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[Travelogue] Batam Montigo Resort


Girly weekend courtesy of Monnycat.

Jing making cocktails for us. Yup, she brought all the ingredients frm SG except the ice

Sea front plunge pool



Indo mee

Yoga time!





sunset there was jus gorgeous




Spa jacuzzi time


At the spa


Even more pools by the restaurant



We had fun pool hopping


My holiday make up & skincare stash


Blogging from my iphone cos my PC is down

Im leaving for China in a few hours time and quite excited! Its my first time too. Beijing – pls dont disappoint me!

I limit my make up to 1 Bellabox.
These boxes i collected over the years are handy. I have another box for my skincare stuff lol

My minimalist holiday make up box:


Dior lip glow, ZA Liquid eyeliner and brow pencil, Diorshow mascara, OCC lip tar, Innisfree mineral liquid foundation, SANA loose powder, NYX blusher, Revlon eye shadow, Canmake eyeshadow which is gg to finish!
I missed out my Silkygirl bronze eyeliner for undereye

Heres the skincare box:

Mixure of stuffs from bellabox n my own loot, mainly bellabox though. I hope i can access wordpress there so can give mini reviews during the trip.

And of cos, LOTDs from Beijing.

Till then, have a great weekend! 🙂

[LOTD] Dressing Up for Winter


My great European honeymoon never fails to bring the fondest memories to mind. Indeed, when we considered the various countries to go for our honeymoon, Europe seemed like the place where everyone would go to. This decision to go to Europe was definitely a wise one.

Had the chance to see many beautiful places and tick off many things in my bucket list. Oh yes, and be with the man of my life.


In France, outside Notre Dame


Definitely difficult to pack for 20 odd days of winter without reusing stuff.

Black puffy coat (loved that I could cinch my waist, lest risk looking like the Michelin man)

Turquoise knit turtle neck, Uniqlo

Purple tartan scarf, Taobao (the hugely popular Chinese equivalent of Gmarket)

Red leggings, Taobao

Waterproof boots, North Face (best buy ever! Kept me dry, warm and stylish at all times)


At the Louvre with the signature glass pyramid 

We ventured to colder places, and one of my favourite places was the Black Forest of Titisee, Germany. It was picturesque and of course, cold.


See what I mean? It was where I totally wanted to be a Uniqlo ambassador. At  SGD$39.90, the waterproof, wind-proof pants was what kept me warm and dry every single time.  Fyi, this is apparently the place where blackforest cake was created.


Rolled up my North Face boots (see what I mean about versatility?), put on some ear-muffs, and a red checkered scarf, I was all set to challenge the cold of Kleine Scheidgg in Switzerland.


My childhood dream – to do a snow angel in actual snow. The kid in me died from happiness to fulfil this dream, especially for a kid from the tropics.


 Near the Flower Clock in Geneva

Braved the cold winds to take a picture to show something besides my big fluffy black coat. A grey turtleneck woolen dress , printed cardigan, both from Uniqlo and a purple scarf from H&M. I had to hold onto my scarf and dress as the winds were absolutely wild.


The Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Here, I tried to inject a bit of colour by wearing cobalt blue jeans. Oh yes, I was using my new Desigual satchel but it’s not very visible under that big fluffy coat.


In Lucerne, Switzerland

My husband said I looked like a kid. Indeed, I was going for the preppy look – white turtleneck, navy sweater, both from Uniqlo and winter shorts from Taiwan. What makes it more colleagiate was probably the orange Ferragamo hairband I got at an incredible steal – EU$40 at the outlet store.



At the Harry Potter Studio Tour, UK

It was such a treat to see all the beautiful sets from the Harry Potter series. I would strongly recommend the butterbeer as it is really every bit as tasty as described by J K Rowling. My Desigual satchel can be seen a little more clearly here and I was wearing a striped knitted cardigan from Primark with a black and white checker board scarf.

Recollecting all these memories is definitely a blast from the past for me.



Korea Trip Stash!


An Yeong Haseyo!

