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Toiletries Shopping!


Spent a bomb at watsons yesterday! i was so shocked when i saw the bill. But i tell myself they are neccessities cos i really have to use these, replenish stock!

L to R
Biore Aqua rich Watery essence water base SPF50+ $18.90
Cure Natural Aqua Gel $49
Biore UV Aqua Jelly $19
Nature Way Glusasamine Plus $136.30
Biore Marshmallow Facial Foam $12.20

and cos i spend more than $150, there’s a free gift pack!
looks pretty and i didnt know got smthg inside.

I have been hearing all the raves about this Biore aqua watery base sunblock cos i really want a sunscreen that isnt greasy and leave a whitish sheen.
then i saw another Biore sunscreen with “WHITENING” word and i tested, so im sold. HAHA.

Now for the CURE aqua gel. IM so mad this product is now $49!!! KNN.
used to cost $40. 25% increase is not acceptable.
although it suppsoe to last 4 months, but i took 2 years. so about $1 a month.

My favourite foam cleanser!! it rocks!! so thick and foamy.

As for the Guclosamine, its a birthday present for my mom.

As for the free goodie bag, i realise theres some free samples inside!!

OK thats all, i hope to do another review of a product soon!
Have a good sunday. 🙂

[Review] SANA Maiko-han Face Powder


This must be your lucky day cos i’m finally doing a make up review LOL.
I usually dont review make up and i do my make up in a rush every morning in 5 min and no time to take step by step process shots.

But this powder here is so awesome – after my FIRST application i told myself i MUST share this before i use finish!

Introducing… the Maiko-han Face Powder

I ran out of loose powder and was shopping around Watsons and Sasa for one.. i try to avoid parabens but seems like its abit difficult.
I chose this cos of the SMALL size, as i am awaiting another loose powder which my friend has bought for me from Japan. so wanted something to last me for about 3 weeks.

OK this will probably last me 2 months – but its the smallest i can find.

Seriously im sold by sheer words of marketing

“Top Seller” “Absorb sebum” “high temp” “Humid weather” “moisturizing”

im abit sad that there’s parabens though..

Here’s my clean bare back of hand

applying my regular Good Afternoon BB cream from skinfood
after BB cream, skin colour is even out


matt and smooth looking skin! actually the picture still shows alot of my veins and arteries.
but in actual hand my skin looks flawless with some v fine glitter. the glitter is very fine and subtle that you have to look closeup.

here’s another closeup with iphone
flawless right!!

comparing my left with make up and right hand without:

i enjoy using this every morning, cos the powder is very very fine and soft. it comes with a soft puff which makes application a breeze, although i use a kabuki brush most of the time.
there is this very faint fragrance of… talc to it and i love the scent. my make up looks natural and my blusher glides on smoothly.
and yes the very fine glitter gives my face a natural glow.

even the small Palgatong loose powder is not as good as this in my opinion, that one is too cakey for me. when using Palgatong, i usually blott my face at the end of the day after work and the blotter would be almost fully oiled.

With this, i SUPER LOVE how my face stays matte ALL DAY!! i blotted once after 12 hours of make up and there’s hardly any oil! im superly impressed.

❤ this max!!

[Review] Watson’s Bird’s Nest Whitening and FIrming facial cream


This sample sachet is one of the items in Watson’s Vanity Trove a few months back

I have used Watsons bird’s nest masks several times and am happy with it. it is really quite popular so they came up with a range of bird’s nest skincare line.

for this facial cream, it acts like a moisturizer containing jojoba seed oil, shea butter oil, olive oil, vitamin C and E.

the cream is yellowish and really thick and heavy.

you can smell the olive oil as well.

i dont really like the feel as it is really greasy in my humble opinion, too much good oil?

anyways, i used this today morning on my entire face. my face feels so oily!

i was expecting the oil to be absorbed like the other facial creams that i have tried.

but my face is still greasy.

only applying on my right hand…

after 45 min my hand still looks like this!

i feel, this is not suitable for combination oily skin in singapore’s climate.

it should be fine for drier climates.

[Review] Nivea Visage Refreshing Cleansing Milk


Bought this at Watsons last month.

2 bottles for $11.90 if im not wrong. A friend of mine wanted to get it as she used it before saying its not bad so i shared with her to try.

it contains parabens and castor oil =X

i’ve used it for about 2 weeks and i’m not sure if i should use it as a make up remover or cleanser. but i am going to review it for both functions anyway.


as usual i applied more than my usual day make up on the back of my hand.
concealer, eyeliner, mascara etc
it is more like a cream than milk, and fragrance is strong which i dont like it.

after rubbing for 20 seconds i feel like the make up is not coming off, so i added more milk and rub again

After rinsing…

Verdict: does not remove makeup.


i’ve used this as a cleanser in the mornings,
or after removing make up,
and even as a 2nd cleanser after washing my face once.

