[Review] Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion


I got this cushion after sawing good reviews for this very affordable cushion so i asked my friend to buy for me from Korea. I have been using this about 3 months. It comes with SPF 50+++!! Not bad

The white circles are where the “pearl essence” are located so when you press the sponge on the cushion it will really show 6 circles. 

I was quite impressed with this cushion the first time as the coverage is medium and leaves my skin looking dewy, bright, fair. Those whom do not like the dewy look may not like it. However it is not too dewy for me and i don’t even dustpowder after   that.

Before any make up

That is a bruise on my jawline.

After only the cushion

Sorry i have not blend well in my chin area

Coverage is medium and i do like the brightening of my skin when i apply this.

The con of this is, when i apply some of my loose powder, it ended up Cakey. Which i then had to use more bb cushion to even it out. However when i use another mineral powder, it doesn’t happen.

For a affordable and good bb cushion, its not bad. I would say only buy when u r on a budget. Otherwise HERA cushion is of course my preferred cushion. 


Innisfree Mineral Concealer Stick


I have been using the Innisfree Mineral Stick Foundation in shade #1 light beige for about 4 months.

And i love it. 

I usually dab in on my undereyes, side of nose and acne scars. It matches my skin tone perfectly until i miss out blending on some spots because i did not see it after i dab it lol
Upon dabbing

After i dab it, i use the cushion foundation sponge to tap lightly and it blends into my skin perfectly. It is also not too creamy or sticky.

It uses up pretty quick so luckily i bought a backup in May when i went to Korea for i think 11,000 won on sale. Glad i re-purchase it

After blending

[Review] e.l.f. Baked Blush & Benecos Natural Lipstick



I got these 2 products from my first iherb haul last month and was so excited to try the products, and i finally did!



I got this elf peachy cheeky baked blush from iherb.com for USD$3 (i still cant believe the amazing price) some time back as my current blusher is finsihing and i always wanted to try a peachy shade instead of my usual pinky shade.

i was hesitant at first when it arrived as it looked too shimmery for my liking, i prefer those matte look so that my face doesnt look too oily.


(sorry the box become quite dirty with the powders in my make up box)

Anyway, i like that they added the jojoba rose, sunflower and apricot and grapes to nourish and hydrate the skin.

here’s a swatch of the blush


looks very subtle right? there’s almost no colour and all shimmers!

however, i must say that i like how subtle it is… haha.

the picture cant show it but against my fair skin i do really see the peachy shade. personally, i wanted smthg more pigmented and less shimmery.

From my first actual application on my cheek, i begin to fall in love with it!

the powder glides very smoothly on my cheeks and creates a very natural blush for me.

The shimmers doesnt look at bad as i thought. instead of an oily face, the blush actually ‘catch the light’ and highlight my cheeks! Love!

I wore it as my daily blusher the whole of last week. and to clubbing on friday haha.

overall, i think this blusher is great for the price and i would definitely buy it again or check out more elf blushers!!

please read till the end to see the full makeup 🙂

as for the Benecos Natural Lipstick in Pink Honey, i was just looking for another lipstick as i am the kind who only have 1 lipstick at a time and only change or buy new ones when the previous one finishes.

So i thought, why not add one more option?

this is pricey at $13.99 but i bought it because of the natural and organic sources.


  • Soft Neutral Tone Rose
  • Smooth, Creamy Color
  • Nourishing Moisture

The pure mineral lipsticks offer brilliant color and natural moisture with vitamin E.

Complete your look with our naturally gorgeous lipsticks. Made with organic jojoba and sunflower oils, these lipsticks moisturize lips while keeping them looking lovely. The creamy, stay-put formula provides long lasting color.

here’s the swatch:

when i first used it, i am really amazed that it is so creamy and smooth. it is super moisturizing which is great for my dry lips.

i must say that this lipstick is the exact same colours of my natural lip colour. i never thought this is possible but it is.
so when i wear it, i really dont see a difference in my lip colour, but definitely more smooth and creamy looking now.
do you agree??

i find this lipstick too sheer for my liking. i guess it is because of its mineral and organic ingredients, so there’s not much they can do to give it a full cream look upon 1st application.
i have to apply 3-5 layers to finally see the full colour. if i apply only 1 layer, its like a lip balm. im torn if i shuold get it again as the texture is really great creamy nourishing for me but the colour is so so, i prefer to have more adventourous colours.

here’s 2 selfies of me wearing both the blush and lipstick.


love the natural look of the blush and lipstick!

anyway, if you want to check out the products, i’ve already hyperlinked them above. and if you are a first timer for iherb.com you can use this link to get $10 off $40 purchases, or $5 off smaller purchases!

Rewards Code NZM317

Thank you for reading, have a great sunday ahead.

[LOTD] A Thing for Spring!


Hello! i know its Fall now but in singapore, everyday is summer. So we just have to go with the humidity, our moods, and whats trending in blogshopping-o-sphere.

Here’s my LOTD some months back, when i had Dim Sum with Syd at Raffles hotel, Lei Garden 🙂 The food was great btw.


Top: Adele floral bustier top in White from Flair Closet

this skirt comes in dark denim wash as well. and the flowers on the skirt is embroidery sewn on! how detailed is that. i love apparels that are well made as they make a lot of difference in the shape and overall look of one person.
I love this playful skirt and i can wear it with most of my tops, tucked or untucked.