Korea is really the land of skincare and my skincare heaven! there’s so many variety and product range is soooo extensive that by day 1 shopping i feel that all these products are just gimmicks and walking down myeong-dong is like a competition to see which skincare brand has the best marketing to draw in customers… but still i am a good tourist and i bought loads!

and all those who serve me in shops are PRC.. by default i am also a PRC to the sales assistants so i always have to correct them.

want to see what i bought from my korea winter trip? these includes things for my friends so not all is mine k

i have took photos according to brands and here’s where 90% of my shopping goes to


MISSHA- one of my fave brands!!

close up of the MAKE UP from MISSHA

I NEED THIS – its damn cool and it works man


I also like this brand cos they are very environemtally friendly and into using natural ingredients with all the no parabens no frangrance no alot of things

and YoonA from girls generation is the ambassodor ❤

Sorry blur photo – Foam cleansers – using soon cos running out, first time trying

Toner, scrub, and mineral foundation. i haven used foundation in years since i switched to BB cream so quite excited haha


The Face Shop

all the premium masks for Syd and other stuff for friends. only thing for me is the Volcanic Clay nose pore pack which i reviewed before and likes

The nose pore pack selling liek 28 sheets for a less than SGD10 i think. i buy gmarket SGD2.90 ONE sheet.


Etude House & Nature Republic

and how can i forget my Girls Generation official merchandise from their homeland. Chocolates and Perfume

i realise yesterday that the perfume is not their real official merchandise but they only endorse it, i feel cheated abit man 😦

I try to hit 30,000 won per store so that i can claim VAT refund but for etude huose and Nature republic i didnt hit.

i also bought alot of lipsticks mini ones for friends but i gave away before the photo 😦

I wish i can buy more but i shall not go too far. i think this should be able to last me for a good year or 2. by then new pdts will be on the market so i will buy then…

i also bought a zara bottom and a fluffy sweater and food stuff for colleauges and family.

i didnt bring my credit card so no aftershock next month. think i spend SGD1,000 ++?

[Travelogue] Lake Tahoe, Monterey Bay & Los Angeles April 2012


We rented a car from Hertz and drove to Lake Tahoe. We put up at a cozy studio via airbnb. The place was clean and Lisa, the host was great!

Our first day, we went out to Northstar and signed up for snowboarding lessons.

See how bundled up I was. Borrowed Chi’s Roxy ski jacket cos I couldn’t bring myself to spend on one. Yes, the slopes here look gentle COS we’re beginners 🙂 After a day of falling, we both ended up with bruised bums and goggles tanlines.

It really snowed pretty heavily that night, which means perfect conditions tmr to snowboard….yay!

Dinner @ Bridgetender with my humongous taco salad. The waffle fries were a god-sent. THey have a full bar but we ordered beer.

Just an hour n our car was covered with freshly fallen snowflakes

We didn’t have snow chains so we decided to walk out/down the hill frm where we were staying to the main road. Check out the snow! But we were lucky, a guy gave us a lift all the way to Squaw Valley cos he was going there to ski too!

This was taken at Squaw Valley and yes we’re in the same gear as yday + helmets

Taken on the drive down as we head to Monterey Bay

@ Monterey Bay Aquarium. It’s like no other Aquarium

Chocolate ice cream from Ghirardelli. DOn’t try other flavours cos u’ll just be paying for overpriced Dreyer’s ice cream

Drove along the 17 mile drive @ Pebble Beach

Ha! At least E knows how to change a flat tyre in 10 min

After this it’s on to Los Angeles..

We took the coastal route and stopped along the way

Sea lions sun-bathing

Soon we reached LA, after stopping over at the outlet mall first.

Love Korean BBQ? Soowon Galbi KBBQ is the place to go. We took the set for 2 and were very happy with the variety.


@ Farmers Market. Good coffee & delicious pastries, esp the apple pie we tried.

I heart Yogurtland. Pay by weight of contents in cup. I love fruity flavours

It was surprisingly hard to find krispy kreme

I attacked the original glaze donut before E could snap a pic

We stayed really near Santa Monica beach but it was a dead town

Venice beach was a much better place, buzzling with life. Parking was a bitch,couldn’t find a lot.

A random pepperoni pizza along Venice beach

I guess that’s all the pics I have, we didn’t take alot and I know it was mainly food pics. That happens when the main photographer is E.


Till next time, bye~

[Travelogue] San Francisco & Napa Valley March 2012


The cheesecake factory! That was our first stop after we landed in SFO. Check out that spread! It was supposed to be a snack!

I do love the beets salas and who can forget the sinful Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake. mmmmm….

Ok, we didn’t really do much there so all you’re gonna see are food pics..well, mostly food pics

In-N-Out burger!It’s good and a definite must try. Although I prefer Shake Shack’s burger and In-N-Out fries. It’s definitely more bang for your buck too.

