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[Review] Beauty Buffet XX vitamin C mask


i should really go improve my chinese. i have no idea what is 左旋 so i type XX on top.

part of my whitening regime involves more vit C in my skincare regime. i always thought Vit C is for immune system etc, and recently everywhere is talking about vit C helping with the production of collagen, and also a strong whitening agent… i dont really see much link.

box of 8 in taiwan Watsons. i rmb it was cheap “)

like most sheet masks, the fabric of this amsk is thin and soft, soaked in 23ml of essence. the directions is to put this on for 15-20 min after wash and remove . i think i left it overnight on my face again. =X but i tore it out in the middle of the night la.


going to bed!!!

the next morning..

i dont expect visible results actually, if visible will be xian dan already. i think this def boost up the amt of vit C on my face… and doesnt leave a sticky feeling the next morning like other masks.. face feels plump and smooth after washing the next day. maybe its psycologial effect, i feel my dark eye rings area are lighter.. wahaha.
i wouldnt mind buying again. too bad i didnt see it in SG. or i am just not going out enought.

Rating: 3/5