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[Review] Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Collection


My love affair with Kiehl’s started in 2011, when I first bought the famed Kiehl’s lip balm for my chapped lips. I never looked back from then. It was undoubtedly the best lip balm I ever used. I had a tendency to have dry lips because of my eczema and I had some really nasty experiences with drug-store lip balms previously. I had allergic reactions that made my lips swell like an unattractive Angelina Jolie. These mysterious swellings made me really wary of lip balms. Kiehl’s was the only one which moisturised my lips, in summer and winter, with no swelling.

From then, I started experimenting with other products like the Midnight Recovery Serum and Ultra Facial Cream for night moisturizing as I sleep. I loved the Midnight Recovery Serum for its lovely lavender scent and its easy to apply texture. Although it is expensive (SGD$90), it lasted me for more than 1 year.

Recently, when I decided to do a skincare overhaul, I was contemplating brands like Laniege, Clinque and Biotherm. Then, I decided to walk into Kiehl’s and came out $200 poorer.

This is my loot.


Now you probably understand why I was $200 poorer, but let’s go into the products proper.


My daily skincare regime depends on these babies. I have combination skin but I was concerned about sleeping in a airconditioned room and having my skin shrivel like a prune. Also, I had clogged pores which made the oil-free property very much a necessity. The salesgirl mentioned that the cleaning property of the cleanser was so good it can leave the skin feeling a little rubbery. I like the rubbery feel as it feels really clean. Plus, the skin is restored very easily when the other products are applied. The moisturizer is a dream come true. I can feel the moisture going into my skin immediately and its light texture makes it suitable for day and night application. Of course, I discovered the sun screen and never went back to other brands. It definitely complements my skin care regime.


Both of these are samples which I had grown to use regularly and like quite a bit. The skin brightening exfoliator is used alternating with the cleanser and I like how the beads in the exfoliator are quite fine so I don’t feel that it’s tearing my skin. The Dark Spot Solution is perfect to combat possible age-related problems like dark spots. My sample is almost 1/2 gone after 2 months of use and I think I will go and get the actual bottle.


My Midnight Recovery Concentrate and a new product, Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate. The eye cream is recommended by the sales girl, when I commented I had a problem with fine lines and puffy eyes. There was another cream which she recommended for fine lines and dark circles (enhanced with Vit C) but I decided my puffy eyes are a bigger problem that the dark circles.


These were the samples Kiehl’s gave and they are certainly generous. They even provided me with some for men since my hubby was with me. For a man who loves fashion, my husband certainly don’t give two hoots about his skin. I am still in the midst of convincing him to use the products.

Two months after regular use, I feel that my skin tone is more uniform and my skin feels less dry. Although my pores are still clogged (I am so overdue for my facials), I am grateful that I found a brand of products that genuinely make a difference to my skin.

[Review] MISSHA Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence


One of my purchases in Korea last Dec was this! it was highly recommended by the sales assistant and its apparently comparable to SK2!! as this was much cheaper and they were having their xmas sale, i bought it!



as you can see its been used for some time – about a month + as i share with my mom.

the next part of this entry will be lifted from MISSHA New Zealand site, cos they contain so much info on this product which i must share!

Link to original post

MISSHA has focused on the most basic and simple proposition that skin condition depends on how the first step of skin care starts. MISSHA Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence is highly concentrated essential essence for the first step of skin care to recover rhythm and to firm foundation of skin by raising skin moisture and radiance level.

The first moment is the most important in daily skin care!

Point 1. Highly concentrated essential essence

:Recovering rhythm of skin

Point 2. Essential essence applying at the first step of skin care

:Firming foundation of skin

Point 3. Booster essence

:Synergy of skin care


*Main target : Early 20s ~ Late 50s for any kinds of skin type

* Especially for :

– Those who need skin care product which helps firm the foundation of

Skin even at the first step of skin care

– Those who want to have glowing and clear skin

– Those who need functional skin care product without irritations

– Those who want to have moist and radiant skin in their own skin



and last but not least


sounds really cool right!!

personally, i use this to replace my toner, twice a day. In the morning and at night after washing my face

i usually put a small amount on a cotton pad and swipe all over my face before the next step of serum


i liek how this makes my skin more moisturised and firm. especially before my next step of serum.

i dont feel that skin has become clearer though.

