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[LOTD] My SummerXJap Outfit


Hello guys, hope your weekend was great!

Here’s an outfit i put together for a day out with my girlfriends on a weekend.


Grey star studded sweater top: H&M

Pastel blue flowery skorts: Lowry’s Farm

Shoes: Forever 21

Although its always hot in summary singapore, but i still prefer to wear long sleeves top sometimes because the air conditioning indoors can be really cold sometiems!

especially in the cinema.

and also im afraid of chilling weather.


i love the off shoulder cut which makes it a lil atypical.

the silver star studs give its a rocker chick feel which adds more oomph to any outfit.

my favourite part of this top is the ultra long sleeves which are tapers at the ends so its tighter and gives its a more too-cool-for-school look. LOLOL.


the skorts from Lowry’s farm was on sale and looks really jappy on the manequin so i gave it a shot.
its elastic banded at the waist with a drawstring which is not revealed here cos of my top. i have also paired it with a laced top to show the details of the waist.

finally a good shot! haha.

have a good sunday all, you can follow me on instagram @dancerinadream for more photos of clothes and food. =D

[LOTD] Black Trimmings – Peterpan Collar & Heart Studs


Hello there! Black is a staple and a fail-safe color for most ladies. Black goes with (almost) everything and one of the colors I love pairing black with is gold. Just enough bling to brighten up a potentially dull getup.

Forever 21 blouse, Silence+Noise cotton waisted shorts, Tory Burch reva flats,
Kate Spade , Triselle stud earrings

I love the airy sheerness of this peterpan collar blouse from Forever 21

Do you feel this outfit seems a little school uniform-ish?

Of all my accessories, I’m almost never without my earrings when I go out. Without something on my ears, I feel naked. But it’s funny how they are the first things (after my shoes) I take off when I get home.
These Triselle black hearts are textured like hairs or fur (big pic explained) and lined with gold. They match my Tory Burch reva flats which are also black with the gold buckle 🙂

Not too matchy-matchy I hope!