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[DIY] Remove Gelish Nail Polish at Home


I love getting my nails done, but I always dread needing to go back to the salon to have it removed. Now many places charge for removal unless u have a package there. And many times, you’ll jus sucuumb to doing ur nails again since u are already there instead of doing the right thing and letting your nails rest (and saving some money). Only downside of doing it yourself is you can only do one hand at a time as opposed to both hands at the salon.

Watch this short video for step by step instructions



Your nails will be weaker after removal, so take care of them. After following the steps of the video, I continued with my nail care by buffing and applying a coat of OPI Nail Envy (read review here) and finishing with some cuticle oil.

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[Review] – O.P.I Nail Envy


I love strong healthy looking nails and I’ve read good reviews about the original nail envy so I thought I’lll give it a go.

Layout 1

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Apply two coats of OPI Nail Envy strengthener on the first day, and then one coat every other day for one week. After a week, remove and reapply.

I love that it’s multi-functional. It not only strenghtens nails, but it can be used as a base coat or used alone cos it’s shiny (original). After 2 weeks, I feel my nails are stronger/harder and has also stopped peeling.

Thumbelina – Concept Nail Lounge


I love getting my nails done. Yes, I could DIY at home but nothing beats getting pampared at your favourite nail salon. For me, it’s not just about having pretty nails but it’s the whole process of relaxing and letting the professionals take over with the fussing.

Thumbelina is a new concept nail lounge that promises just that. As you enter its premises, you feel instantly relaxed and everything there is intricately beautiful with artwork from local artist Tang Mun Kit, the decor is mainly French country with a mix of Asian accents.

(pic from google images)

See that wall behind me? All OPI nail polish! Once you’ve picked your color you are whisked away to kick back and enjoy complimentary tea (I chose ginger tea) and a little sweet treat to nibble on. If you’ll like, they have a variety of Gryphon Tea for @ $3.80 as well.

If that only serves to wet your appetite, Thumbelina has a selection of desserts freshly delivered from Plain Vanilla Bakery and Five & Dime. Ok, I was there in the evening so the good stuff were probably all gone by then.

This colour is true to actual scene as Thumbelina is lit with warm white lights. Happy that I got the window seat. It was raining and jus looking out at the greenery was super relaxing. See the random flowers? They are all over the place. Zoe loves having fresh blooms and changes them every few days. I love flowers and feel that not enough places give enough attention to them in terms of decoration. Fresh flowers add beauty and fragrance to a place. They liven up the decor and make visitors feel warm and welcoming. That’s why I love PS Cafe @ Dempsey (random).

(pic from google images)
Relax into one of the 6 armchairs and if you’d like to snooze, a little privacy is possible as you draw the curtains between you and your neighbour. Thinking of booking the whole place for a hens night or a party? Minimum spending of $58 per pax and 4 guests.

There’s another “Toppings” List where you can add on other services like French tips, callus treatment, extended massage, gelish etc. On top of nail therapy, they provide a few beauty treatments such as makeup, waxing and eyebrow shaping. There are no hidden costs and not pushy with sales. In fact, during my visit Zoe shared with me that she didn’t believe in packages and that customers will return if they are happy when they leave. Nonetheless, after feedback from happy customers who wish to be more regular in their visits, Thumbelina now offers small packages. Do enquire if you are keen.

Browse around the lounge. You may find something you like. From art pieces to beauty products.

Have the wrong footwear on today? Simple & pretty thongs are available in various sizes for only $10.

Ok, this are not my nails but aren’t they pretty and check out the details!

This is what I did. OPI Bubble bath with Gold French tips & a Gel Overlay top coat. In order to achieve the Gold I wanted, Wendy my manucurist layered 2 different polish for me.

This is the lovely Zoe and Thumbelina’s feature in Female Mag July 2012.

Open Tuesdays to Sundays
10am – 8pm

Address : 619B Bukit Timah Road S(269722)
Telephone: 6469 0722
Twitter: @ThumbelinaSG


Updated 3/8/2012

National Day Special ♥
Free Express Manicure with every OPI SPA Pedicure. *Includes a full pedicure, a snow crystal soak, a OPI mask, OPI scrub, and a callus treatment