A trip to Napa Valley. A little bubbly never hurt anyone…

Our first vineyard stop @ Mumm Napa. We had 2 flights per couple.

Next, we adjourned to Morimoto, home of the Lim’s favourite Iron Chef.

10 points for presentation 🙂

My favourite was the spicy salmon skin roll

The Lims, our lovely hosts then brought us to Sterling Vineyard for more wine tasting. A great place if you wanna see how wine is made, but I was there more for the sights and the alcohol

Lovely weather and perfect place to just take it all in.


The Lims are great cooks. Delicious food thoughtfully presented.

Victoria – the milk model

See what we found at Cosco! A life-sized bear for jus 30 bucks

My absolute yummy treat – deep fried oreos from The Codmother Fish & Chips @ Fisherman’s Wharf. MUST TRY!

See ya as we embark on our road trip to Tahoe City…

[Travelogue] Las Vegas March 2012


We flew from NY to Las Vegas via JetBlue and it was a pleasant flight. Touched down and checked into the MGM Grand. There are a few pics in this post that I took from the net, must be all the gambling we did.

Took a quick shower (a must after a flight)


First meal was @ Grand Lux Cafe, The Venetian. We worked up an appetite walking from MGM to Venetian. See the map. Might look short but it was a good 45 minutes walk, with plenty of distractions along the way.
E was happy with his burger and my pasta was light yet creamy. Portions are huge and our server was nice to box up the rest for us.

Also at The Venetian was the Bouchon Bakery and their very popular macaroons. My favorite is the pistachio one. Their macaroons are also slightly bigger than the regular ones. The TKO (Thomas Keller Oreo) was recommended by the lady but it tasted horrible. I’m not sure why, perhaps we kept it overnight before consuming it but it tasted nothing like oreos. Their croissants were still nice and buttery the next morning.

Casear Palace

Je t’aime Paris

We love the dancing fountains @ Bellagio so much that we stayed for another show. They come on every 15 minutes between 7pm – midnight and day time shows are half-hourly starting at 3pm on weekdays and 12 noon on weekends.

CUT @ Palazzo for their famous steak.

Their complimentary bread and butter rolls were slightly salted and tasted so good. I love simple food.

Appetiser – bone marrow flan with mushroom marmalade. Thumbs up!

We got the Tasting of New York Sirloin. Japanese Wagyu 2Oz, American “Kobe Style” 4Oz, USDA PRIME Dry Age 4Oz. THey each had accompanying sauces but we are a purist when it comes to steak.

A true medium rare. I love how they char one side and it really gives it more bite. ooohh

Do catch Terry Fator show when you are there. A definite hit and pure amazement how someone could sing so well in so many different style through puppets. It’s no wonder why he won America’s Got Talent. DO get your tickets earlier cos they ran out pretty quickly.

Bellagio Hotel lobby. Ain’t that pretty

@ Bellagio’s Flower Garden

We didn’t do much in LV. Gambling and shopping were the main activites and no pics of that 🙂

And we’re off to San Francisco!

[Travelogue] New York March 2012


After 18 hours of flight time (and a 2 hr transit at Narita), we finally landed in NY JFK!

After checking in, first thing to do is get a pre-paid card with data to survive 3 weeks in the U.S.A 🙂

Next we headed to have lunch @ Carnegie. The place was packed full of people. We ordered a sharing portion of pastrami and had plenty left which we took away for breakfast the next day. Unless you are a big eater, this place might put you off meat for awhile.


The weather was really good that day for a stroll in the park so we head on over to Central Park. It was beautiful. We actually went back to the park again so the above is a collage of the pics from different days.

We went to Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets the next day for some shopping. Got some Godiva chocolates as a snack. No pics from shopping cos our hands were full. hehe

We met up with Chihiro, my dear friend who I got to know when I was on exchange during my University days. She came to Singapore to visit once, so it’s only right I do the same. She brought us to Casellula, a gem hidden in Hell’s Kitchen that serves cheese & wine. We did order some entrees but they were forgettable. The wine and cheese pairing was divine. If you are a wine/cheese noob like us, no worries cos they are more than happy to recommend the different wines, as well as cheese that goes with your selection. We had our server recommend a flight of different cheese for us. She gave us some information regarding the cheese, its origin and how we should eat them (the progression of light to heavier ones). I can’t recall the the condiments on our cheese platter but one of them was the carmelized shallot. Oh so yummy!