Also, ever since i started using this, i feel that my skin has become more sensitive, such that when i apply this sometimes there is a stingy feeling – i hope its not because this is too strong or reacts with my skin…

Note that as this is made of fermented substance, there will be some kind of smell which is very faint and doesnt bother me at all.

im still considering if i should continue using this. as i do not see or feel VISIBLE difference and i miss using my regular toners.

photo (8)

[Review] Vichy Bi-white Med Deep Corrective Whitening Lotion



got this in one of the Bellabox and was happy cos i love to try whitening products and toner is one of the fastest running out items in my beauty stash.


Vichy’s Bi-WHITE MED Deep Corrective Whitening Lotion was specifically tested on sensitive Asian skin, which means that it’s formulated for you. Including the amazing Vichy spring water as a base ingredient, this moisturizing lotion is fast penetrating without ever leaving a sticky after-effect. Amazingly, it targets pigmentation at its source by using DRM-WHITE technology, which controls the biological signal that creates excess melanin and darkness in skin tone deep at its root. The result: clean, bright, light skin is revealed with remarkable softness. Hypoallergenic and paraben-free.



it as a clinical medical smell. not sure if you understand like antiseptic? but its very slight so im fine, i would prefer products with 0 frangrance.

colourless thin liquid and i usually pour it on a cotton pad first then wipe on my face

it doesnt contain alcohol so it doesnt have the cooling feeling on my skin.
i noticed in Singapore humid weather it does take longer to absorb and i have to pat into the skin. even then my skin is still super moist.

i feel its pretty good and i use it about 1 a day and i feel my skin is refreshed and fairness maintained.
it doesnt sting my pimples and cuts which is awesome too.
skin does feel bright and light ­čÖé

[Review] Rachel K See the Difference Toner/Lotion


Toner is one of the fastest thing that runs out in the house cos i share them with my family so i get to try alot!

I am always curious about Rachel K skin care, and slight skeptical.

but i read so much about it i must try!
photo (1)


good that it has whitening properties and contains alot of other things i dont know about but sounds good.

this gets my thumbs up for
1) no parabens
2) not alot of ingredients

i prefer to put toner on a cotton pad rather then directly on my palm and face.
photo (2)

what i dont like about this cap.
photo (3)
i think rachel should not have selected this bottle to contain her toner. the toner consistency is like water, maybe thicker like juice?
but each time i press to dispense, it squirts out really fast at high speed.
if not for the cotton pad, i think its actually too forceful and pain?
this type of cap is more suitable for gel or cream type.

anyway.. to the real review.
this def has some apple fragrance, and its rather strong in my opinion, but i can live with it.
it kinda stings my pimples slightly when there is some open wound.
it also leaves a sticky afterfeel which doesnt go away.

im not sure abuot whitening but my skin is still in good condition when using this so i really dont mind getting this again. it keeps my skin moist and fair ­čÖé

Retails at $24.90 at selected Watsons if im not wrong.

[Review] Kose Sekkisei Lotion


i got the as a birthday present from my girlfriends in July.
this is the 140ml bottle

read and heard alot of this toner which can help make the skin fairer and more luminous.


like others, i was a lil skeptical that alcohol was one of the main ingredients.
however i am fine with alcohol since my skin is not sensitive and this doesnt dry my skin at all.
in fact in the humid n hot climate like sg, i like the cooling clean sensation of alcohol.
i am more concerned about the ethyl and methyl and propyl parabens. why does this need so much!!

the lotion is as vicous as water but with a slight whitish hue.

i used this twice a day
over time, i feel that my skin does become more translucent but not visibly fairer.
it could be because my skin is very thin according to my facial therapist

What i like:
refreshing feeling
makes my skin translucent

not so like:
stings my skin when there’s a pimple or ‘cut’
smell is too strong
contains parabens

Retail price $58 for 140ml. $82 for 200ml, $121 for 360ml

[Review] Caudalie Cleansing Water


Hi everyone! So silly me forgot to pack my trusty Decoderm Cleansing Lotion. I took this chance to try another makeup remover. Off I went to Sephora and got their SA to recommend me something. My requirements were:-

  • Makeup remover for both face & eye
  • Need not remove waterproof makeup
  • Something that is travel friendly

And boy, did I get more than I bargained for. Here is the Caudalie Cleansing Water.