It features a metal button at the back, like your typical denim jeans opening.
best part is …
The denim is thick and structured which keeps the flare look in check

was trying to act emo for this shot since i borrowed SYd’s red lipstick which is really rich in pigments and major love.
i think with my fair skin n black looking hair it kena reminds me of snow white 白雪公主 wahaha !

Beauty and food Haul from US of A!


Thanks to lov3less’ blog entry on makeup brushes, i went to explore iherb.com and went on a mini spree! thank you for the $10 discount code babe!

So with my barely there self-control, i bought 9 items! they cost me about SGD$57

its only 5 days ago that i ordered and i cant believe its here so fast! oh shipping is SGD$4 flat by singpost. ROCKS!


i love how US shipping is always so efficient! the box quite big hor.



YES – i got caught away with buying these ELF brushes and another Stippling brush from Real techniques – as recommended by lov3less 🙂


DO YOU KNOW – that these ELF brushes are US$3 EACH????? Thats $3.75 SGD

and today during the watsons fair all these are selling at S$9.90. What audacity!!

im so glad im not so stupid anymore. i admited to buying 2 brushes from watsons before…… 😦


This baby toothbrush is for my friend whom is preggers haha – random present


i love how the big brushes come with a protective cover which is thick and sturdy plastic!

These are all Taklon brushes.

Taklon is the common name for a synthetic fiber used in artist-quality paint, makeup and pin stripe brushes. It is a smooth, soft, and somewhat fragile polyester derivative devoid of any protein component or allergen elements and is therefore used in the cosmetic industries as a “green,” “vegan,” “allergy free” or synthetic alternative to animal hair brushes.



Actually i already have a stippling brush from MAC BUT it sucks to the max!
the hair always always drop out when i use it and its not 1 strand its a few strands! everytime i try to give it another chance more drop out. since so many fall out already, i shd know that there isnt much hair left to hold it tight and more is going to drop out soon since its no longer tight so… i have to buy another one..
Also, my only experience w stippling brushes is that they give me a very uneven streaky finish, and use 3 times the amount of product than if i use my fingers.
I dont know why everyone says its more defined and smooth and even finsih cos mine is always a disaster, even with a foundation brush from The BOdy shop.

SO i decided to give stippling brushes a second chance.. by buying another one. please let this be good.

the ELF baked blush is also $3.75 SGD (OMG) seriously i feel i am saving money.
the lipstick is US$14. it is purely organic and natural etc so lets see.

Saving the best for the LAST!!!…
This is my fave part of the haul!!!!!
you know how crazy expensive mixed nuts is in singapore? its about $6 per 100g
thats y i very very seldom buy and 100 g i finsih is 2 days MAX.

this cost about SG$10 and its 454g!! plus its one of the top sellers becos is pure, natural, raw and unprocessed!
i love snacking in office and this is the best snack to have.
raw food gives me a quick energy boost and super healthy for the brain and heart ❤

if you do the math, i should not have spend so much but thankfully i use lov3less promo code for $10 off $40 purchase for first timers, $5 off for smaller items. THANK YOU AH!!!

so here’s mine you guys can use!
Offer your Rewards Code NZM317 or click http://www.iherb.com/?rcode=NZM317

[LOTD] Weekend basics


What i love about weekends is that i can wear my most comfortable clothes head to toe, and of cos not compromising on style when im out with my girls!


Top: White basic Zara Tank

Outerwear: Navy Blue Mango Casual cropped cardigan

Bottom: Pink floral skorts from Uniqlo

Shoes: DMK ballet flats

i totally adore Zara’s basic tank fabric, it feels so smooth and rich and the quality adds a classy touch to any outfit. they always sell out fast in size S and i managed to get this 2 mths back. it has been a staple in my work and off work outfits since.

I also love the mini cardigan from Mango. I swear they make one of the best cardigans. they always keep me warm and do not compromise on comfort unlike other brands i feel. others are either too stiff or not warm enough.

My skin loves the softness of this cardi that i bought 2 more.


Best part is short cardis are perfect for dressy outfits as those full length ones tend to make the look baggy, and spoils the silouette of the dress.

as seen below. circa july 2012


Another favourite of mine these few weeks is this Uniqlo skorts. it looks like a skirt but its sewn in the center so its a shorts too.

its fully lined underneath and both materials in and out are super silky! i think from this photo you can see the brightness of this becos the light can really reflect on this unique satinny material. not just the normal stiff satin, this is thicker and silkier!

i am not a skirt person on weekends so this is perfect for chilling out over weekends and i dont have to worry about how i cross my legs.


what can i say, a pair of nude flats is essential in every girls shoerack!


My Night Time skincare routine


Hello – i have not blogged for very very long!! sorry about that as i was busy with an exam which is finally over!

we just did an LOTD last weekend so do expect more posts coming up!

anyway, i wanted to share my night time skincare routine, and i wanted to try in a video format for fun! its my VERY first time doing this.
i just filmed, download a video editing software and tried for the first time, so dont expect quality video quality and editing skills k.

I’m sorry that I placed the phone too deep in the shelf. it was really spontaneous idea so no QC checking!!

Products used:
Innisfree White Tone up skin
Missha Time Revolution White Cure Science Blanc
Missha Near Skin Inner Moist Eye Cream
Clarins Lotus Facial Treatment Oil

Song: Girls’ Generation ‘All my love is for you’