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[Review] LANCOME Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal brightness activating essence


Received a sample size of this 5ml essence from Bellabox previously.

Latest scientific discovery by Lancome
from skin dermis emanates true natural light.

To recreate from skin deep layers an ideal of a luminous and translucent skin,
Lancome conceives the Dermactyl complex.
Empowered with a new whitening QD active designed to awake a “luminous” dermis, it favors the production of new brighter collagen fibers and the regulation of melanin production in order to free skin of spots and darkness.

look at the extensive ingredients!

as this is ‘essence’, 5ml can bring me a loooong way. i used only 3 drops of this pdt each time, and its been a few weeks but im still not done!

how i wish skincare are sold in smaller sizes, it is more appealing to consumers like myself whom dont want to commit to big sizes as they can take years or never to finish.

the colourless essence has a slight fragrance.

consistency is thick and vicous.

according to the instructions inside, i am suppose to use the massage techniques to apply this.

so, i have decided to do smthg which i would never have usually. applying only to the right side of my face ONLY until i finish this.

Why? i am tired from not seeing visible results in all these pdts, maybe there is improvements but it will be really noticable if it works only on 1 side right?

i have been using for about 3 weeks, day and night, sometimes i skip day or night but at least once a day.

here’s a photo today after applying this on right side again.

i do see that it reflects more light due to the liquid essence, but generally i dont find that side of my face more transparent or luminous that the other.

do i have to wait longer? i am starting to think it doesnt work for me. maybe my skin is already very clear (LOL)??

Retail Price: S$ 175.00 (30ml)