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[Review] My Scheming Mask – marigold extract


bought this box of masks in Taiwan last nov and finally opening it now to try… this is one of the popular masks in Taiwan and i liike the pretty pink colour =)

the description looks promising!~

the sheet masks comes in 30ml amt of essence, just nice for me cos i dont like too much as it will drip down my neck.

the material of the sheet is not as comfy as my beauty diary and neutrogena, and the fit is only so so for my face shape. but i am able to cover most of my face

again, i unintentionally fell asleep with the mask on my face… and woke up the next morning with super dried paper on my face, and had to peel off!! i guess my skin didnt get to breathe last night 😦

despite that, this morning my skin still looks and feels normal, just like any other day if you ask me. its v hard for me to see overnight results for ANY products i use, so im not expecting any for this as well. In my opinion masks is just to maintain the wellbeing and current condition of ur skin, and results would be a long term process.

i would say, this masks is not bad to give your skin the extra boost of nutrients and moisture and regular use of this would be beneficial to your face, with all the vit C, your face shd be fairer!

close up of bare naked face in the morning

not too bad, even after dried up mask on my face skin is still relatively ‘bright’ and firm…

Rating: 3.5/5