Here’s what this seemingly unassuming product claims and does for me.

“It is a 3 in 1 soap free, non rinse cleanser, makeup remover & toner for face and eyes”

Now, I only wanted a makeup remover. As a makeup remover, it was able to remove my rinsable Dior Iconic Extreme mascara and waterproof Revelon Eye Pen. Sometimes I do use a cleansing water in the morning when I don’t feel the need to use a heavier cleanser (since I washed the previous night before I sleep). So it’s nice to have a multipurpose product. Although for me, i almost always prefer to do a rinse after using these types of non-rinse cleansing water, mostly out of habit than anything. I haven’t tried this in place of my toner so can’t comment on that.

“Suitable for sensitive skin, dermatologist & ophthalmologist tested and suitable for contact lens wearers”

I don’t have sensitive skin but this water doesn’t bite or sting me skin, even around the eye area. Since I don’t wear contact lens anymore, I can’t comment on that. I however remember the days when removing makeup with contacts on can sometimes be unpleasant.

“Parabens and sulfates free”

“Micellar water captures dirt like tiny dirt magnets”

When I use it as a cleansing water in the morning, it removes a layer of dirt and oil, something that my Vichy cleansing water did not pick up as much.

Other things I like about this was that it was a screw lid (no spillage) and the bottle is squeezable. The smell is refreshing and reminds me of cucumbers.

The cons would be the price. A bottle of 100ml is USD14 before sales tax. I’ve already used more than half the bottle and it has only been 15 days.

[Review] Innisfree White Tone Up Skin


Finally its time to open this after finsihing my previous toner. I’ve been wanting to open this asap! Its my 2nd bottle already, tried this last year for the first time.

Yes, in korean products, ‘SKIN’ means toner. so rmb if you are going korea looking for toner, just buy ‘SKIN’.. i think the japanese toner pdt equivalent is ‘lotion’.

my favourite part is to read the korean words (as you might have realised by now), you can read it too. it reads the same way as in english I dont know why:

my limited korean reading brings me up to there only.

why i really like this:
it has 7 free!! SEVEN!!!

Innisfree is known for having natural pdts and do not believe in added preservatives/artificial fragrances, i beleived thats why they are so popular in korea.

i am also very impressed that the printing on the packaging box is from soy ink. really damn environmentally friendly.

time to see another special thing about this toner, the colour!

its a milky liquid, but its not thick anything, just like water but with a milky look.

once poured onto cotton pad, its just like any other toner

you can immediately smell the berries fragrance of this toner. its so distinct and quite sharp. cfm you know its the ‘berries’ smell yet so calm and soothing. really love the smell!!

i bought this as part of my whitening and brightening regime.
From Innisfree site:
“Formulated with fresh berry ingredients to refine skin texture and vitamin B3 to prevent melanin formation, this whitening skin toner helps you to present a brighter and milky complexion.”

[Directions] Smoothly apply an appropriate amount onto face and neck in the morning and evening.

Not bad right, i will get this again. but korean pdts are getting pricey these days. i got mine from iheartkoreanbeauty many months back. hope they still sell it if not must ask friends who go korea to buy.

Rating: 4.5/5

ending with a photo of my idol YoonA from SNSD whom is also the spokesperson for Innisfree ÔŁĄ

[Review] Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion & Refill


“One Drop Locks Up an Ocean” is the tagline for this product which is the best selling item from Hada Labo.

Key ingredient would be the Hyaluronic Acid and this lotion contains 3 types of that, namely Hyaluronic Acid (HA), Super HA & Nano HA. The different types of HA penetrates into the different levels of the skin and helps to nourish and moisturize the different levels.

Though, not marketed as a toner it seems to be used as one since directions are to apply after cleansing face. And there isn’t any other product in this line that is named as a “toner”.

