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[Review] The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Black Head Charcoal Nose Strip


i ordered this from Gmarket (Qoo10) at about $2++

feel cheated cos i thought it is a box, but it is only 1 strip…

i prefer black nose strips as i can see the sebum better upon taking out.

after taking out…

i think it does a decent job in taking out the sebum.

my nose is super large pored and full of blackheads… i really dont like this part of my skin.

so i try to use strip about once every 2-3 weeks when it is really clogged.

my nose is much cleared up after using this strip, which is good.

i usually follow up by using the Avene spring water to calm the skin down and remove the excessive black sticky stuff left on my skin.

[Review] The Face Shop Black Head Charcoal Pore Strip


Yes, another nose care related product. Cant help it, my skin on my nose is my least favourite part on my face. alot of visible large pores and must clean them regularly to ensure no sebum gets stuck for too long.
at the same time, i try not to exfoliate too much so as not to further enlarge them or stress the skin.

Personally, i find these nose pore packs is not to remove blackhead, but to prevent blackhead. Dont be misled by the names 🙂

I like pore packs to pull out the sebum which cannot be done from chemical means or physical squeezing. i do this about once a week.

Used this before 5 years ago when i went to Korea and bought it to try and cos its F cheap there. I liked it alot and never really got it again, using other nose care products and the Biore black nose pore pack which is not too bad as well.
Finally i ordered this again from Gmarket!! its repackaged!

the shape is so different from the other pore pack i used! this is not as wide.

really easy, just wet your nose and paste this over. wait 15 min until you can feel it all dried up and hard and can really smell charcoal!!

you want to see what came out? FYI the last time i used a nose pore pack is 1 week ago
get ready
dont be disgusted k…

can you see all the sebum?? damn alot man! SHIOK

this is my nose after.

I really like this because no other pore pack can take out as much sebum as this. i’ve only tried the Biore one and this one tho.. haha.
it becomes really dry and hard so i know its definitely adhering tightly to the sebum.

I always use the Avene thermal spring water to calm down the skin after this. so my skin wont be irritated.

Rating: 4.5/5

[Review] Biore Nose Pore Pack black


i should be diligently removing the sebum from my nose more often… i have so much blackheads that i really find my nose the most problematic skin part of my entire face. large pores filled with black or white heads and sebum… i think there is no solution, other than to ensure pores are clean and try to absorb the oil there during the day.

Updated:24 Jan 2012

i should have thought of this earlier!! dunno what took me so long.. anyway pls try this!!
pour hot water about 1/3 full into a cup. put your nose into the cup, not touching the hot water of cos its only 1/3 full, at the same time breathing OUT from your nose so force the steam to propel upwards.
the steam will not only OPEN up your pores to the max for effective cleaning, it will also condense on yuor skin to wet your nose for the pore pack!!! IDEA RIGHT!~~ anw i tried it and i see more sebum coming out so pls try!~!!

i use the pore pack about once every 2 months, since i also use Dr Jark all out black heads. so i alternate every month between these 2. thats y i say i shd be more diligent.

for me pore packs offers a mroe physical solution to remove sebum n blackheads, since it forces the unwanted stuff out by sticking to the pack and pulling it out. there’s bound to be many stubborn ones which cant be removed from pore packs, and i depend on faicals, where the extracting part to remove them. my nose is immune to pain…

after pore pack i will use my toner to calm my skin down and remove any remaining pack stuck to my skin. and proceed with my regular skin care routine.

i prefer black pore packs so i can see the sebum removed. haha

after peeling out

Rating: 4/5