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Fancl 2012 Calendar – Complimentary gift


i went to Fancl a Bugis Junction last month to replenish my stock of Fancl Mild Cleansing oil (which i use religiously when i put on make up) and they actually gave me a complimentary 2012 Fancl calendar!!

actually i got the same calendar in 2010 when i bought some stuff but the format was too non user friendly and i just left it in my drawer. the dates are spread out on the calenar in 1 ROW feom 1-31 and probably take up 5% of each page i think at the top or a long snake “S” shape, so there’s no way to write any notes. the other 95% is a feature of one of their products with the pdt description. i threw it away already if not will post a pic.

I am very surprised to see this is not the case for 2012!

in fact it is damn cool so i must share with you man! the cover is so pretty yet simple right? very in sync with fancl branding

1st page:

vouchers!!! i think i will use some of them but not all… too ex and its only making me spend money. reminds me of the vouchers at the IKEA catalogue


another girly pretty themed page. this tiem with the format which i believe everyone can deal with. week from SUN – SAT (my type) and some space for writing notes.
product descriiption at the bottom which i will read dont worry.

My favourite part!! this actually functions like a desk calendar at work. i really heart this… showing your ‘status’. and the graphics are just too irresistable!!

Out for lunch:

On leave:

Out for appointment: wah so stylo lor

In a meeting: how i wish my mtgs are like this

On MC!! (how would i know to flip to this page before i leave for MC?)

last but not the least, gone for the day. chio!

whats more: like every girl in us, we love STICKERS!!

so you can paste these stickers on your dates to decorate. just too cute!!

Keep up the good work, FANCL! =)