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[Review] Rachel K Mineral CC Cream


After Fen reviewed Rachel K Radiance Illuminator Collagen + Lotus Stem Cell Hydrogel Mask, I became interested in their products. Naturally the first thing I would try is their popular CC cream. Many asians are BB cream lovers and swears by this miracle product. I recall the first generation BB creams are 4-in-1, namely moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunblock. Now all the new and improved formulations, most BB or CC creams are claiming 10-in-1 benefits. This craze over BB/CC creams never really caught on with me as I was more of a tinted sunblock, concealor, loose powder gal. So when Rachel K was giving out samples via their fb page, I signed up for it.

I believe the sample they sent is the newer formulation/packaging that looks like that.

Additional beneficial ingredients found in CC cream that most BB cream lacks include: (taken from http://www.rachelkcosmetics.com)

White Tea extract, which contains powerful antioxidants (more than green tea because it undergoes less processing and is believed to be more beneficial than any other kind of tea ) that absorb, weaken and neutralize free radicals continuously and also provide protection from increasingly harsh environmental factors such as pollution, dust, and chemicals in the air. It boosts the immunity of skin cells and prevents wrinkling and pigmentation

Green Tea Leaf extract, also rich in antioxidants and boasts anti-inflammatory and natural disinfecting properties

CC Cream however contains Deep Sea Water which gives resilience and moistness to the skin and allows for better skin permeability.

Macadamia Nut Oil, an ideal anti-aging supplement for cosmetics, due to its high content of Palmitoleic Acid, an essential component of human sebum, which is lost with aging

Natural Vitamin E, which protects body tissues from breakdown and signs of photo aging, and aids in reducing the appearance of stretch marks, age spots, while maintaining the skin’s oil balance and reduces trans-epidermal water loss from skin, strengthening the skin’s barrier function.

The presence of Epidermal Growth Factor also stimulates collagen production in skin and speeds up skin regeneration. CC cream also treats and covers uneven skin tones more effectively and after leaving on for a 2-3 minutes, blends with skin tone better than BB Creams that sometimes appear too light on certain skin tones.
Besides being waterproof, Mineral CC cream includes an SPF 35 PA++ rating to ensure protection from damaging UVA and UVB rays while remaining smudge-proof.

A lighter texture than that of BB cream also allows for smoother application with a less oily finish, while remaining extremely nourishing to the skin

Yes, I was sent a small sachet

And the back lists the 10 benefits.

Ok, the whole sachet contains slightly more than this. Definitely only enough for 1-time application. Kinda bumped cos I wanted to try it with and without loose powder.

In the morning after my usual skincare routine. Skipped my regular sunscreen so this is my bare skin. Notice the under eye redness with a few red spots and some pigmentation.

20120711-210049.jpg 20120711-210056.jpg
After application of the CC cream, skipped loose powder. Skin looks significantly fairer/radiant, and more evened out. My red spots are concealed, except the ginormous one on my forehead. Pigmentation looks less obvious.

And this is how I look like after 10 hrs (pardon the hair). Throughout the day, I did not blot or touch up with any pressed powder. My nose still got a little shiny, but not too greasy.

Though not a regular user of BB creams, I have tried a number and I have to say that this CC cream is definitely lighter in texture. Application was alright but not fantastic as it was easy to blend into my skin and I had to check if there were streaks left unblended, especially near my hairline and eyebrows. I also didn’t have enough left over to reapply over my red spots, so I can’t comment on its concealing properties. By the time I put on the rest of my makeup, note that I skipped loose powder, I was underwhelmed by this product.

After 10 hours and when I got back to take the last picture, I was pleased that this product had at least stayed true to its claim of staying power. Yes, I still had a bit of shine but overall I think it did better than my usual routine of tinted sunscreen, concealor and loose powder. Hmm, I’m still undecided.

Retails exclusively at Watsons @ SGD35 for 50g / GSS promo 50% off

[Sponsored Review] Rachel K Radiance Illuminator Collagen + Lotus Stem Cell Hydrogel Mask


I have been facing alot of stress at work the last 2 weeks with very depleted sleep and its really showing on my skin these days – tired, dehydrated skin and poor oil control.

My busy schedule limits my skincare regime to cleanse, tone, mask before going to bed, and I’m delighted that the nice ladies at Rachel K sent me this!!

Rachel K Radiance Illuminator Collagen + Lotus Stem Cell Hydrogel Mask

Look at the benefits!! its smthg that i really need. badly.

Did you know…

Hydrogel masks deliver 11-18% more moisture than traditional skincare sheet masks. Hydrogel melts onto your skin, reacting directly to your skin’s temperature. It effectively locks in moisture, which its Trans-Dermal Technolofy allows hydrating agents to penetrate at level twice greater than other moisturizers.

This easy-to-use mask has stem cells extracted from the lotus flower, which promotes the division of skin cells, enhancing the skin’s intrinsic ability to renew itself. its gel-like texture contours to your face leaving it soft and hydrated, while refining the fine lines and wrinkles. its cool and refreshing formula, coupled with powerful bio-cleansing abilities, remove dead skin cells, cleans, refines, and leaves skin smooth and glowing. For normal, oily, or acne-prone skin, its natural extracts work to clear out pores without irritation while its hydrating ingredients deliver oil-free moisture, ensuring that your skin is never over dried and always beautifully vibrant

You can also see from the ingredients below that there’s alot of natural goodness in this mask <3. i’ve never seen a mask with so many extracts before!!! pro!

you can also see its made in Korea! cant wait to try already.

this is my BEFORE picture:

can really see fatigue… 😦

this is a gel mask! its my 3rd time using a gel mask and YES i prefer gel mask to sheet mask. its more cooling and you can literally see the absorbtion when the mask sheet gets thinner. it more fun putting jelly on your face right?

this masks comes in 2 parts, one for the upper half of your face until the cheeks.

the lower half covers the lower cheeks, chin,and upper lip area.

the transparent colourless mask is lined to a plastic sheet which you need to peel off before placing on your face. I have some difficulty opening the mask to put on my face as the mask is so soft. but it does not tear. just be gentle when opening.

you will need to spend some time to soothe out the mask on your face.

the mask is really cooling! for the next 40 minutes i keep touching my own face cos its soft and cooling lol.

40 minutes later…

sorry i did not take a BEFORE photo of the mask sheet as my hands are covered with the essence and cant take.

the mask did become thinner, and the essence absorbed.

(i spend the next 3 min playing with the mask sheet – the material is really strong cos it doesnt tear no matter how hard i pulled =X)


got improve? i feel that it is definitely more radiant and of cos plumped with essence haha.

maybe my pores are hopeless case so i dont feel that my pores become refined.

and what i really love is how make up glides on smoothly after that. this is me with BB cream only

throughout the day i did not blott my face at all until 6 hours later. i noticed my blotter does not have as much oil as before. =D

i am pleased with this mask and would recommend this to anyone who is troubled with dull skin.

What i like about it:

1) gel material

2) 30ml of goodness (compared to 23ml of usual sheet)

3) Research was well done in creating this mask

4) the composition/ingredients of the mask

5) skin calming and cooling effect

6) good oil control

Retails at SGD5.90 at Watsons starting July.

On a not so related note, for those who do not know, Rachel K is a homegrown Singapore brand and i am proud that this brand has come this far. i rmb it seeing their make up pdts some years back and the brand has really grown over the years. From my own experience and observations, i can really sense the commitment of Rachel K’s to making good cosmetics. keep it up 🙂

by the way, you can find Rachel K products exclusive at Watsons outlets