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[Review] SENKA Perfect Gel Make up remover



there are so many types of make up removers… i’ve tried oil, cream, watery, and now… GEL
SENKA has so many types of make up removers and i deliberated for very long as all of them sounds so good and effective.

i did not regret my decision. i have been using this 1st tube for about 2 months and shd share this before its gone!
pardon the old label cos i just used it!

this can be used wet or dry!! i usually use it wet cos i will be in the bathroom washing my face anyways.

for me, make up remover must be able to remove all traces of make up completely.
im not particular about cleaning the grease or skin caring properties cos those will be fulfilled by cleanser and skincare products.

using my hand as guinea pig again..
here’s all my make up applied on my hand and dried up. eyeshadow, lipstick, eyeliners, blush, everything!

FYI im using my most waterprood mascara from maybelline MAGNUM. its so resistance that the ONLY way to completely remove it is to use physically wipe off on the eyelash with fingers or cotton pad.

the gel is white and smells nice 🙂 me likes 🙂

sorry for the blur image cos my right hand is obviously covered with gel and cant take properly.
left with eyeliner and mascara

going to rinse with water and rub!!

and after patting it dry… you can still see some eyeliner and mascara.
i’ve decided its really the mascara’s fault. anyway mascara is on eyelash not skin so nvm lah.

another cleanse with my regular cleanser.

i like this make up remover because
1) it does a great job removing my make up
2) affordable $13.90 if i remember correctly
3) can remove everything in 1 step. i hate having to use eye remover than make up remover
4) very impt, does not sting my eye! i hate those that stings when i rubbing my eyeliner
5) cusioning soft feel on my skin when rubbing and massaging
6) skin is not dry after washing off

took the 2 photos a few days back after a regular day at work with make up
see so close to my eyeball and no feeling!
so far the ONLY other make up remover that is this good is the FANCL Mild cleansing oil. that also doesnt sting my eyes.
but that cleaning oil is quite pricey so i am looking for alternatives.

i think this will be my 2nd choice 🙂
only downside is that this has preservatives which i try my best to avoid.

You can find this at selected Watsons stores in Singapore 🙂
they have like 4 types of make up remover! whichever type you prefer or suits you also have!

read QiuQiu’s blog post to find out more ba!! very detailed and chio pictures

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