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[LOTD] A Thing for Spring!


Hello! i know its Fall now but in singapore, everyday is summer. So we just have to go with the humidity, our moods, and whats trending in blogshopping-o-sphere.

Here’s my LOTD some months back, when i had Dim Sum with Syd at Raffles hotel, Lei Garden 🙂 The food was great btw.


Top: Adele floral bustier top in White from Flair Closet

this skirt comes in dark denim wash as well. and the flowers on the skirt is embroidery sewn on! how detailed is that. i love apparels that are well made as they make a lot of difference in the shape and overall look of one person.
I love this playful skirt and i can wear it with most of my tops, tucked or untucked.

It features a metal button at the back, like your typical denim jeans opening.
best part is …
The denim is thick and structured which keeps the flare look in check

was trying to act emo for this shot since i borrowed SYd’s red lipstick which is really rich in pigments and major love.
i think with my fair skin n black looking hair it kena reminds me of snow white 白雪公主 wahaha !

[LOTD] My SummerXJap Outfit


Hello guys, hope your weekend was great!

Here’s an outfit i put together for a day out with my girlfriends on a weekend.


Grey star studded sweater top: H&M

Pastel blue flowery skorts: Lowry’s Farm

Shoes: Forever 21

Although its always hot in summary singapore, but i still prefer to wear long sleeves top sometimes because the air conditioning indoors can be really cold sometiems!

especially in the cinema.

and also im afraid of chilling weather.


i love the off shoulder cut which makes it a lil atypical.

the silver star studs give its a rocker chick feel which adds more oomph to any outfit.

my favourite part of this top is the ultra long sleeves which are tapers at the ends so its tighter and gives its a more too-cool-for-school look. LOLOL.


the skorts from Lowry’s farm was on sale and looks really jappy on the manequin so i gave it a shot.
its elastic banded at the waist with a drawstring which is not revealed here cos of my top. i have also paired it with a laced top to show the details of the waist.

finally a good shot! haha.

have a good sunday all, you can follow me on instagram @dancerinadream for more photos of clothes and food. =D

[LOTD] Monochromes are back



Yes, monochromes are big this season. here’s how i try to pull off a black and white outfit in the hot weather.

Black cut out sleeved Top: Topshop preloved from Sherlyn Chan
Rose canvas print bottom: Thread Theory $28.50
Shoes: Forever 21


I love how the cooling material of the top which is perfect for our hot weather.

My wardrobe are usually domnitated with colours and seldom have any blacks/whites but i do have a substantial amt of monos for easy matching and dont-want-to-fuss days

the rose prints adds a touch of elegance to this ensemble dont you think? for my first printed pants, this is not to over the top and i recommend anyone whom wants to try out printed pants this structured canvas pants.
Perfect for dress down Fridays too 🙂

the cobalt blue of this shoes gives the whole outfit a tiny burst of brightness, with a similar matching print as the pants.
the loafers looking top of the shoes adds a vintage look and feel which is love!


[LOTD] Puffed up for Winter


The last korea trip in Dec was my first winter experience.

coming from all time Summer Singapore, i knew i CANNOT stand the sub zeros temperature.

Winter wear is expensive here and cannot make it. so i planned to buy a really good coat or jacket there.

So i bought this pink comforter/quilt jacket, which ROCKS MY SOCKS!!!!

i can drown it in really. Lets name it PUFFY

its like a pink quilt with zippers sewn on it thats all.

it can block all the strong chill winds and keep me so warm undeneath.

No difference betweem 0, -5, -10, -15 degrees anymore!!

Here’s me with a really bad hairdo at the ski resort.

201212C (137)

I paired this with thermal stockings, which i love cos it has fake fur lined inside the stockings. and its polka dots! ❤

201212C (138)

Close up:

I also use leg warmers from ASOS which i bought for like 3 -4 pounds! i love the pompoms.

they really made a diff to keeping my legs warm

and UGG BOOTS (real one okay haha)

201212C (139)

What i dont like about Winter is that i need to take off my jacket when indoors are warm. I tried to keep it on but it gets really warm after awhile.

I guess its the reverse in Singapore where we put on jackets indoors due to the air con.

here’s what i wore underneath. i love the scarf which was borrowed from a friend

201212C (205)

Another day where i paired PUFFY with winter wine jeans. the jeans also lined with felt to keep my legs warm. but i probably wore 2 more layers underneath cos its like -15

201212C (187)

Blue Hand cuffs from ASOS like 2 pounds? THEY ROCK and keep my hands really warm if i use as gloves

Trout fishing.. i caught nothing.

201212C (189)

Another day with PUFFY when i saw the forecast of -18degrees.

pairing it with turtleneck knit dress from Victoria’s Secret.

Pink Scarf also borrowed from a friend.


Another camho photo of me and PUFFY.


