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[Review] Vichy Bi-white Med Deep Corrective Whitening Lotion



got this in one of the Bellabox and was happy cos i love to try whitening products and toner is one of the fastest running out items in my beauty stash.


Vichy’s Bi-WHITE MED Deep Corrective Whitening Lotion was specifically tested on sensitive Asian skin, which means that it’s formulated for you. Including the amazing Vichy spring water as a base ingredient, this moisturizing lotion is fast penetrating without ever leaving a sticky after-effect. Amazingly, it targets pigmentation at its source by using DRM-WHITE technology, which controls the biological signal that creates excess melanin and darkness in skin tone deep at its root. The result: clean, bright, light skin is revealed with remarkable softness. Hypoallergenic and paraben-free.



it as a clinical medical smell. not sure if you understand like antiseptic? but its very slight so im fine, i would prefer products with 0 frangrance.

colourless thin liquid and i usually pour it on a cotton pad first then wipe on my face

it doesnt contain alcohol so it doesnt have the cooling feeling on my skin.
i noticed in Singapore humid weather it does take longer to absorb and i have to pat into the skin. even then my skin is still super moist.

i feel its pretty good and i use it about 1 a day and i feel my skin is refreshed and fairness maintained.
it doesnt sting my pimples and cuts which is awesome too.
skin does feel bright and light 🙂

[Review] Rachel K See the Difference Toner/Lotion


Toner is one of the fastest thing that runs out in the house cos i share them with my family so i get to try alot!

I am always curious about Rachel K skin care, and slight skeptical.

but i read so much about it i must try!
photo (1)


good that it has whitening properties and contains alot of other things i dont know about but sounds good.

this gets my thumbs up for
1) no parabens
2) not alot of ingredients

i prefer to put toner on a cotton pad rather then directly on my palm and face.
photo (2)

what i dont like about this cap.
photo (3)
i think rachel should not have selected this bottle to contain her toner. the toner consistency is like water, maybe thicker like juice?
but each time i press to dispense, it squirts out really fast at high speed.
if not for the cotton pad, i think its actually too forceful and pain?
this type of cap is more suitable for gel or cream type.

anyway.. to the real review.
this def has some apple fragrance, and its rather strong in my opinion, but i can live with it.
it kinda stings my pimples slightly when there is some open wound.
it also leaves a sticky afterfeel which doesnt go away.

im not sure abuot whitening but my skin is still in good condition when using this so i really dont mind getting this again. it keeps my skin moist and fair 🙂

Retails at $24.90 at selected Watsons if im not wrong.

My “half-face” Test – MISSHA vs L’OREAL


although i experiment with alot of skincare products,
i usually dont see the visible results as apparent as others.
i dont know why, but i tell myself it is part of a long term benefit.
like drinking ample water every day…

so i started putting stuff on half my face,
as you might have seen in my Lancome Brightening Essence post

this time, i am try the L’OREAL White Laser Anti-spot brightening essence
to the RIGHT side of my face

on my left side, i use the MISSHA TIME REVOLUTION WHITE CURE REAL EXPERT SERUM (omg i feel out of breath typing it)

After abuot 4 – 6 weeks…


i am surprised at the disparity, and slightly worried as i need to start pampering my right side now.
so now i am putting the MISSHA serum on my right twice a day, the left – once.

BUT i must say that, the l’oreal anti spot essence did lighten the pigmentation on my right cheek, but MISSHA one doesnt lighten the pigmentation on my left.

i cant wait to get my hands on more korean skincare in December in Korea!

[Review] LOVEMORE Red Magic White Power Lifting Mask


this is a face and neck mask, with 5cm more depth for the entire neck

Ingredients: (contains paraben)

the texture of the mask is really interesting, its like quilted! made of fabric like material, which i love. i prefer fabric to paper

this is how deep the mask can go!!

after 20 min…

not bad! i feel my skin has more clarity and luminous

the diamond powder also made my skin ‘glow’

i pat the rest of the essence in and about 5 min later,

there is no sticky afterfeel.

skin is soft and moisturized.

i cant wait to buy more LOVEMORE masks!

[Review] Sexylook Ultra Whitening Duo Lifting Mask


i went on a shopping spree on taiwan masks on and got myself a bundle of masks,
this is one of them!

the mask comes with earhooks and an extension for for neck!

Ingredients: yay to no parabens and butelene glycol!! i am def getting more masks from here.

the part for neck actually extends to the bottom part under your chin so not really covering the neck. but it is good enuf! fitted snugly and abit tight due to my wide face

After removing – my face felt super moist and bright!
can feel that there is a certain ‘glow’ right??