If i use this in the morning with some oil on my face, this cleanser cannot get rid of the oil.
i can feel a film of something on my face.
and my skin cant seem to breathe at all.

after drying it is better like nothing is there but just to play safe,
i will wash again with my regular cleanser

However, this effect is less apparent if i washed my face with my regular cleanser, followed by the Nivea Cleansing milk.
i guess my regular cleanser removed the oil on my face already.

so to illustrate what i was saying:
i washed my makeup free left hand with the Nivea cleansing milk
i washed my right hand with the Avene Soapless Foaming Gel (my regular cleanser)

You can see that after rinsing, the water on my left hand will streak together.
but the water on the right hand is evenly distributed

so i think, there is really something left behind after washing with NIVEA.
after cleansing, the next steps are the nourishing part like toner, serums etc which i want them to be evenly absorbed and not blocked by anything.

i am sorry, i cannot recommend this for those with combi – oily skin.

it worked for my friend, whom has dry – normal skin.

Watsons Vanity Trove


When i learnt that Watsons is giving a free box of vanity trove with min $60 spent for members, $80 for non members, i made an effort to go down to Watsons after work. i do have many things to buy in mind.

and i spent $195 in the end. wtf. could have seperated my purchase to get more boxes right? haha

i cant wait to open!

it has a booklet and inside faeturing alot of products which i thot this booklet is part of their advertising for other products.


i realised all the products in the box are all from the booklet!

boxes full of samples.

wait a minute… i thought i would be getting the latest Vanity Trove for the month of july. how did it turn out to be just samples of many pdts packed in the vanity trove packaging?

most of these are for 1 time use and for me i cant judge a pdt properly from 1 time

maybe i didnt read the promotion properly.

but nonetheless im happy cos alot of these products are new to me and i’ve been wanting to try.

the most exciting one for me is the DHC skin care, famous for their olive based pdts.
consist of mild cleansing oil, bar soap, mild lotion and olive oil.

so i counted – there are 20 products altogether.

Mini Guardian and Watsons Haul


apologies for the lack of posts as i’ve just came back from a mini getaway and then overwhelmed with work.

Stress comes with consequences – Shopping.
not heavy spending shopping, but those mini quickies during lunch or after work, lasting no longer than 10 min.

we spend so much effort and stress working, only to spend more money recuperating.

anw these items are on SALE, so i have the perfect excuse to buy them. some are neccessities, some are not.

Here’s what i got from Guardian in 10 min (after work)

From Top Left clockwise:
//St Ives apricot invigorating scrub (my first St Ive’s!! was deliberating btw this and the brightening one and decided on this, threw away the receipt so no price sorry but its <$10 I think)
// Guardian Acai Berry mask $2
// Guardian Caviar Mask $2
// Neutrogena Fine Fairness toner $7!!!
// Garnier Intensive 3 in 1 whitening essence mask $2 (new introductory price!)
// Guardian 2in1 double intensive brightening mask $2.95 (dont knwo why must have korean packaging, ladies must be suckers for korean items)
// Lucidol L Hair Treatment water spray (love the compactness and i've used half the bottle in 5 days)

Bijinsenmon Leg Mask exclusive to guardian only.
funny thing: box of 3 for $39, or 1 for $11.90. (you do the math)
not many places sell the single mask type so i got mine at tampines 1. this is my 2nd time buying 🙂

and watsons having bazaar!! lunchtime quickie:

e.l.f lip brush at $4.90
round contour brush at $9.90

when watsons have bazaars, they sell items from NYX, ELF, OPI, Coastal sands and all the american brands. i really really wonder why they are not sold normally in stores and kept until bazaars.

i hope to do a review soon. either eye cream or sunblock!! stay tuned.

Mini Watsons Haul


went in with the intention of buying the Slimming tea, came out with so much more.

btw i didnt buy the slimming tea to slim down. it was recommended by a fren as a detox tea, and i thot i would give it a shot since i ate too much oil and junk recently. after reading the ingredients list, i am pleased that its just 8 types of tea leaves merged into tea sachels, nothing chemical about it 🙂
already tried one this afternoon and its nice! hope my body will be cleanse.

as for the masks… BUY 2 for $2! OF COS I BUY LAH. and i actually tried the vitamin C one before when i was in taiwan (read here) and now SG selling it with a cheap pricetag so i must get it!!!
and mix and match allows me to try the whole range!!! dont need to commit to a box of 8. i am trying the charcoal & cypress facial mask tonight. cant wait man.

if its impressive i will post a review haha.