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[Review] CURE natural aqua gel


i’m sure almost all of you have heard/use/seen this pdt “one sold every 20 seconds!”.. its been around the market for more than 1 year. and quite heavily publicised in watsons and their roadshows.

my half used bottle.

i have to admit i have not been using this as much as i should, thats the downside of having too many things on your shelf, and i can be more diligent on skincare. =P

to me this is ‘exfoliation at its gentliest’, because this does not use any microbeads or soap formula, unlike the other exfoliating products on the market. to me exfoliation is very important as my oily comdination skin tends to build up alot of sebum in the day, and if my face is washed without exfoliating, i feel like my skin in not completely skin, and whatever products after that from toner to serum is not absorbed properly.

this is 100% natural, with no preservatives or frangrances, so shelf life is pretty short (1 year). i should really throw this away since my bottle is >>>1 year =(

credits to: http://www.japalang.sg/cure/ the official cure website in sg

here’s some photos

i must say the skin feels smoother and cleaner after that, and you can physically see the dead skin being removed in front of your naked eyes! the whitish flakes are a combination of the gel reacting with the protein/dead skin cells… and indirectly those also hope to exfoliate physically when you rub.

time to put on my toner and moisturizer!

this cost $42 at selected watsons store, i got mine at Parkway.

Rating: 5/5