Fen is the typical Singaporean working class female with a penchant for cheap bargains. She loves bright colours and prints – they lift her spirits up naturally 🙂

Fen enjoys indulging in other beauty + shopping blogs and videos, especially for Asian products. This has caused a big hole in her pocket, which made her feel all these will be worthwhile by sharing her experiences with you. With new products being introduced at incredible speed, She always have new products to try and share with you.

In case you think she’s the type who does a 10-step regime for her skincare every morning and evening, sorry to report that she can be a sloth. Her philosophy for skincare is Simple, Minimalist, Effective.

Contact Fen at serene37@gmail.com



Marie believes in passion and instinctive behaviour. She is often the one who indulges and subsequently regrets her purchases (momentarily of course). Her weaknesses for shoes and bags are real concerns to her and she can’t live without her eye-liner to freshen up those sleepy peepers of hers daily.

She is most likely to be found pounding the streets of Orchard with multiple shopping bags, with a Starbucks in hand and bitching on a mobile phone about some fashion disaster victim she chanced upon.




Syd is a petite gal who loves to dress up and look naturally pretty chic.

She tries to express personal style at work while still dressing professionally. Whereas her weekend style is relaxed with wardrobe essentials like white Ts, fitted shorts, statement accessories and ballerina flats.

Syd believes a woman’s biggest beauty asset is youth, and is always in pursuit of clear youthful and radiant skin. From products to procedures, she would love to try them all. If you meet her on the street, she’s likely to engage you in lively conversation on beauty related topics.

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