[LOTD] Soft Colours and Lace


sorry for the long hiatus!
my desktop crashed and it took me awhile to get it fixed. all is good.. for now 🙂

Pastel colours and shorts are big this season which is perfect for me cos i love wearing both anyways.

for this look im pairing a new pair of white lace shorts and peter pan collared top with a very old pair of Birkenstocks 🙂


TOP: blue peter pan collared top from The Closet Lover – $22
SHORTS: Kate overlay lace shorts from Little Red Heels (now called A for Arcade) – $27.50
BAG: Longchamp pilage in wine – 65 Euros
WATCH: White Swatch Skin from Marie! (price unknown)
BIRKIES: bought many years back

i wonder whats on my mind that made me grin like this. HAHA

i love how the top is long enough not to spill out when i raise my arms. its sheer so wearing a tank top underneath.

the lace details of the shorts and more of the watch.
the shorts are a lil too short for my fat butt, so i tend to pull down regularly to prevent my cheeks from being exposed. =S

as i was having a bad hair day (if you havent already noticed), i used a clip to pin up the untamed fringe.

More posts to come from me, have a great weekend ahead!!

[LOTD] – Easy Breezy Weekender


I always like the Covergirl slogan “Easy breezy, Covergirl” so that was what I was trying to achieve – an outfit that embodies a easy breezy laidback charm.


The look was crafted in mind for a weekend date with the girls or even a casual date with a special someone.


Outfit details:

White tank top, New Look

Grey culottes, Platinum Mall Bangkok

Denim wrap blouse, Primark UK (at 3 pounds, it’s an absolute steal. Best part, I got it more than a year ago)

White canvas purse, Fendi

Silver ballerina flats, Tods


The outfit was oh-so-comfy, a definite sense of relief from my typical work ensemble of shift dresses and heels.


Freedom is when I don’t need to break my ankles from prolonged wearing of heels!


Adorable floral buttons add a sweet, Cath Kidson-ish feel to the light washed denim material. Too pretty to be true.


A closer look at the bag and the shoes.

[LOTD] – Floral Peplum


It was a bright and sunny day, and what better reason to dress up for such glorious weather?

As you can probably tell by now, I love colours and prints. I am hardly shy of wearing both of them at the same time, and to add a cherry to the metaphoric icing, this lovely dress came in my favourite peplum style.

Here’s the break down of my outfit:


Paintbrush-inspired floral peplum dress, H&M (yes, second H&M dress in a row)

Black pumps with stacked heels, Salvatore Ferragamo

Gold patent clutch, YSL

Necklace, Dior

Watch, Tissot


It’s pretty safe to say that I adore this outfit. It was fitting for a lunch with girl pals and possibly a night out in town as well. It was versatile, and still pretty me. My broad smile probably says it all.




Yes, almost all that I was wearing were purchased during my Europe trip and I can truly feel the hole in my pocket. 😦

LOTD – Oriental Chic


Was out for tea with my fellow contributors quite some time ago and decided to dress up in a somewhat different manner.

Syd mentioned I was pretty experimental in my sartorial choices and I have to agree. Until I hit the dreaded 30s, I would continue to play around with my fashion styles.

Here’s my look of the day.


Kimono wrap dress – H&M Conscious Collection

Suede caged heels – BATA

Black ceramic watch – Skagen (previously featured)

Floral hair tie – Helen


Was also dressed for my sister-in-law’s 21st birthday party so the outfit served dual purpose. I loved the drapes of the dress, how it is modest yet it exudes a classiness and stands out on its own. It needs minimal accessories and a loose bun serves to make the outfit more polished.


Here’s a cuppa to a new year ahead! Cheers!

[LOTD] (Wo)man in black – Run Devil Run


the theme for a friend’s wedding recently was ‘KPOP’

as a kpop fan i am really excited and decided to try smthg that is so not me.

the strong, dark, look.

so using my fave girlband now Girls Generation’s Run Devil Run look. I tried to piece smthg for myself.

this is how i look:

black leather jacket – H&M (borrowed) – i super love this jacket and the quilted detail. just ordered one for myself haha
black shimmer top under jacket – Mango sale years ago
Black quilted PVC shorts – $15 bugis street
stockings – from taiwan
boots – from Hong Kong

look at how pretty the jacket is =D i have to buy it!!

well, i dont think i look anything near SNSD and my makeup can be much smokier which im not good at. but this is probably the only time that i can be ‘in costume’!

hope u like it.

[LOTD] – Life in Mono


Dressing monochromatic need not be boring.

Lately, I am rather inspired by one of my favourite bloggers, Cheesie and her EMODA outfits. Of course, I cannot pull off this look. I still have a day job which frowns upon too much adventure in personal style.



Instead, I decided to take the essence of EMODA (at least what I interpreted it to be) and make it work-friendly. Thus, the choice of colours was meant to be monochromatic but textured and layered to add some interesting accents to the outfit.

I do apologise for the poor lighting – I was unable to join my fellow contributors earlier and thus had to be contented with the indoor lighting of the cafe we had dinner at.

Chanel-inspired Pussybow Top: Fairebelle (www.fairebelle.livejournal.com)

Floral monochromatic Jeggings: Bugis Street (such a steal at $20!)

Gold-capped black patent ballerina flats: Zalora Sg

(I was in kickass Pazzion heels but I couldn’t bear to wear them out as the diamantes were slowly but surely dropping!)

Gold and white watch: A/X


A closer look at the pussy-bow detail. Love how the drapes of the top hid the terribly chunky arms of mine.



I have a weakness for pairing chunky watches with delicate outfits.

Looking forward to my Europe honeymoon as I am furiously planning all my outfits for my Winter Wonderland retreat.