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Review – Moisturisers


Moisturising is often neglected in many Singaporean women’s lives. With our insane level of humidity, we take our oily faces for granted (somehow).

I recently went to the UK and based on my research, I knew my skin care regime needs to be boosted to unprecedented levels to combat dry skin.

Here’s my verdict for some products.

Best Value for Money Drug Store Purchase – Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion ($19.90 for 170mL)

20110708-125010.jpg I was on the hunt for a good moisturiser to keep my skin well-hydrated to start the day. With Nano and Super Hyaluronic Acid to “lock an ocean” (so claims the manufacturer), I decided to try it.

The effect was immediate – I could feel my thirsty skin lap up every drop of the hydrating goodness. My colleague who tried it said it felt instantly satisfying. All you need is a palm size portion.

The strange thing is when I used in back in Singapore, the “slurp” effect is not as apparent.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars, for its affordable price and effectiveness. However, I would like to see travel sized versions of this and try out other products in the line before it earns my 1 other star.

Best Used Together with Related Products – Ettusais Dual Effect White Shooter ($36? Can’t remember exactly how much but less than $50)


When used together with the other Ettusais products (for instance Skin Version Up), the skin becomes more supple, especially after night use. When used individually (I ran out of the Skin Version up for two days), the effect was not as obvious. In fact, I needed more Hada Labo to get the same effect I used to get.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5. I like its compatibility of the product alongside other products in the same line. However, I feel as a moisturiser cum whitening essence, the moisturising effect might be lowered.

Two other quick product reviews:

– Tony Moly Caviar Essential Eye Cream ($59.90)

I was desperate for a good eyecream. Tried too many drug store brands to get dismal results. Decided to venture to Tony Moly and got this eye cream and so far, it gets props for being moisturising without being oily (I have flaky eyelids and now it’s a lot better) and having a light texture. Nope, no fishy smell! But, I’m still fickle and hunting for THE eye cream.


Next eye cream to try -Genifique from Lancome!

IMOYMTT (In my opinion, you should try this) Product – Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Essence ($90)

Yes it’s steep. At least for me. But it has been a damn good investment for me. I first knew about this from a friend’s beauty blog where she raved about this product (she dubbed it better than SK-II). I was so persuaded that I went out the next day to get it.


I need to apply two drops of it nightly and the divine lavender smell just makes this whole experience so much more relaxing. I was told by my colleagues my skin looked more radiant and less oily lately. My breakouts (adult acne is the bane of my existence) are getting lesser and not as explosive.

Skin cells recovery process is enhanced by this product and I can see it happening. Wow!

As my new experiment, I’m combining it with SK-II Cellumination now and I’m eager to see if there’s any boost in the radiance level.

PS: I don’t put up pictures of my skin upclose cos’ I am very conscious of the state of my skin (scars, open pores) Since my co-contributor is the one with better skin, I’ll leave the upclose pictures to her. My focus would be on products recommendation based on personal experience. 🙂 I just wanna share the good buys with people who feel that buying good skin care products should be done carefully.