This is me the next morning under better lighting. i still feel my skin is moist and fair 🙂

yes i am going to buy more lovemore masks from! you can get the taiwan masks for a cheaper rate and they deliver fast!

[Review] Kose Sekkisei Lotion


i got the as a birthday present from my girlfriends in July.
this is the 140ml bottle

read and heard alot of this toner which can help make the skin fairer and more luminous.


like others, i was a lil skeptical that alcohol was one of the main ingredients.
however i am fine with alcohol since my skin is not sensitive and this doesnt dry my skin at all.
in fact in the humid n hot climate like sg, i like the cooling clean sensation of alcohol.
i am more concerned about the ethyl and methyl and propyl parabens. why does this need so much!!

the lotion is as vicous as water but with a slight whitish hue.

i used this twice a day
over time, i feel that my skin does become more translucent but not visibly fairer.
it could be because my skin is very thin according to my facial therapist

What i like:
refreshing feeling
makes my skin translucent

not so like:
stings my skin when there’s a pimple or ‘cut’
smell is too strong
contains parabens

Retail price $58 for 140ml. $82 for 200ml, $121 for 360ml

[Review] LANCOME Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal brightness activating essence


Received a sample size of this 5ml essence from Bellabox previously.

Latest scientific discovery by Lancome
from skin dermis emanates true natural light.

To recreate from skin deep layers an ideal of a luminous and translucent skin,
Lancome conceives the Dermactyl complex.
Empowered with a new whitening QD active designed to awake a “luminous” dermis, it favors the production of new brighter collagen fibers and the regulation of melanin production in order to free skin of spots and darkness.

look at the extensive ingredients!

as this is ‘essence’, 5ml can bring me a loooong way. i used only 3 drops of this pdt each time, and its been a few weeks but im still not done!

how i wish skincare are sold in smaller sizes, it is more appealing to consumers like myself whom dont want to commit to big sizes as they can take years or never to finish.

the colourless essence has a slight fragrance.

consistency is thick and vicous.

according to the instructions inside, i am suppose to use the massage techniques to apply this.

so, i have decided to do smthg which i would never have usually. applying only to the right side of my face ONLY until i finish this.

Why? i am tired from not seeing visible results in all these pdts, maybe there is improvements but it will be really noticable if it works only on 1 side right?

i have been using for about 3 weeks, day and night, sometimes i skip day or night but at least once a day.

here’s a photo today after applying this on right side again.

i do see that it reflects more light due to the liquid essence, but generally i dont find that side of my face more transparent or luminous that the other.

do i have to wait longer? i am starting to think it doesnt work for me. maybe my skin is already very clear (LOL)??

Retail Price: S$ 175.00 (30ml)

[Review] Only Aesthetics QPX Brazilian IPL


I did a first trial session at Only Aesthetics for $55. They say it’s QPX but the machine clearly states IPL.

What makes QPX technology different?
QPX™ Quad Pneumatic technology provides the highest clinical performance at lower energy than conventional IPLs. Therefore highest in its class for safety. Making it possible to treat even skin type I – !V without causing burn to the darker skin tone.This is all made possible because of the unique technology in every QPX product.This technology is patented and whilst other IPLs may claim similar performance, only QPX can deliver.

How other IPLs work
All IPL devices use a flash lamp (a bit like a powerful camera flash) to create the necessary light energy to remove hair. However QPX-based devices control this flash lamp in a way that is much more sophisticated than other less-advanced systems. In most other IPLs, the electrical current surges through the lamp in a wave and the colour of light varies during this pulse. At its peak, the light energy is too high and produces too much blue light that must be filtered out. Much of the energy is lost so treatments are carried out at unnecessarily high energy levels that can be uncomfortable on the skin, and can only safely be used by a trained therapist.

Quad Pneumatic technology
QPX technology solves this problem with unique circuitry that creates a constant pattern of electrical current to the lamp—in a ‘Quad Pnuematic Pulse’. This perfect energy level is continuously generated, so the most effective treatments are produced at far lower energy levels with no harmful energy that needs to be filtered out. Quad Pneumatic technology makes QPX systems easy to use as there are no complicated or costly accessories required for the different treatments or skin types.

In the room..
Treatment wise it was TOTALLY painless. I’ve never done brazilian IPL before so I can’t gauge if it’s more or less painful. But seriously I couldn’t feel a thing except see the flash of light everytime they zap. Amazing! I can only compared it to waxing which to me is tolerable but not the most pleasant of experiences.

