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[Review] My Beauty Diary Puffiness Intensive Care Eye Mask


Puffy Eyes are one of the biggest worries of my face. I hope this can help.

I usually dont buy Beauty Diary stuff in SG but they were on sale so the price is acceptable..
they translate to english for you!

Full of goodness and no parabens.

And the butterfly shaped mask is so cute!

it feels so cool on my skin and my eyes are drinking up the moisture from the mask.

I removed after 20 min.

What do you think?
I think its not bad! my puffiness is reduced, although very slightly.
i cant wait to use it again tonight.

Thank you for reading 🙂

[Review] My Beauty Diary Caviar Mask



This is the mask of the season for me! Caviar mask from the famous My Beauty Diary brand

According to the box, the caviar essence and makes your skin firmer and repairs skin.
It can also tighten pores and hydrates skin
Suitable for tired , dry, damaged, saggy skin.

Sounds powerful ya!

Personally used it about 5 times. And i really like how nourishing it feels.
I slap it on my face after a long week of deprived sleep.
After removing, i massage the rest into my skin.

I love how it doesnt leave it sticky and skin is hydrated, glowing and firm!!


So many nutritious ingredients i am v impressed!! And no parabens.!

Pardon my zits as im having a breakout from PMS



I will def try to get this again but not in SG cos its quite expensive

I got this in HKG for 54HKD about $9 for a box of 10.

[Review] My Beauty Diary Bird Nest Mask


another of my many masks from Taiwan!!

for the longest time, chinese have prized bird nest as a delicacy for promoting collagen growth and good skin. my mom apparently ate lots of it when she was pregnant with me for my ‘fair’ skin. so from consuming it, now this masks is to putting it on the face.

after 15 min , i peel off the masks to a sticky and wet residue.
it look me abuot 5 min of massaging and patting to have all of it evaporated and sucked up.
my skin feels softer and more nourished.

the next day my skin still feels soft and plump.

[Review] My Beauty Diary Red Wine mask


bought more than 12 boxes of these in different flavour TW in 2010 and i still have not finished!!

this is one of the original series

Abstract below taken from:
Purpose: Anti-oxidation, brightening, firming

Skin type: All skin types especially skin which is dull and lacks firmness

Characteristics: The presence of Anthocyans and Tannins helps to promotes the microcirculation of the skin, allowing the skin to have a natural glow and radiance, maintaining the elasticity and firmness of the skin texture.

Also from their Official website, the main properties is Polyphenol, Anthocyanin, tannins, which are astringents. of cos, red wine usually gives your mouth a dry sensation, and is an astringent. the mask also says it is meant for anti-aging.

I placed it on for 20 min today, removed it and massage the rest into my face, neck and arms 😉

Like all sheet masks, skin feels taut and plump and supple (bloated skin i call it).
i am not expecting visible difference from this masks as it is part of a long term skin care routine to protect and treat the skin.

But here are soem pictures anyway..

Review: My Beauty Diary Intensive double Vitamin C Eye Masks


Another eye care review this week, this one is from the famous “My Beauty Diary” brand, im sure you girls are very familiar with its facial masks, and now they have eye masks!!
i bought this box in Taiwan last Nov. I have not seen in SG yet though.. can ask your friends gg taiwan to buy for you 🙂

here’s the product description:

Functions: lighten dark eye circles, reduce fine lines.

to be placed after toner for 10-15 min, no need to rinse! after removing the masks, massage the essence into the skin for absorbtion. for best results use it for a week consecutively.

you know, i was down to last 2 pieces when i read the ‘for best results use it for a week consecutively.’ line 😦
so i guess mine is not the best results.

i like how this eye masks also has fabric for the top eyelid, instead of only the area below the eye. its really quite interesting.

i feel like some superhero in mask… and also it does not sting the eyes or anything.

after 20-30 min (i usually put longer than instructed), i removed to masks and use my fingers to gently dab the rest of the essence into the skin.
the skin feels moist and firm, and the next morning, the area under my eyes are not dark, i feel like there is a wee bit of diff! imagine if i used it for 1 week everyday man.

here’s the before and after after 2 applications.

fine lines reduced!

honestly, i cant say there is much visible diff, as i’ve only done this after 2 masks, and i’ve no more masks 😦
i was pretty pleased with the results the next day cos after a good sleep the eye area always look more refreshed. and i DID take a photo the next morning using internal camera (which always hides the details)

internal camera. looks almost perfect right?

haha. anyway i would still recommend this cos i feel the undereye area is brighter and moist the next morning, and i want to buy 1 more box to try it consecutively every night ‘for best results’ . (what a sucker for eye care).

[Review] My Beauty Diary: Southern France Apricot Mask


i realise i got SO MANY reviews on masks!! this shows how much masks takes up in my skincare regime!
lazy bugger like me loves how convenient masks is to give a quick refresher and boost to my skin.
cheapo like me loves how affordable they are compared to craems and serum and you can change the masks each time!! not be commited to a bottle of serum for months 🙂

i got this from Taiwan in 2010 and FINALLY opened it.

the description claims that French Apricots have astonishing Nourishing and moisurizing properties. queches the thirst of your skin, soothes and nourishes skin that are tight and rough – giving it a new life and brightens at the same time.
Sepcial Property is that it is HIGHLY MOISTURISING

cool, i didnt really want to try this at first cos i dont have dry skin. and im always afriad of over moisturizing substanaces giving my skin a oily rich feel.
but anyways i bought it and can always rely on family members at home to finish it wakakaka!

when i opened the mask, i can really smell the fruity apricot scent seeping throughout the mask sheet. shiok!! its like putting fruits on your skin

let me show you BEFORE pic: (dont be frightened…)

bad lighting.. but this is me on a stay home day lol

slapped the damn mask on… smelling like an apricot 🙂 this mask sheet feels like paper, but still not bad comfy and cold.
by the way the weather in SG today is F hot… cold masks definitely calms my face and my spirits 🙂

45 min later… overrun!!! was too engaged online..

better lighting! it really feels smooth and soft after removing the mask. and im writing this review now, hours later, and I have not used moisturizer today at all.. still feels good and skin is plump. i think this masks is great!! suitable for days in the office where the aircon is drying out my skin..

getting ready for CNY. shall try my nail stickers tmr!!!!!