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[Review] Biotherm Lait Corporel anti-drying body milk


Back from a vacation from the land of smiles – thailand 🙂

this was a perfect opportunity for me to try all the sample products i have as they are all in small travel-friendly sizes.

i brought the Biotherm anti drying body milk with me as i know i will be sleeping in air condition environment..

with citrus extracts!

the formula is milky and thick, with a slight orangey colour and orange scent (due to the citrus extracts i supppose).

the milk is not too thick and i think the consistency is just nice. i am able to spread throughout my body easily, and its absorbed within minutes

guess which thigh has been applied?

just a comparision, you can see how my right fat thigh after application. looks more supple and healthy right?

i like how this pdt maintains the moisture throughout the night, and does not have a greasy feeling. the next day my skin is smooth and soft and not too dry from the air con.

in fact, i even applied it again in singapore in my non air con room last night. it is also quickly absorbed and does not leave any sticky feeling the next day. as if i did not put anything.
i recommend this for daily use.

[Review] Biotherm White D-TOX BB cream


One of the samples i recieved in the June Bellabox is this Biotherm White D-Tox BB Cream.
Its a tiny tube, 5ml.. so i brought it to my Bintan trip recently

I have never read/heard anything about this BB cream before, so i have no expectations of this BB. in fact i was quite skeptical as i would thot BB creams are more established in Korean brands than western ones.

But anyways this had SPF25 PA++ and it is a hydrating BB cream, which is just what i need for my beach holiday 🙂

the nude cream colour looks just nice for my skin, since my face is more ‘yellow’ than ‘pink’. can wait to blend it

i am also very amazed with the light texture of this BB, in fact a first for me. the usual BB creams i used are heavier and ‘greasier’ to touch
lets see how this blends..

I applied this after my toner and sunblock.
this pdt really blends easily and smoothly into my skin. i did not have to belnd much with my finger and this becomes my 2nd skin so naturally. the light texture does not give my skin a greasy look or feel unlike the other BB creams!!
in fact i did not even touch up with powder after this – which i didnt intend to anyway since i did not bring powder to beach places… but this surprasses my expectations alot!!

Result: matte smooth and fair skin.
imperfections are covered moderately. Skin is hydrated and protected, yet able to ‘breathe’ in this. ❤

just BB alone – natural right!!

i am really tempted to get a full bottle, but i still have 2 BB tubes waiting for me to finsihed. 😦 and i dont believe it wastage.

it is only recently that i found out this BB a actually quite popular and awarded one of the fave BB by a local women’s magazine. not surprsing.

I still have some left so will use it for my next short trip!

Rating: 5/5

[Review] Biotherm Biosource hydra-mineral cleanser toning mousse


Hi everyone, I’ve been travelling hence the lack of posts. Speaking of travelling, I like to try samples cos they are easy to pack. Well, I got this 50ml tube when I bought the gift set (SGD 80) from Isetan during the December holiday period. It consisted of 1 full size Aquasource Gel 50ml with a sample size of this cleanser and also the Biosource toning lotion.


Pefect size for travel eh?

I LOVE the Aquasource Deep Hydration Replenishing Gel (for normal/combi skin), and was excited to try this and the toner.

Result: I HATE it. As much as I would have love to love it, I really can’t. This cleaner STRIPS the moisture off my face and left it squeakly clean. It reminded me of a cheap cleanser I might have used years ago.

Once I put on my toner (did not use the biosource sample toning lotion), along with the rest of my travel skincare regime, I felt better. However, by the end of the day, I realised that the area around my eye was REALLY dry, and for the FIRST time in my life, it was flaking (a little, but more than enough).


Notice the area above and around my eye, you can see “white” specks and find lines.

I was really puzzled why when I though it was supposed to be hydraing. Then, I noticed that it was BIOSOURCE and not AQUASOURCE. But, the whole set was in the same color! Aquasource contains thermal plankton cellular water – a nutrient-rich fluid responsible for preventing moisture loss from the skin’s surface but upon inspection of this cleanser, it is not a key ingredient but zinc.

If you would like to try this cleanser, perhaps it would work better if you have dry to normal skin.

THank you so much for reading! 🙂

3/4/12 Update: I don’t like to waste products so I’m using this as a body wash which isn’t as drying compared to using it on my face. It still has a tinge of “squeaky clean” feeling though. But definitely wayyyy too expensive and totally not worth it to use a facial wash as a body wash :s