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[Review] e.l.f. Baked Blush & Benecos Natural Lipstick



I got these 2 products from my first iherb haul last month and was so excited to try the products, and i finally did!



I got this elf peachy cheeky baked blush from iherb.com for USD$3 (i still cant believe the amazing price) some time back as my current blusher is finsihing and i always wanted to try a peachy shade instead of my usual pinky shade.

i was hesitant at first when it arrived as it looked too shimmery for my liking, i prefer those matte look so that my face doesnt look too oily.


(sorry the box become quite dirty with the powders in my make up box)

Anyway, i like that they added the jojoba rose, sunflower and apricot and grapes to nourish and hydrate the skin.

here’s a swatch of the blush


looks very subtle right? there’s almost no colour and all shimmers!

however, i must say that i like how subtle it is… haha.

the picture cant show it but against my fair skin i do really see the peachy shade. personally, i wanted smthg more pigmented and less shimmery.

From my first actual application on my cheek, i begin to fall in love with it!

the powder glides very smoothly on my cheeks and creates a very natural blush for me.

The shimmers doesnt look at bad as i thought. instead of an oily face, the blush actually ‘catch the light’ and highlight my cheeks! Love!

I wore it as my daily blusher the whole of last week. and to clubbing on friday haha.

overall, i think this blusher is great for the price and i would definitely buy it again or check out more elf blushers!!

please read till the end to see the full makeup 🙂

as for the Benecos Natural Lipstick in Pink Honey, i was just looking for another lipstick as i am the kind who only have 1 lipstick at a time and only change or buy new ones when the previous one finishes.

So i thought, why not add one more option?

this is pricey at $13.99 but i bought it because of the natural and organic sources.


  • Soft Neutral Tone Rose
  • Smooth, Creamy Color
  • Nourishing Moisture

The pure mineral lipsticks offer brilliant color and natural moisture with vitamin E.

Complete your look with our naturally gorgeous lipsticks. Made with organic jojoba and sunflower oils, these lipsticks moisturize lips while keeping them looking lovely. The creamy, stay-put formula provides long lasting color.

here’s the swatch:

when i first used it, i am really amazed that it is so creamy and smooth. it is super moisturizing which is great for my dry lips.

i must say that this lipstick is the exact same colours of my natural lip colour. i never thought this is possible but it is.
so when i wear it, i really dont see a difference in my lip colour, but definitely more smooth and creamy looking now.
do you agree??

i find this lipstick too sheer for my liking. i guess it is because of its mineral and organic ingredients, so there’s not much they can do to give it a full cream look upon 1st application.
i have to apply 3-5 layers to finally see the full colour. if i apply only 1 layer, its like a lip balm. im torn if i shuold get it again as the texture is really great creamy nourishing for me but the colour is so so, i prefer to have more adventourous colours.

here’s 2 selfies of me wearing both the blush and lipstick.


love the natural look of the blush and lipstick!

anyway, if you want to check out the products, i’ve already hyperlinked them above. and if you are a first timer for iherb.com you can use this link to get $10 off $40 purchases, or $5 off smaller purchases!

Rewards Code NZM317

Thank you for reading, have a great sunday ahead.

Maybelline 2-in-1 Impact Shadow Liner



This eye shadow liner was given to me about 3 years ago and i only started using it last month *horrors*
i use make up very slowly as i use little amount and i ensure that i finish the whole thing before opening another.

i wonder if this is still available in stores… if it is not, i’m sorry!


this is a rich bronzy brown shade which is perfect for me as i am a makeup noob so brown is the safest colour.
black is too harsh and bright colours make me look so wayang, i dont really know how to use colours on my face.

and i just wanna say..
I SUPER LOVELOVE this product!!!!!!

the colour is very pigmented and stain the skin so easily.
my previous bronze eyeliner from silkygirl which i’ve used for many years is no match for this – that one is less pigmented and i have to keep brushing on my waterline with no effect. also i have to clean the tip often as the powder base of my make up covers the pencil tip (for silkygirl).

as for this, i never have to clean the pencil tip.
i use this as a eyeliner, not eye shadow.. i prefer browns because its less harsh looking than black, which is perfect for your ‘no make up au natural’ look
also, my skin becomes oily by midday and naturally eyeliners always melts to my undereyes.
this doesnt make me look like a panda and doesnt need me to go wipe it off and check as and when.

i can foresee using this daily and i do play ard with drawing my eyes differently for different looks.

i will defintely get this again when it runs out.
Rating:4.5/10 (minus 0.5 as it is too soft and have to sharpen more regularly)

here’s me putting only the eyeliner on my right eye (LEFT of the photo)



[Review] Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner


I’m always trying to find a good waterproof & smudgeproof eyeliner for my daily makeup. I’ve read a few reviews raving about the stubborness of this eyeliner and when I pop into Sephora, I decided to pop one into my basket as well ;p

You can see the brush is super fine. I tried to draw a super fine super straight line but you need a steady hand for that. The thicker line is my usual thickness. It dries really fast and I tried to rub the lines but they wouldn’t budge. Yay! They seem promising. Also, I went to run it under water and rub it again. Still, they remained stubbornly unsmudged. Double Yay!

Basically I shake the tube before use and just use it directly on my lids. No primer for this.

This was taken in the morning.

By evening, my lids had gotten oily and it has smudged 😦

I think the problem is my eyelids cos oil is a natural makeup remover. I’ve tried it with my Urband Decay Primer Potion and it does last the whole day WITHOUT smudging. Will review that soon!