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June Glamabox + My first Bellabox


you know i have subscribed to Glamabox for SGD18 per month for a box of samples and goodies to try every month.

Read about it here and here

to share my honest feelings, i felt that most of the pdts every month is not targetted for my skin type/age group.

most of the stuff are anti aging. while i know anti aging habit shd start from young, I am really not that into hardcore anti aging at this time. these pdts seem to be targetted at middle age group so i keep asking my mom to use the samples.

(i actually went to unsubsribe…. =X)

but i was surprised to get the June box, which is probably my last box. and this June box is the Summer theme box. i am impressed with what they have this time!

woots looks not bad already..

reading the list

I am most intrigued by this: Ankang Beauty Restoring Essence. collagen drink!!

i am very interested to try all those above! but you know what… i am very slow in using products – even though they are samples. I have not even used some of the items in the May’s and April’s glamabox. these items keep on piling up but i dont knwo how am i going to start trying without finishing the previous stuffs.
oh no i dont want my room to be cluttered with these backlogs.

pls leave a msg if you want ANYTHING.  i dont mind giving away unopened items. these are perfect for travelling.

i dont want to clutter up my room so need to find a store for them and try to use up asap.

Recently, i read about another beauty box available in Singapore and its only SGD15!! i know there are a few ard, some more expensive and this is the cheaper one. im not cheapskate but after reading the past few items in their box, the pdts they offer every month suits my interests more.

So yes – i subscribed!!

Featuring my first Bellabox (received in May)

i already fell in love with the packaging. its fabric bag!!!!! i can reuse it to store my barang barang (Malay word for articles/items/commodities). i always need these kinda bags.

The Bellabox will have 5 items every month.
and it even came with vouchers if you want to buy the full size product – pro!

i have not used ANY item but i will try the Cellogist Youth Guard Cream soon.

And I have received the June’s Bellabox last week but i refuse to open. cos it just adds on to my stack of unopened products. BUT I AM RESISTING COS I SAW THIS FOR JUNE:

*hyperventilate* hope i get the 5 that i like

i do not dare to count how many samples that will be sitting ard (guessimate: 20) Fudge.

so i guess i did the right thing by limiting to only 1 box.


My March Glamabox


A very short and quick post:
This time I am home to receive this from the postman!! I was delighted and cant wait to see what is in it in March.. also thinking to myself it better be better than the February one.

So here it is:

(the black pouch under the hand cream contains the Glamabox charm which can be used in your keychains/bags/bracelet)

i’ll let the pictures do the description.

Woots i cant wait! i will probably pass the Lierac anti wrinkle / wrinkle filling products to my mom.

I like the hand cream, i heard from my friend that the Gardeners range is the most potent one in Crabtree . i still have 2 hand creams which i have yet to finsihed. so these 3 should last me till 2013 end of year.

Clinique colour palette:

im still thinking how is this a ‘spring’ palette. i am not very good in make up and i dont think i can create a spring look with this. i will be expecting more orange and peachy pink hues in a Spring palette. i tried the blush, the tone is abit too dark for my day make up look.

Organix Morocaan Argan Oil Shampoo: i saw this in Watsons many times, but never tried. i will bring this along for my next holiday in April to try!!!

If you want to find out more you can read about my first glamabox post here

My First Glamabox


LOOK WHAT CAME IN THE MAIL LAST LAST WEEK!!! (yeah super overdue post). also, i lied, this came in the registered mail but there’s no one at home so I went to Post office to collect.

the real glamabox under the packaging.

when i first open… a note for me!

another paper on what to expect!!

close up:

and now for my favourite part!!! whats in the box:

please go to the glamabox website with the full product discriptions of each product =) for Valentines Glamabox here

and now for those who want to know where i got this pretty box, here’s how it works:

1) Sign up and take a quiz on your skin / hair profile and preferences

2) for SGD18 per month, you will receive a surprise box every month

3) the box will contain items either in full or sample sizes, which are specially and carefully picked by the team

4) try the pdts and you can go back to the site to discuss or review with the other ‘glamagirls’

and you can exit the programme anytime, so if you feel not comfy about spending the money for too long, you can stop. for me, i enjoy trying new pdts and SGD18 for products amounting to hundred bucks is totally worth it.

Dont believe me? look at what they offer in December 2011 (the most ex box mth):


Perfective Ceuticals Divine Age Guardian Serum with Growth Factor | 50ml (Value: approximately SGD 210)
Perfective Ceuticals Divine Age Guardian Cream with Growth Factor | 50m (Value: approximately SGD 160)
Perfective Ceuticals Anti-imperfection Eye Therapy Cream with Growth Factor | 15ml (Value: approximately SGD 140)


and this is not all for december.. but you get the idea.

and i am sure the prices above is for the full sized pdt which i am sure is the ones they received also!!!

cos for Feb 2012, i see the list and price and they reflect the value accordingly. looks very reasonable. WAH i damn sian man december glamabox adds up to several hundreds and my first glamabox most ex item is SGD57 and the rest is like < SGD15, NB!

so anyway, this initiative is founded by chiobabe Lisa S, whom is also the wife of Daniel Wu (hearts). she’s an ex model i think and im sure she has many contacts in the industry to start this. spread beauty at affordable prices and with a tech savvy idea!


www.glamabox.com Read the rest of this entry