I love brunch!! So I had to try the pancakes @ Clinton St Baking Co even though I’ve heard horrors about the waiting time (~1.5-2hrs). We stood in line before they were open and we were the the first couple that did not make it to the first seating! :(((( Then, it was a 45 minutes wait.. I knew I wanted to try two items, namely the blueberry pancakes and the sugar cured bacon. The pancakes were fluffy and yet slightly crisp around the edges, served warm with the maple butter syrup and I’m in heaven on the first bite. The sugar cured bacon was surprisingly good and I’ve never had bacon done this way before and I wonder why. The brioche french toast also served with the warm maple butter looks and sounds better than it tasted. Totally passable.

Another lovely stroll around the city. We popped over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and just sat on the steps watching people basking. Another museum worth going is the American Museum of Natural History. We did go but no pics were taken.

We had to visit the 9/11 memorial site and the tickets were jus beside St Paul’s Chapel. Situated so near Ground Zero and yet none of the Chapel’s grounds were affected other than fallen trees.

Times Square @ night.

Linsanity with the NY Knicks! Although Jeremy Lin had little court time, it was fun…for the 1st quarter then I kept dozing off. Must be the damn jet lag!

It was St Patrick’s Day and we watched abit of the parade before popping into St Patrick’s Cathedral for Sunday mass.

Cupcakes! Red velvet cupcakes! Magnolia Bakery and all its raves were shot to pieces. The cupcakes were tough and I’ve had so many better ones elsewhere. But if you have to try them, go to the one that’s near Rockefeller Centre and not out of the way at Bleecker St like us.

Chi said the view at the Top of The Rocks were better than at Empire State Building. I think it’s cos at Rockefeller, it’s clear glass whereas at ESB, it’s behind grills. You can see the ESB behind us. Great location cos Fifth Avenue is just around the corner.

One of the most memorable bites on the trip was @ Shake Shack. Love the ShackBurger! The meat patty was soft and tasted so fresh with the lettuce and tomato. Simple but definitely satisfying. Skip the Shack-cargo Dog, it did nothing for me.

Junior’s is famous for its cheesecakes but we couldn’t bring ourselves to have cheesecake for breakfast. Gotta love their house fries (sides) and their french toast. Really delicious food.

Chihiro enjoying her waffles and cocktail. Can’t remember where’s this place though. Maybe cos I had too many bellinis ;p Always a must for Sunday brunch

Last night in NYC and we had pub fare. Beer, wings and bombs! Ok, I only did the jagerbombs while E & Chi did carbombs as well.

Only 5 days there and we’re off to gamble our money away in Las Vegas baby!

[Review] Biotherm Biosource hydra-mineral cleanser toning mousse


Hi everyone, I’ve been travelling hence the lack of posts. Speaking of travelling, I like to try samples cos they are easy to pack. Well, I got this 50ml tube when I bought the gift set (SGD 80) from Isetan during the December holiday period. It consisted of 1 full size Aquasource Gel 50ml with a sample size of this cleanser and also the Biosource toning lotion.


Pefect size for travel eh?

I LOVE the Aquasource Deep Hydration Replenishing Gel (for normal/combi skin), and was excited to try this and the toner.

Result: I HATE it. As much as I would have love to love it, I really can’t. This cleaner STRIPS the moisture off my face and left it squeakly clean. It reminded me of a cheap cleanser I might have used years ago.

Once I put on my toner (did not use the biosource sample toning lotion), along with the rest of my travel skincare regime, I felt better. However, by the end of the day, I realised that the area around my eye was REALLY dry, and for the FIRST time in my life, it was flaking (a little, but more than enough).


Notice the area above and around my eye, you can see “white” specks and find lines.

I was really puzzled why when I though it was supposed to be hydraing. Then, I noticed that it was BIOSOURCE and not AQUASOURCE. But, the whole set was in the same color! Aquasource contains thermal plankton cellular water – a nutrient-rich fluid responsible for preventing moisture loss from the skin’s surface but upon inspection of this cleanser, it is not a key ingredient but zinc.

If you would like to try this cleanser, perhaps it would work better if you have dry to normal skin.

THank you so much for reading! 🙂

3/4/12 Update: I don’t like to waste products so I’m using this as a body wash which isn’t as drying compared to using it on my face. It still has a tinge of “squeaky clean” feeling though. But definitely wayyyy too expensive and totally not worth it to use a facial wash as a body wash :s