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[Review] The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Black Head Charcoal Nose Strip


i ordered this from Gmarket (Qoo10) at about $2++

feel cheated cos i thought it is a box, but it is only 1 strip…

i prefer black nose strips as i can see the sebum better upon taking out.

after taking out…

i think it does a decent job in taking out the sebum.

my nose is super large pored and full of blackheads… i really dont like this part of my skin.

so i try to use strip about once every 2-3 weeks when it is really clogged.

my nose is much cleared up after using this strip, which is good.

i usually follow up by using the Avene spring water to calm the skin down and remove the excessive black sticky stuff left on my skin.

[Review] Odbo Collagen Hydra-mask


When MJ went to Seoul, she brought back loads of goodies and gave me a ton of facial masks. YAY! This is the first one I’ve tried.

Odbo is a range of products exclusively distributed in selected The Face Shop stores in Korea.

The mask contains high concentrations of Collagen which deeply penetrates to keep loose and saggy skin firm and richly nourishing beauty essence to shine and revitalize the skin. A single application leaves the skin moisturized and crystal-clear.

This pre-cut sheet contains active beauty ingredients as well as Collagen which is the most important protein in human body to soften dead skin cells and to protect the skin from various pollution factors, firming the skin. The essence mask sheet is easy to use and revitalizes to keep the skin looking healthier and attractive.

I’ve wondered why they bother printing some details in English since it is supposed to be for the Korean market only.
*Important instruction: Before opening the pouch, shake it a few times so that the essence in the pouch can be mixed well. Upon opening the packet, it has a lovely scent. Loves it!

How it fits onto my small face. Anyone with a bigger face may not have sufficient coverage. After putting the mask on, there isn’t much essence left in the packet which is a bummer. Only enough to spread onto my nasolabial folds, lips and a thin layer over my neck

All ingredients (INCI): Aqua, 1.3 Butylene glycol, Glycerin, Ethanol, Sodium hyaluronate, Xantangum, PEG-60 Hydrogenated castor oil, Methylparaben, Tocopheryl acetate, Imidazolidinyl urea, Hamamelis virginiana extract, Betaine, Allantoin, Sodium citrate, Panthenol, Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, Disodium EDTA, Perfume, Collagen (0.001%)

Skin feels plumped after using it for 20min. It dries well with a slight sticky residue but it’s tolerable. I do like this mask but I feel there are so many facial masks out there and for me this doesn’t stand out so much that I would go out and purchase it. Having said that, if you would like to get this but are not heading to Korea anytime soon. Do check out this & this sites to order. They are both based in Singapore and carry a range of other Odbo products.

[Review] THE FACE SHOP Sseal Rejuvenating Escargot Mask Sheet


The very first time I heard and tried a snail product was when MJ came back from Seoul last year and bought snail sheet masks for us 🙂 I totally loved that particular mask but I can’t find it online. It’s a gel texture with a separate eye (or was it lips) mask. So this time, when Jovan’s sis was on vacay in Korea, I jumped on the chance to reconnect with snail masks.

There are many snail masks in Korea and today we have the one from The Face Shop.

Contains 30% of filtered escargot mucus

I have no idea what the Korean words mean, probably talking more about the product and its benefits. Doubt it’s just instructions cos there’s only 1 line in English at the bottom on that and there’s no unique precaution in using this mask. But do take note not to store it in the refrigerator since they mentioned to avoid hot or cold places.

20120624-105703.jpg 20120624-105708.jpg
It’s a 2-piece mask which will adhere nicely to most face shape.

Close up on the texture. It’s a thick stretchy paper material.

Many sheet masks usually have extra essence or are super wet when you first open the packet. However, this mask seems a little drier than what I’m used to or expected so I couldnt’ extend the goodness to my neck and décolleté. After 20 min, I removed the mask and massaged the remaining essence into my skin and let it air dry. About 5min later, it felt like it was all absorbed but when I touched my cheeks, there were sticky. A pretty strange feeling cos when I made faces to test if it’s sticky, it doesn’t feel that way even when I squint my eyes or shut it real tight. So in the end, after another 20min it was still sticky to touch, I washed the excess off and apply toner + moisturizer. If you’ve read my previous reviews on sheet masks, I dont’ like them sticky. But perhaps, there is a madness to all this stickyness. Maybe the stickier the better it locks the goodness in?

Got it @ USD 38 for 12 sheets in Korea
Saw in on qoo10 (gmarket) @ SGD33.90 for 5 sheets

[Review] The Face Shop Black Head Charcoal Pore Strip


Yes, another nose care related product. Cant help it, my skin on my nose is my least favourite part on my face. alot of visible large pores and must clean them regularly to ensure no sebum gets stuck for too long.
at the same time, i try not to exfoliate too much so as not to further enlarge them or stress the skin.

