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[Review] Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner


I’m always trying to find a good waterproof & smudgeproof eyeliner for my daily makeup. I’ve read a few reviews raving about the stubborness of this eyeliner and when I pop into Sephora, I decided to pop one into my basket as well ;p

You can see the brush is super fine. I tried to draw a super fine super straight line but you need a steady hand for that. The thicker line is my usual thickness. It dries really fast and I tried to rub the lines but they wouldn’t budge. Yay! They seem promising. Also, I went to run it under water and rub it again. Still, they remained stubbornly unsmudged. Double Yay!

Basically I shake the tube before use and just use it directly on my lids. No primer for this.

This was taken in the morning.

By evening, my lids had gotten oily and it has smudged 😦

I think the problem is my eyelids cos oil is a natural makeup remover. I’ve tried it with my Urband Decay Primer Potion and it does last the whole day WITHOUT smudging. Will review that soon!