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[Review] Sasatinnie Silky Whitening eye mask


I was given a pack of these when a friend when to HK for holiday. its exactly what i need as my dark circles is one of my major troubled worries for my face.

its those gel type masks soaked in a tray of essence.

closeup of the masks – white gel like texture.

i sleep about 4-5- hours on weekdays, here’s the dark circles

i think it is more prominent as i have fair skin. also, a slight tug under my eye reveals some dark purple veins. i suspect this is due to poor blood circulation as well. i shall do more undereye massage!!

so to me, there is only so much an eye mask can do – lighten and moisturize the skin under the eyes. the root cause can be genetics, lack of sleep, and poor blood circulation.

enjoying the cooling effect under my eye.

i removed the masks after 30 min and went to bed.
.After 5 hours of sleep…

the lighting in the morning ain’t very good – apologies.

i am quite impressed with the results, although i feel that sleep is a major contributing agent to the lightened circles. but this certainly helps 🙂