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[Review] Clarins Double Serum (Hydric + Lipidic System) Complete Age Control


After finishing my SK2 Treatment Essence, I wanted to try another essence/serum in between bottles. Yeah, I tend to go back to SK2 cos it’s good but I don’t like the pitera smell or the price. So during my facial at Eden Spa, Lindsy was raving about the NEW Clarins Double Serum and how it is formulated for younger skin.

This serum is powered by 20 pure plant extracts and potent, high-tech molecules, Double Serum’s innovative, dual chamber system combines two age-defying formulas into one groundbreaking serum that reactivates skin’s vital functions. It makes skin firmer, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, produces a more even skintone, and minimizes pores.

Engineered by 27 years of plant science, the NEW Double Serum [Hydric + Lipidic System] combines two powerful age-defying serums into one optimum balance to help fight all aspects of visible ageing. Now you can stay younger. Longer.
The only intensive anti-ageing treatment rich in 20 plant extracts that revitalizes the skin’s 5 vital functions. A unique formula the promises a visibly youthful look: firmer skin, visibly reduced wrinkles, more even complexion and less visible pores.
90% of Asian women agreed that Double Serum is more effective than their regular serums*.

*Test conducted on 50 Asian women.


Key ingredients
Katafray: Comforts and promotes softness.
Kiwi: Makes skin more supple.
Pistachio: Protects.
Organic Musk Rose: Radiates.
Organic Green Banana: Reduces wrinkles, firms, and smooths.


Research results
In a satisfaction test conducted on 197 women:
– 88% reported smoother skin
– 82% reported a more radiant complexion
– 76% reported a refined skin texture
– 73% reported increased tonicity

After four weeks:
– 87% reported smoother skin
– 79% reported reduced wrinkles
– 88% reported a more even skintone
– 88% reported less visible pores

In a satisfaction test conducted on 50 women:
– 90% found Double Serum more effective than their current serum

20130423-151342.jpg 20130423-151348.jpg

You can clearly see the water-soluble (hydric) and oil-soluble (lipidic) parts in a single pump (that is my thigh btw). Even though the instructions called for two pumps, I only use this in the evening with one pump, spreading & warming it in my palms before pressing onto my face. I read some reviews that this serum broke them out so I decided to go easy since I have normal-combination skin and the hot and humid climate in Singapore doesn’t help.

It is easily absorb and smells comforting. I find my skintone has indeed even out more as I have a lesser need for concealer in the morning. There is also a certain radiance in my face these days. So far I’m loving this and already halfway through my first bottle of 30ml. Yes, I got the twin pack for better value.

Retails SGD 118 for 30ml

[Review] MISSHA Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream


I’ve been dying to review this for so long but never got to take proper photos etc for it cos it can get quite messy when putting skincare and trying to take photos.

BUT i’ve done it! cant wait to share this with you guys. this product is the MISSHA Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream, which is one of the Star products of MISSHA when i was there last Dec.

im always curious to try the snail related products which is all the hype now so yeah, must buy!!


i chose this photo from the net cos the jar is so glossy you can never take a proper photo without seeing your camera’s reflection.

don’t believe? see..


so hard to read the words lor.

Here’s the extract from MISSHA SITE



This skin reconstructing cream with an innovative formula of full Vital Snail Mucus Extract with Cell Energy Awakening Botanical Stem Cell.

* Snail Mucus Extract provides new beauty solution to troubled skin with Irritation, Flaw Marks, Dark Skin Tone and Suppleness Skin.

* Botanical Stem Cell reveals purified skin with concentrated skin care for several Pigmentation or Scar Mark.

* Baobab Tree Extract and concentrated Deep Sea Water Complex activate Hydration storage of skin and relieve Dryness.


After using emulsion, apply liberally along skin texture and gently pat to be absorbed

the consistency is very gelish and light. i really wish i didnt have to put my finger inside to scoop out cos its quite unhygenic but im too lazy to have a spatula and wipe off and store in the drawer which is not v clean too.

Close up of the gelish cream


it blends easily INTO the skin cos of the light texture, which is awesome. i personally prefer gels to creams (although this says CREAM but i think its more GEL).
this smells like cucumber really and i dont have the ingredient list 😦

i enjoy putting this on my face every morning and night cos its refreshing to smell and feel and keeps my skin hydrated all day.
i sincerely hope the snail slime is doing its magic to regenerate and renew my cells!!

In terms of results, i think this is so so.. i dont feel that my scars are gone easily nor wake up to clear skin as i expected.

as a regenerative cream, i would expect myself to look younger after months of usage. so far i think i look the same..

but i still think its a fabulous moisturizer and wouldnt mind getting this again if its cheap like korea standard price

[Review] – 2B Alternative For Face


There are many face shapes and we’ve all read it in magazines; round, heart, square, oval. Still, there is a strong favour for the v-shape face aka heart shaped. So it shouldn’t be surprising to find countless of products and procedures targeted at that desire.