After all that zapping is done (~5min), the technician leaves you to clean yourself up with a box of tissue and a some wet wipes. Not that I’m being princessy but when I go for my waxing, I don’t hafta clean up down there. And what a mess it was, there was so much ice cold gel (prolly numbed the area so much that I felt no pain) and I took forever to get it really clean. Prolly took longer than the zapping itself :/

No pictures, so bear with me..

Finally, I got myself cleaned up. I inspected the final result. One thing I noticed was it was definitely not as clean as waxing which the technician mentioned at the start of my treatment. Not only there were a couple of missed hairs, the end effect and feeling is much like shaving (although I’ve never shaved down there either before).

Signing up..
All in all, I quite like it so I signed for the package which works out to be slightly under 1k. (will be more if you require zapping of the crack). The package is a 2 year program. 1 session every 3-4 weeks for the first 6 months and 1 every 2 months thereafter. This works out to be 15-17 for the entire 2 year span @ $58-$66 per session. Totally reasonable if you ask me. You can also opt for 6 or 12 month interest free installment payment plans with selected credit cards. I used UOB.

BUT I’m totally miffed cos the sales consultant DID NOT mention the cheaper option (also a 2 year program) but just offered me the accelerated one which was ~$300 more. After emailing them, I got a call a couple of days later from their manager regarding this issue and they were willing to refund me in credits.

Basically they are claiming PERMANENT removal as opposed to a few years kinda permanent.

They have the option of adding a whitening serum (before IPL) and a mask (after IPL) for $27 per service per session. I think they have a package for this as well. Or if you prefer a DIY home kit for more regular application, they have a bottle of whitening serum for ~$180. In any case I will be trying it out @ my next session which will be my 3rd visit. Maybe use my credits? ;p

Other QPX services..
The most popular hair removal treatments there are for underarm, half leg & brazilian. Recently they are now offering this service for men (think Boyzilian) too!

Interested to know more?
There have been many complaints from customers who have signed up or have bought groupon vouchers but aren’t able to reach them via their hotlines. So the best way these days to fix an appointment with them is via SMS/Whatsapp! Yay!

ONLYaesthetics™ @ Holland Village
25A Lorong Mambong
Tel: 6314 4434
SMS/whatsapp: 8500 4434

ONLYaesthetics™ @ Dhoby Ghaut
190 Clemenceau Ave
Singapore Shopping Centre #05-03
Tel: 6338 4434
SMS/whatsapp: 9731 4011

Or check them out on their fb page here

[Review] Guardian 2in1 double intensive brightening mask


got this $2 from guardian. this mask comes in 2 parts, brightening serum + mask sheet

it boasts of super fit mask sheet using Japan Cupra Mask shhet

here’s the list of ingredients:

did you notice the ingredients of the ampoule and mask sheet is almost the same?

the serum is made of vicious fluid, yellowish brown colour. it feels quite greasy.

first i applied this to my face liberally and let it get absorbed for 1 min or so.
it is quite greasy and i dont really like it. there’s extra left and i didnt use it on my neck

and the mask sheet…
can u see its absorbed in e same brownish liquid

the cupra mask sheet is quite unique! its more of fabric than paperish.

removed it after 20 min and massage the rest of the essence in. no rinse required.

it really brightens up my skin i feel! im happy with the results and i will def buy this again.
only down side is the greasiness of the serum.

[Review] Cathy Doll – Sweet Dream Water Splash essence with L-glutathione


in thailand convenience shops, products of sample sizes are for sale which is GREAT for travellers, especially when you just want to buy smthg for 1 time use.

i bought the below at 7 eleven which is smthg i’ve never seen or heard before.
From my observation, thais like to be fair and whitening products are lining up all drugstores.

if you read the below steps 1,2,3 – this is an essence that can perform INSTANT whitening!!!

and its simple ingredients is good for me.
parabens free +points

it is a whitish cream which is v light and non greasy

rubbing it… can tell its spreads out fast and start to be absorbed

and it become water!! can u see water droplets near my knuckles

rubbing until no more cream and absorbed. (this is my left hand btw)


the difference is SO noticable!!

am going to show you after doing on half my face too.

im superly impressed. because it gives a very natural fair effect. it also seems to lighten my blemishes that i am confident of leaving the hotel with zero make up.

i wish i have bought more to try – only have 1 more packet left.
are you thinking if this is permanent? and unfortunately it is not. skin is back to normal now, but i feel with prolonged use maybe it will really be absorbed and skin with be lighter.

It is not sold in SG nor Gmarket from a quick search. Gmarket has however, the BB cream version. You may wish to contact the seller to see if they can offer the essence too.

[LATEST UPDATE] Cathydoll is in SINGAPORE!! check it out at
Price: SGD18 for a full size bottle (100ml i think)