The bottle looks battered because I’ve been using it for awhile and just bought the refill.

The refill was really easy to pour with no low chance of any spillage.

Here’s a drop on my hand. I use about 3-4 drops for both my face & neck.┬áIt’s a clear lotion and the consistency is thicker than a toner. It is to be applied onto palms and pat onto skin until absorbed which takes awhile. This product has no smell so if you prefer nice-smelling products (who doesn’t), this might not be for you as the “no-smell” can smell a little like the hospital or some disinfectant. Also, in the process of patting your face, the sticky feeling can get quite unpleasant. Once that is over, you will find your skin plumped and I’ve tried skipping my moisturizer a few times to test their claim of a “moisture locking shield” and so far it has held true.

I did realize that over time of continued usage, there seems to be a film of residue left, as if my skin can no longer absorb anymore.

If you are keen to try, do request for a sample of this from their facebook page here

Price: SGD 22.90 for 170ml / SGD 18.90 for 150ml refill

Thank you so much for reading!

[Review] Tony Moly Tomatox all-in-one Brightening Fluid


Another multi functional product for lazier days. bought this from my Korean beauty haul from iheartkoreanbeauty. This is supposed to be toner, moisturizer and i believed some ‘essence’ all in one. Tomatox range is one of tony moly’s star range and i bought this to try.

As usual, i am baffled at how the korean words behind say the same thing in english, can some expert kindly enlighten me how they understand what is written or why is it written in the english sound?

I only use this a couple of times so far, i really like the smell of this. i will put it on cotton pad first before swiping in on my face.
it is a colourless liquid, but consistency wise is not as thin or watery as your normal toner. its slightly thicker than usual.

after swiping, my face does feel cool and refreshing, and has a slight ‘sticky’ feel to touch after running my fingers over it. this ‘stickiness’ is always felt when i put mult functional pdts.

i guess this is similar to the effect after putting your night moisturizer? for me i using a cream moisturizer so its more ‘greasy’ than sticky. as for the brightening effect, i think it is not very much difference. after my friend used almost 2/3 of the bottle, i do feel its slightly brighter by about 10%?

me after using facing the sun.

Rating: 3/5

[Review] Bioderma Sebium H2O Micelle Solution


i have been using alot of new products starting from last month, trying out new pdts from window shopping and also reading other reviews. one of the new pdt i am trying now is from my Taiwan loot: the famous Bioderma Sebium H2O Micelle Solution

this is the 100ml bottle for SGD11 from Watsons in Taiwan. Then after that a friend coming back from HK was telling me the HK promo price is 500ml for SGD23. =(( and so i bought that too – dollar cost average

initially i had no idea what i am suppose to do with this, although i have read that this is like a non rinse make up remover. i am still not v comforatble with removing my make up and cleans with this all in one step daily, so i wanted to keep it for super lazy days where i need to get to bed ASAP. smthg like the cleansing express.

after reading the description over and over, i decided to use this as my night toner. and keep the loccitane rice toner as my day toner… too many choices haha

the description (translation from Chinese): 4 in 1 solution – removes make up, cleanse, tone, moisturize. no need to rinse. does not contain soap. can control oil and tighten pores. after using, skin feels refreshed and clean.

Meant for oily / combination / whiteheads skin. (so me).

directions: just pour appropriate amt on cotton pad and gently swipe over entire face including eyes and lip areas. no need to rinse. can be applied again as toner and moisturizer.

this is me using after washing my face today

i would say its really not bad, the smell is subtle and calming. i tried with make up before, it really does a recent job with removing make up and face feels moisturized and very clean after that. just that i always wake up with sticky skin when i use these 1 step to bed cleaner. not that it is bad for skin, just that i prefer a more thorough 4 step method if i can.
definitely a product to try as your toner or ‘cleanser’ when you are at home the whole day and just want to remove the oil and dirt after some time without washing.

Update 3 mar: i used it again last night and this time i dont get the sticky feeling after waking up. also, skin feels very refreshed and clean and clear.

I am beginning to fall in love more with this pdt. it is so gentle to my skin yet super effective in removing any traces of makeup. i hereby am going to update the rating to 4.5!

Rating: 4.5/5