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Maybelline 2-in-1 Impact Shadow Liner



This eye shadow liner was given to me about 3 years ago and i only started using it last month *horrors*
i use make up very slowly as i use little amount and i ensure that i finish the whole thing before opening another.

i wonder if this is still available in stores… if it is not, i’m sorry!


this is a rich bronzy brown shade which is perfect for me as i am a makeup noob so brown is the safest colour.
black is too harsh and bright colours make me look so wayang, i dont really know how to use colours on my face.

and i just wanna say..
I SUPER LOVELOVE this product!!!!!!

the colour is very pigmented and stain the skin so easily.
my previous bronze eyeliner from silkygirl which i’ve used for many years is no match for this – that one is less pigmented and i have to keep brushing on my waterline with no effect. also i have to clean the tip often as the powder base of my make up covers the pencil tip (for silkygirl).

as for this, i never have to clean the pencil tip.
i use this as a eyeliner, not eye shadow.. i prefer browns because its less harsh looking than black, which is perfect for your ‘no make up au natural’ look
also, my skin becomes oily by midday and naturally eyeliners always melts to my undereyes.
this doesnt make me look like a panda and doesnt need me to go wipe it off and check as and when.

i can foresee using this daily and i do play ard with drawing my eyes differently for different looks.

i will defintely get this again when it runs out.
Rating:4.5/10 (minus 0.5 as it is too soft and have to sharpen more regularly)

here’s me putting only the eyeliner on my right eye (LEFT of the photo)



My daily lipstick – Maybelline ColourSensational Moisture Extreme


I seldom review make up so i thought i should put in effort to review more make up..

here’s something easy and light to start off with, my lipstick! i feel that lipstick adds the finishing touch to a good made up face, and lip gloss is so yesteryear.
i know nude and simple look is IN now but i am still using the same lipstick i had since last year – the Maybelline ColourSensational Moisture Extreme in PC31 Pink Bloom

i’ve always wanted a more pinkish/coloured lipstick since i’m always wearing the same nude brown shade of my MAC lipglass. and coloured lipstick never fails to bring some colour to my fair skin, since i dont really use eye shadows…

bought this at Watson’s and im sure its still there! i really like the moisturizing formula, and it glides on really smooth on my lips and keep it moisturized and soft.

there’s really fine shimmer added to this as well

i feel that this can be more pigmented, and the colour turns out to be really sheer on my lips, even though it looks great on my hand swatch, so i learnt never to test lipstick on my hand! but then again i dont have much choice since i am not going to test on my lips either 😦

so this is what i use for make up almost on a daily basis! smile 🙂