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[LOTD] Summertime Livin’


It’s been horribly hot lately in Singapore and it has been a pain trying to dress up. All I want to do is either hide indoors or wear flipflops and a tank top-shorts combo.

Turns out, the hot summer weather can be a great inspiration to dress up and here’s my summertime lovin’ get up.


Cobalt blue low-back maxi dress, some tiny store in Tampines ($12!)

Neverfull tote bag, Louis Vuitton Paris

Jelly flats, Zaxy

Floral scarf, H&M

I love how casual yet feminine I looked. I had so much fun twirling around and taking photos in this outfit. It was comfortable and made me feel really attractive.


My favourite hair-do now is to simply clip my hair into a pretty ponytail with this absolutely gorgeous clip I got from Far East Plaza. You can’t really see the diamantes on it but it really sparkles when you see it. It goes with virtually every outfit and I find myself using this almost daily, especially when I go to work.


My trusty Zaxy jelly flats served me well. I apologise for it looking rather gruffy.

Final word, I love how I felt sexy and beautiful even when I wasn’t baring a lot of skin. Modesty need not be sacrificed in face of fashion and I truly believe in that.