Personally, i find these nose pore packs is not to remove blackhead, but to prevent blackhead. Dont be misled by the names 🙂

I like pore packs to pull out the sebum which cannot be done from chemical means or physical squeezing. i do this about once a week.

Used this before 5 years ago when i went to Korea and bought it to try and cos its F cheap there. I liked it alot and never really got it again, using other nose care products and the Biore black nose pore pack which is not too bad as well.
Finally i ordered this again from Gmarket!! its repackaged!

the shape is so different from the other pore pack i used! this is not as wide.

really easy, just wet your nose and paste this over. wait 15 min until you can feel it all dried up and hard and can really smell charcoal!!

you want to see what came out? FYI the last time i used a nose pore pack is 1 week ago
get ready
dont be disgusted k…

can you see all the sebum?? damn alot man! SHIOK

this is my nose after.

I really like this because no other pore pack can take out as much sebum as this. i’ve only tried the Biore one and this one tho.. haha.
it becomes really dry and hard so i know its definitely adhering tightly to the sebum.

I always use the Avene thermal spring water to calm down the skin after this. so my skin wont be irritated.

Rating: 4.5/5

[Review] The Face Shop Marine Stem Cell – Cell revive capsule gel cream


what a long name, i really thought there wouldnt be enough space on the title bar for the full name of the below product.

This is my night cream every night before bed. except on the days i put masks.

interesting. marine stem cell. we all heard so much about it, but do you really know what it is? cos i dont. LOL.

According to wiki, Stem cells are biological cells found in all multicellular organisms, that can divide (through mitosis) and differentiate into diverse specialized cell types and can self-renew to produce more stem cells. In adult organisms, stem cells and progenitor cells act as a repair system for the body, replenishing adult tissues. In a developing embryo, stem cells can differentiate into all the specialized cells (these are called pluripotent cells), but also maintain the normal turnover of regenerative organs, such as blood, skin, or intestinal tissues.

Well, after reading that, i know its suppoese to regenerate some new skin for my skin or new cells. and MARINE would most likely refer to the marine organisms which TFS extract the stem cells from? although i strongly believe the stems cells found in this pft is artificially grown, which is possible according to wiki too. if not where got so affordable right?

doesnt matter. what matters is that it works right? what i expect from this ‘anti-aging’ pdt is to maintain the suppleness of my skin, ensure no fine lines appear, and that my skin wakes up looking ‘revived’.

what i really like about the face shop pdts is the GEL texture for most of their pdts. if you notice, this is the 4th review of TFS pdt and ALL OF THEM ARE GEL LIKE TEXTURE! (you can read about more of TFS on the right tag cloud).
i think thats y it is more popular than other korean brands in SG. cos in the humid hot weather, gel based is the most light and non greasy. it also spreads like a dream across the skin.

aquaish white based gel with white tiny beads. the smell is awesome, not too strong and very marine seaweedish.

this amt is enought for my entire face. i dab in on my cheeks, forehead, chin, nose and start spreading. all after my toner step.

this is after spreading.

this photo is the BETTER side of my face , keke. i really like how it doesnt feel too greasy and i feel like there’s no need to moisturize due to the watery gel feeling.

been using for 3 months and i think its good. no complains about this at all.

[Review] The Face Shop Raspberry Roots Depuffing Eye Gel


you know, this is the 3rd post on The Face Shop Raspberry Roots series from me. First is the sleeping mask review, then the collagen eye patch review.

The face shop must be very proud of me man!! its my first time owning more than 1 pdt from the same series. anw its really a coincidence that i have all 3, not that i went out to buy all 3 together.
the eye patch is a gift from a friend from xmas last year. and this eye gel was from my HK trip last year May, same as the sleeping mask

this is it!

this is the first eye gel i buoght in my entire life, cos i know i have v bad dark circles and eye bags.
i actually bought it without knowing its to reduce puffiness, thinking its to brighten the undereye area. but hey, every type of eye gel is designed to benefit right?

let me show u the texture and colour..

can see? this is a white colour light non greasy gel which is almost odourless, i cant really smell anything actually.

i use this every morning for the past 5 months, mronings cos i feel like i always look bloated in the morning, especially on my face cos of water retention. and hope this can help.

not too bad, i feel this also helps to moisturize the under eye area, and the non greasy texture makes it very light to the skin, which i prefer.
in terms of dark circles and fine lines, im afraid thsi cant help – which it is not designed to as well.

i would recommend this if your eye bags are always bothering you, but dont expect miracles from this to reduce lines + perform other functions.

Rating: 3/5

[Review] The Face Shop Raspberry Roots Collagen Eye Patch


i received this eye patch from a dear friend for Xmas last year.. and used it yesterday night. lets see the journey!

