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My Wedding Inspirations – The Dress


I don’t know about you but to me, the bridal dress means everything to a bride.  As I told a number of people, you have the rest of your life to wear simple classic clothes, but how often do you get a chance to wear a big poufy dress and everyone looking at you?

I was very certain I wanted a dress which is simple and elaborate.

Simple in the bodice. Elaborate in the train.

As far as I could, I wanted to push my sartorial choices to be as couture as possible. I really want to be able to capture the attention of my guests, in a good way.

Here were some of the take away from recent bridal trends:

– Illusion necklines 

I wanted this oh-so-chic-it-hurts neckline so badly. There’s something alluring about a peekaboo neckline which is both classic and trendy. Absolutely mind-blowing beautiful.

A gown from Monique Lhuillier – the toga illusion neckline got me at hello.

– Elaborate train with texture

Since I was a little girl, I would wrap a towel around my waist and twirl around silly. The five year old me would have gotten a kick twirling my long crazy elaborate train. I wanted something tulle so that it’s light yet beautifully textured.

When I showed my colleague my actual gown, she nearly died. She is a bride-to-be and she said she would never wear the dress I chose. I was naturally a bit miffed but I know I can carry out this style with plenty of omph!

– Bling it away!

I’m sure by now, you can guess I don’t shy away from details. I wanted a shiny bodice to balance the insane train I had and I got what I wanted – crystals on the bodice.

Well, I more or less revealed what my wedding gown looks like – you just need to put the three details together and voila, my dress would appear. However, I will not reveal my gown until my wedding is over (I’m superstitious in that way!)

However, I would show you some pictures of me in my ROM wedding dress and some of the dresses I tried.

My hubby and I at our pre-ROM party photoshoot – not sure if you can see the details of the dress. My photographer told me she has never shot a bride in black shoes.

My heritage as a Cantonese bride – the traditional kua. Love the opulence and richness of the dress. Will be wearing this on the actual day.

One of the first few gowns I tried. Liked the look, but canned it because it looked a little dated.

It was between this gown and the gown I ultimately picked. I love the intricacy of the crystal details and how it is edgier than the usual princess-y ball gown. However, the beauty was insufficient to distract me from my dream of a couture dress.

One of the many evening gowns I tried. Love how it made me look super slim and the colour gradient. However, it looked too dark to stand out in a night event.

That’s enough revealing of secrets for one post! Next up, I’ll post up other wedding related stuff as well.