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[Review] GenTeal Gel


Many of us have dry eyes. Either from natural causes or we stare at computers/ipad/mobile/television too much and this strain usually cause us to have dry eyes. I never had dry eyes problem until I started wearing contact lens. After years of constant reliance on contact lens (vanity got the better of me), I had “chronic” dry eyes. Meaning even when I didn’t wear contacts, they became perpetually dry 😦  Those were the days where I would usually rely on eye drops and I needed something that was dual purpose (with & without contact lens on).

Finally I decided to go for LASIK surgery. At my pre-surgery consultation, my cornea was deem too dry so my eye doctor ask me to stay off contacts for a few weeks and during which, I had to religiously wet my eyes with eye drops. Hello Spec-ky! Even after a few weeks of that, when I went back for my review, it was still a no-go.

And that was when I became aquainted with the EYE GEL!

Before that, I only knew of eye drops so I was sceptical about eye gels. I mean the only eye gels I know of, they go on the skin around my eye. haha. But I was a convert after the first application. My eyes felt super moisturised & lubricated. It was a treat for my tired and strained eyes. THe doctor said eye drops can lubricate your eyes for only a few minutes, whereas eye gels can do that for an hour! The only downside is that you might experience blurred vision for a few seconds while the gel is spreading over your cornea but that doesn’t affect me.

So now even though I no longer have dry eyes, I like to apply these before I sleep and another time when I wake up.

I use about this much and apply it on the pink area when I pull my lower eyelid down.

It’s not easy to  find this and I only manage to get it at NTUC Unity Healthcare. Cheers to eyes that sparkle!

p.s. I went for Epi-LASIK in the end cos it reduces the risk of dry eyes post surgery