vitamin B3 to prevent melanin formation, this whitening skin toner helps you to present a brighter and milky complexion.”

[Directions] Smoothly apply an appropriate amount onto face and neck in the morning and evening.

Not bad right, i will get this again. but korean pdts are getting pricey these days. i got mine from iheartkoreanbeauty many months back. hope they still sell it if not must ask friends who go korea to buy.

Rating: 4.5/5

ending with a photo of my idol YoonA from SNSD whom is also the spokesperson for Innisfree ❀

[Review] Innisfree O2 Pore Mask Pack


i dont understand why Korean pdts korean character says the same thing same pronounciation in english.
if you know how to read the korean characters below, it also reads as ‘Innispree o2 pore mask pack’ – wont that not make sense to koreans (who dun understand english?)
i’ve noticed this for ALL my korean pdts.

i bought this oxygen mask from iheartkoreanbeauty, whom seller is awesome and super nice. i rmb its less than $50 but not sure how much.

you know whats so special about this mask? it self foams!! damn cool! i first tried self foam oxy mask from the taiwanese brand beautytalk but the price is really steep.
i really liked the Beauty talk one, which lightens, brightens and lifts my skin. the burst of oxygen really helps my skin to look less tired (supposedly good for smokers too)

so once the bubbles are formed, it will also ‘burst’ by itself.

using iphone internal camera before the mask

no photo of the substance sorry. it is a white colour thick liquid (like shower cream) when you squeeze it out.
you shd then massage it into your face and spread the mask out as much as you can. within 5 sec of massaging u can already see alot of bubbles forming.

and now for a photo during the process

can u see how THICK the foam is?? its really like 2 cm high man..the foam forms very quicly upon application, and your fingers will get foamy too so its quite messy.
you should wash off the mask after all the bubbles have ‘burst’ and gone.
this takes about 10-15 min.

after washing off..

i know the colour is diff from the BEFORE pic.. i cant seem to locate the lighting anymore..=)

here’s another photo using the front camera

i can feel that my skin is smoother, and brighter after this, which is really good! my friend whom had darker skin than me tried and i swear the skin is fairer.

the thing i dont really like about this is that the pdt is really sticky, and your fingers and face will become v sticky when applying… like really sticky. so doesnt feel very natural. and i dont really like that it foams SOOO thick and so much, cos after 10 min my skin doesnt seem to absorb anything and i dont see the leftover foam dissipating so i just went to wash if off.

i always need to wipe and clean the bottle after use cos of the mess..

other than that, i recommend this for brightening, and smokers. the price is also very reasonable. this bottle last me for a year already haha

rating: 3/5