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[Travelogue] New York March 2012


After 18 hours of flight time (and a 2 hr transit at Narita), we finally landed in NY JFK!

After checking in, first thing to do is get a pre-paid card with data to survive 3 weeks in the U.S.A 🙂

Next we headed to have lunch @ Carnegie. The place was packed full of people. We ordered a sharing portion of pastrami and had plenty left which we took away for breakfast the next day. Unless you are a big eater, this place might put you off meat for awhile.


The weather was really good that day for a stroll in the park so we head on over to Central Park. It was beautiful. We actually went back to the park again so the above is a collage of the pics from different days.

We went to Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets the next day for some shopping. Got some Godiva chocolates as a snack. No pics from shopping cos our hands were full. hehe

We met up with Chihiro, my dear friend who I got to know when I was on exchange during my University days. She came to Singapore to visit once, so it’s only right I do the same. She brought us to Casellula, a gem hidden in Hell’s Kitchen that serves cheese & wine. We did order some entrees but they were forgettable. The wine and cheese pairing was divine. If you are a wine/cheese noob like us, no worries cos they are more than happy to recommend the different wines, as well as cheese that goes with your selection. We had our server recommend a flight of different cheese for us. She gave us some information regarding the cheese, its origin and how we should eat them (the progression of light to heavier ones). I can’t recall the the condiments on our cheese platter but one of them was the carmelized shallot. Oh so yummy!

I love brunch!! So I had to try the pancakes @ Clinton St Baking Co even though I’ve heard horrors about the waiting time (~1.5-2hrs). We stood in line before they were open and we were the the first couple that did not make it to the first seating! :(((( Then, it was a 45 minutes wait.. I knew I wanted to try two items, namely the blueberry pancakes and the sugar cured bacon. The pancakes were fluffy and yet slightly crisp around the edges, served warm with the maple butter syrup and I’m in heaven on the first bite. The sugar cured bacon was surprisingly good and I’ve never had bacon done this way before and I wonder why. The brioche french toast also served with the warm maple butter looks and sounds better than it tasted. Totally passable.

Another lovely stroll around the city. We popped over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and just sat on the steps watching people basking. Another museum worth going is the American Museum of Natural History. We did go but no pics were taken.

We had to visit the 9/11 memorial site and the tickets were jus beside St Paul’s Chapel. Situated so near Ground Zero and yet none of the Chapel’s grounds were affected other than fallen trees.

Times Square @ night.

Linsanity with the NY Knicks! Although Jeremy Lin had little court time, it was fun…for the 1st quarter then I kept dozing off. Must be the damn jet lag!

It was St Patrick’s Day and we watched abit of the parade before popping into St Patrick’s Cathedral for Sunday mass.

Cupcakes! Red velvet cupcakes! Magnolia Bakery and all its raves were shot to pieces. The cupcakes were tough and I’ve had so many better ones elsewhere. But if you have to try them, go to the one that’s near Rockefeller Centre and not out of the way at Bleecker St like us.

Chi said the view at the Top of The Rocks were better than at Empire State Building. I think it’s cos at Rockefeller, it’s clear glass whereas at ESB, it’s behind grills. You can see the ESB behind us. Great location cos Fifth Avenue is just around the corner.

One of the most memorable bites on the trip was @ Shake Shack. Love the ShackBurger! The meat patty was soft and tasted so fresh with the lettuce and tomato. Simple but definitely satisfying. Skip the Shack-cargo Dog, it did nothing for me.

Junior’s is famous for its cheesecakes but we couldn’t bring ourselves to have cheesecake for breakfast. Gotta love their house fries (sides) and their french toast. Really delicious food.

Chihiro enjoying her waffles and cocktail. Can’t remember where’s this place though. Maybe cos I had too many bellinis ;p Always a must for Sunday brunch

Last night in NYC and we had pub fare. Beer, wings and bombs! Ok, I only did the jagerbombs while E & Chi did carbombs as well.

Only 5 days there and we’re off to gamble our money away in Las Vegas baby!