So today, I’ll be reviewing this product from 2B. 2B has plenty of other slimming related products for different target regions. This is for face.



In each box, there’s 2 sets of this and packed within a foam structure to prevent breakage. The bottles are also like ampoules so you have to break it before putting on the clear plastic applicator and cap. Each bottle is 7ml

The texture is super watery and easily absorbed with no smell.

Verdict:This product claims to target BOTH the muscles while also reducing water retention. A box (2 x 7ml) last me approx for 4 weeks and I’m starting my 3rd bottle soon. I didn’t take any before after pics but I can tell my nasolabial folds are visibly less deep after 2 bottles. I used a total of 3 drops, spread it on my palms before applying to my cheeks and chin twice every day. I will continue to repurchase this for awhile. A box cost less than SGD 60 and it’s exclusively available at Guardian stores.

[Review] LANCOME Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal brightness activating essence


Received a sample size of this 5ml essence from Bellabox previously.

Latest scientific discovery by Lancome
from skin dermis emanates true natural light.

To recreate from skin deep layers an ideal of a luminous and translucent skin,
Lancome conceives the Dermactyl complex.
Empowered with a new whitening QD active designed to awake a “luminous” dermis, it favors the production of new brighter collagen fibers and the regulation of melanin production in order to free skin of spots and darkness.

look at the extensive ingredients!

as this is ‘essence’, 5ml can bring me a loooong way. i used only 3 drops of this pdt each time, and its been a few weeks but im still not done!

how i wish skincare are sold in smaller sizes, it is more appealing to consumers like myself whom dont want to commit to big sizes as they can take years or never to finish.

the colourless essence has a slight fragrance.

consistency is thick and vicous.

according to the instructions inside, i am suppose to use the massage techniques to apply this.

so, i have decided to do smthg which i would never have usually. applying only to the right side of my face ONLY until i finish this.

Why? i am tired from not seeing visible results in all these pdts, maybe there is improvements but it will be really noticable if it works only on 1 side right?

i have been using for about 3 weeks, day and night, sometimes i skip day or night but at least once a day.

here’s a photo today after applying this on right side again.

i do see that it reflects more light due to the liquid essence, but generally i dont find that side of my face more transparent or luminous that the other.

do i have to wait longer? i am starting to think it doesnt work for me. maybe my skin is already very clear (LOL)??

Retail Price: S$ 175.00 (30ml)

[Review] L’Oreal Youth Code pre-essence


one of the items in last month’s Bellabox – the hyped up L’Oreal Youth code pre-essence!

i am quite excited to try this cos i’ve seen the ads everywhere, prints, internet, youtube. was thinking if its really so good… increase absorption of skin X2!

this is meant to be used on cleansed face before the usual skincare routine. I was apprehensive at first as i really dont get these multi steps routine, and i think its just a marketing gimmick to add another ‘staple’ into the routine


100,000 women tried it and saw instant results

the essence is off-white in colour of thick consistency, more runny than your usual serums

And true enough, I must be the 100,001 person whom saw instant results.
the skin really becomes softer immediately. however, i am not sure if softer skin = better for absorption of products.

applying to only the right side of my face (LEFT SIDE OF THE PHOTO)

i have tried this for about a week. i am happy to use it as my skin really becomes significantly softer each time i applied, with no sticky feeling.
If this is to increase the effectiveness of my skincare, i think its hard to judge as i seldom see visible difference and i always believe skincare is part of a long process to keep up and maintain.

i would recommend this to others, considering it is affordable and it works to keep skin soft and prep for the next steps of nutrients

[Review] Aromatica Rose Absolute First Serum


One of the items in the April Glamabox is this serum from Korea, the Aromotica Rose absolute first serum.
i was quite excited to try it as this pdt mixes the philosophy of aromatheraphy and organic plants into this serum.

“Beautify your skin with the gentle touch of nature. This luxurious organic Aromatica Rose Absolute First Serum is enriched with Rose Oil, Aloe Vera, Arbutin and Swiss Alpine extracts. It can event out your skin tone, reduce pigmentations, leaving your skin soft, moisturized and smooth like silk. Its anti-aging & whitening efficacy are approved & recognized by Korea KFDA organization.”

Apply 3-4 drops of serum on palm after cleansing procedures. Apply on face & neck with light patting motion, avoid eye areas. For pigmented areas, repeat application for better results. Apply Rose Absolute Vital Fluid or Cream afterwards. Use day and night daily.