This is a gel like eye patch, formulated with Himalayan Raspberry Roots and qua collagen to optimize elasticity. if you read my review on the raspberry sleeping mask , the key ingredient is the Raspberry roots, whcih promises to lift the skin for a taut look.

dont think you can see the gel from here, but there is a layer of ‘gauze’ you can see under the patch, which i guess is to hold the gel together, i place the side of the gauze away from my skin, so that my skin is in complete contact with the gel and not the gauze. hope this is correct!!

i love how cooling this feels as i refrigerated the masks since i had it. the gel is really light and does not sting my eye even though i place it so near my eye.
throughout the next 30-40 min, i can feel the patch getting thinner!!! is it evaporate? absorbed?

went to sleep straighter after and woke up the next morning for inspection…

(ah yes, close up of my skin you can see all my imperfections – please focus on the eye now)
i would say the skin under my eye feels really soft and moisturized. it is more tight as i usually see more fine lines than this.

not bad reallY!! i would certainly use it again for and recommend it for tired and droppy skin under eyes.

Rating: 4/5

[Review] The Face Shop Flebeaute White Crystal Effect Essence


“mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

In Asia, fair has always been a strong indicator of beauty. and even though there are many western/latin/global influences and tanned look is very hot now (look at the chio VS models!!!), I am still into the fair look =)

maybe cos im quite fair myself so im biased =P wahaha. easier to maintain right…
this pdt i am reviewing is actually my mom’s. and now i use ittogether with her.

the reason i start using it is cos it really works for my mom. she is in her fifties and have quite alot of drak spots and pigmentation on her face (aging sucks!). after using this and other pdts such as sunscreen etc. i really see an improvement, many ppl have commented she is fairer and skin colour is even. not bad!! too bad i dont have photos of before and after.

it is a translucent gel like substance, and smells fresh too. cos the gel is quite watery, it spreads like a dream across your skin and gets absorbed in abuot 1-2 minutes. i will wait abuot a few minutes before applying my moisturizer the Vitacreme B12

results? for me i think maybe 5% improvement… maybe cos i have almost no pigmentation and my skin is quite fair to begin with. but i believed prolonged usuage should lighten abit. for those ladies out there whom have draker skin and some pigmentation, its worth a shot! it worked for my mom =)

Update: 24 Jan 2012
i was at work and someone commented “wah you very long nvr do sports ah?”
i was like “Why leh?”
“cos you damn fair la!”
wahaha i guess there are some visible results now!! =DD

[Review] Quick & Easy Make up removal – The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Wipes


Recently i am caught in a situation where I forgot to bring my makeup remover and needed to get one outside for use that day.
Not wanting to get smthg expensive/volumous, since its only for 1 time use, I do not have many options.

I was at PS and in a rush, so i stepped into the nearest Skincare shop at the time – The Face Shop.

most of their makeup removers are bottles which can last me for many months and > $15 so its out.

then i chance upon this:

this cost about $6 for 20 sheets and looks like it is exactly what i need !

good thing is i was only wearing moderate make up that day, no eyeliner or mascara, so this is perfect.

It is (quoted) “saturated in the herbal cleansing complex formulated with Botanic and Rosemary extract that purifies the skin, these convenient facial cleansing wipes purif the skin while cleansing it gently..”
the ingredients list behind also shows alot of plant extracts 🙂 its smells more like synthetic soap than herbs though.

results: make up is properly removed and skin feels cool and refreshing. would recommend this for quick and convenient make up removal of light to moderate make up. not recommended for heavier make up.

Rating: 3.5/5

[Review] The Face Shop Raspberry Roots sleeping mask


I bought this item from Hong Kong in May last month and I have been using this for abuot 3 weeks or so.

i read raving reviews about this and i know in Singapore the price for korean brands is much more expensive than korea/HK so i was so happy to see this in a drugstore in HK. i cant rmb how much i paid (i bought too many things XD) but Im sure its at least 30% than sg.

anyhoos. what i really like about this when i first spread this on the back of my hand is 1) the non greasy texture, 2) the smell!

i squeezed a small amount here to show you the colour and texture… its really light, and very watery. smells like berries and i love how it spreads out easily since its so watery and your fingers are non sticky or anything. feels like it will absorb into your face and give it moisture overnight when you are sleeping.

after spreading a moderate amount on my face after washing (taken last week)

the next morning, you can feel that the mask is absorbed , or probably dried up into the atmostphere, and what is left is a dried gel-like feeling – which is fine and expected if you ask me.
went to rinse my face, no cleanser, and towel dried to feel the after effects of the mask alone. skin feels clean, moisturized, brightened…:) not bad for a sleeping mask!

i used this again the next night and maybe abuot 3 times a week. i realise i shouldnt use this so often, read somewhere that twice weekly is recommended.

taken today – got a new pimple 😦

overall i think this is a good product to have in your regime. on days where you feel lazy to put on sheet masks and wait, and just want to get to bed asap. which is pretty often for me. keke.. i will buy this product again when i am done with this.

Rating: 4.5/5