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What is Your Face Telling You?


Ever wonder why we have breakouts or acne appearing at various parts of our face? Similar to Chinese foot reflexology, certain points on the soles of our feet are linked/connected to specific parts of our body. In this case, it’s face to body. I came across this article and thought its an interesting finding 🙂


Zone 1 & 3: Bladder & Digestive System — Improve your diet and drink more water.

Zone 2: Liver — Try cutting back on alcohol, heavy food or dairy. This area can also indicate a food allergy.

Zone 4 & 10: Kidneys — Make sure you’re keeping yourself hydrated with water and cut back on liquids that dehydrate you. This means nix the soda, coffee and/or alcohol.

Zone 5 & 9: Respiratory system — Those who smoke or have allergies tend to have acne here.

Zone 6 & 8: Kidneys — Dark circles are usually a result of dehydration. Drink up!

Zone 7: Heart — Check your blood pressure and make sure you’re not using makeup that irritates your skin.

Zone 12: Stomach — Consider a detox or adding more fiber to your diet to help with digestion.

Zone 11 & 13: Hormones — Stress and hormonal changes can sometimes be alleviated with more water and a few extra servings of dark, leafy greens but if breakouts in this area persistent, make an appointment with your doctor to look into a possible hormonal imbalance. Additionally, breakouts in this area also indicate when you are ovulating (and which side).

Zone 14: Illness — Can be a sign of your body fighting bacteria to avoid illness. Take a breather and drink plenty of fluids.

So the next time you breakout or notice dark under eye circles, look to your map (or shall we say face map).

Have you heard of face mapping before?

P.S. Please note that these are general guidelines. Just becuase you breakout on your nose doesn’t mean you have a heart problem. As with all medical issues, it is always best to see your doctor or dermotologist for a proper prognosis.

Sources: skinacea.com, evonnz.com, curezone.com, eruptingmind.com


Bling Bling mini by Kairos


I guess not many people have heard about this Bling Bling mini product from Korea. and would not know what it is just by the name itself…

in this technologically advanced day and age, even our skincare also advanced to using technology driven product!! i’m not referring to those chemically/biologically advanced skincare, like all the expensive youth serums/potions/etc if you knwo what i mean.

this is PHYSICAL science, using infrared! nothing related to chemicals at all! this excites the physics geek in me 🙂

Objective: Clears 90% of newly formed acne/pimples within 24 hours

How it works: Utilises both 420nm blue light and bio-ceramic far infra-red technologies to effectively eradicate P.acnes which is the causative organism of Acne
(fen’s translation: generates blue light and invisible waves to zap your new pimples)
Source: http://www.clariancy.com/kariosjepe-bbm.html
if you are like a geek like me and want to know the science of how it works, you can check out the same website too!

as you can tell from the size, it is portable and can be used anytime if you have a acne formed outside, or if you just want to zap it again after 8 hours and you know you are outside.
it comes with a USB charger and can last about 20 zaps. no spare parts to replace!

the part of my post will be lifted from the Clairancy website (http://www.clariancy.com/kariosjepe-bbm.html), it is the instructions on how to use the device:
How do you use it?
It is very simple to use.
Remove the cover from the Bling Bling Mini.
Press the switch to turn on the device.
Wait 1 to 1.5 minutes and a “bling bling sound will appear”
Upon hearing this, place the treatment tip to the area to be treated and press the switch again.
Hold the device onto your skin for 2.5 minutes. You should hear a sound every 10 seconds.
Once 2.5 minutes have passed, the device will sound “bling bling” again.
To switch off the device at the stage, press and hold the switch for 2-3 seconds.
To treat another area, press the switch once and then place it on another area.

And when i was thinking about reviewing this product, new pimples formed on my forehead 😦


after using this for several months there are some things you should take note of:
1) you will need to buy some kinda cleaning pdt (i got a bottle of Guardian’s alcohol) to clean the tip after each usage
2) it does not work for me if the acne is already quite ‘mature’. sometimes i wake up with a ance that is fully formed with pus inside already, and zapping doesnt help

You can buy this product online or at alL Clariancy outlets:

i got mine from Raffles hotel arcade for SGD $80