This is how i use it… its actually hard to dispense as the opening in quite big and i end up pouring too much. so had to pour back some from my palm on a few occasions.
it looks and feels as viscous as oil but its not oily at all.

i’ll rub my palms together quickly just once to spread out the serum before patting on my face. when patting, ican really feel the stickiness btw my face and my palm. initially i cant get used to this stickiness and slightly turn off. but after several minutes the skin feels smooth again 🙂

this is suppose to be a lightening and anti pigmentation pdt. i dont have much pigments, but since i have ran out of my Missha Whitening Serum i am using this until i get my new one again.
i love the rose smell of this and it really helps to soothes my mind and mood.
this helps to moisturize my skin at night and i wake up to smooth non greasy skin.

I dont know where to get this in Singapore but you can get it from online glamashop here.
SGD106 for 130ml

[Review] Ole Henriksen Truth Serum® Collagen Booster


Like a daily vitamin for your face, this high powered vitamin C complex helps smooth out lines and wrinkles and prevents further damage. Loaded with antioxidants to fight off environmental aggressors and moisture-binding ingredients to keep your skin nourished and protected, this aromatic serum is absorbed instantly and penetrates to the deeper layers of the skin to provide long term results. Sensitive skin prone to irritation will benefit immensely from the calming properties of this oil-free serum.

ingredient benefits

Grapefruit and orange extract Purifying, astringent, brightening
Green tea extract Protects against damage with antioxidants
Licorice extract Evens out skin tone
Rosehips extract Repairs and strengthens with concentrated vitamin C
Sodium hyaluronate Binds moisture to the skin
Vitamin C Calms, heals and strengthens collagen
Vitamin E Heals, restores and nourishes

Realise there’s no Collagen listed in its ingredient? hehe

I first received this product at Sephora US for a free sample (7ml) using my beauty rewards card.

Like most skincare products with vitamin C ingredients, it smells citrusy orangey. I love the smell 🙂

A little bit goes a long way and one pump (frm the full size bot) is enough to spread all over my face and neck. My 7ml sample lasted me for 3 weeks! I like to spread & rub onto my palms before patting it on my face, a technique taught by the people @ Clarins for better absorption. This product starts off sticky (maybe cos i pat) cos the texture is rather thick and viscous but it absorbs into the skin quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind. I had a few acne scars at my temples and they are slowing but surely fading away after using this for 3 weeks. Maybe it’s me but perhaps the vitamin c is working its magic.

My sis recently started working in an a/c environment and mentioned that her skin feels dry. Adding this to her skincare regime really helped to plump up the moisture levels in her skin and she was so happy that she went ahead to buy the full sized bottle @ Sephora Singapore.

US$48 + tax  (1 fl oz / 30 ml)
SGD 80

[Review] Missha Time Revolution White Cure Real Expert Serum


I am on a quest to lighten my skin for the past year and managed to get this as part of my quest (1st pdt is The Face Shop whitening serum). LJ helped me get this in korea and i believed its 26,000 won = SGD$29

even the word “NW” must be written the same sound in korean….??

Why i choose Missha? omg you must really check out their website when you have time, for english the best is the New Zealand’s missha website as it is the most informative!! i can go on all day talking about it and reading it because it is really like reading a bio text book and they really explain the technology they use, the layers of the skin, how the technology of the pdt works etc, the geek in me loves it. and seriously, it really makes me understand what i am using, and yes i will buy it more than those branding marketing packaging which i dont like. so i end up getting 3. please explore the site when you have time.

they have 4 brands and i actually own products from all except MISA. this one belongs to the REVOLUTION range. I noticed the stark difference between The Face Shop and Missha is that all TFS products are in gel form, and Missha is in cream form. ok im getting long winded lets save this comparison for another post.

Here’s the description from Missha NZ site!! i wish i can read korean cos the korea one got diagrams man!!

one read and you know – Missha distinguished itself by science and technology – and its paraben free!!!!

i also like the dispenser head which is hygenic and easy to use – see top photo, which is like the norm for all korean brands ‘serum’ pdts i dont know why.

you can see that the texture is of opaque creamy white and it blends very easily.

initially i am not used to the switch from gel serum to cream serum as i find the cream too thick and feels greasier. after 2 weeks my skin is used to it and now i actually quite like it – no greasy look.
it didnt cause any breakouts for me.

However, it cause 1 whitehead/milla seed for my mom after switching to this and she thinks its too greasy.

i’ve been using this for about 1 month or more and its really growing on me. i do feel that my skin is fairer now 🙂 i have pictures for you but there’s a dark spot in the corner of all my photos due to a camera/lens fault which i cannot rectify.

not too bad right!

i will definitely recommend this and will buy again, but if you have oily skin or sensitive skin you may not take pdts that is too rich like this or it MAY cause some reaction. suggest you ask for samples from the shop or online shops since they are much more generous.

Rating: 4/5 (1 point less for the initial greasy feel)