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My Staycation Diaries – Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore


I’ve been thinking about doing a series about my recent indulgence, staycations, Since last year, Mr H and I have been going on quite a few staycations for different special events – birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.

Hotels we have been to so far include Marina Bay Sands, Fullerton Hotel, Studio M and Oasia Hotel.

Since I am way too lazy to back track, I’ll start from my most recent Valentine’s Day staycation at Pan Pacific Orchard, located at Claymore Road Singapore.

Why did we choose Pan Pacific Orchard?

It is the lesser known hotel in the Pan Pacific group and honestly, if not for a fairly good corporate deal, we would not have taken another look at this hotel located at the periphery of Orchard Road.

Nonetheless, its location is great – next to Orchard Hotel and the infamous Orchard Towers and relatively near to the Orchard MRT station. It was obviously even better for me as I could walk from my work place to the hotel for check in.

Location: 4* (1 * deducted from the relative difficulty to find the main entrance)

How’s the service there?

I would say the staff members are helpful – I was waiting for a fair bit to check in and a member of the staff opened up a new counter to serve me. However, in his inexperience, he gave me a room that was not ready for check-in yet and I got a huge shock when I saw one house-keeping staff member sitting on the toilet bowl (fully clothed!) playing on her smart phone.

Needless to say, I went down to get it resolved. I managed to get an upgrade to a suite (yay!) to appease my displeasure. The truth is, I was so flat out tired from work I wasn’t even able to be angry.

The suite was bee-yoo-ti-ful. Let the pictures do the talking.

2013-02-15 15.47.02


The very plush bed that got us sleeping so soundly at night

2013-02-15 15.47.09


The walk-in closet, every woman’s dream and some lucky women’s reality

2013-02-15 15.47.16

His and her sinks, one of my favourite features in a bathroom. Oh, the sunken bath-tub deserves a huge mention.

2013-02-15 15.47.23

Pampering toiletries – extensive range (includes mouth wash!)

2013-02-15 15.49.02

The living area which we didn’t spend that much time hanging out in

2013-02-15 15.49.08

The mark of a good hotel in the eyes of the caffeine fiend – hello Nespresso machine and TWG tea bags

2013-02-15 18.38.26

Just a sneak peak of the next LOTD from me – my Valentine Day dinner get up.

They were also fairly responsive in getting us a switch in rooms due to a leaking window problem. So yes, I had 2 suites experiences but the suites were identical so it’s not such a big deal after all.

Service: 3.5 * (Appreciate the proactive attitude, but could have been more careful)

So, what would I recommend or not recommend?

Definitely the food.

2013-02-15 18.54.46

We kinda stumbled upon 10 @ Claymore, the restaurant of the hotel. It was raining too heavily and Mr H and I could not bear braving the torrential rain to get food. Thus, we dressed up to a lovely buffet dinner downstairs.

2013-02-15 18.54.39

It was given a gourmet award by the Singapore Tatler and I have no doubts why. The food was delectable and of good quality.

2013-02-15 19.42.31

2013-02-15 19.42.21

2013-02-16 09.23.44

It was not just great dinner, but great breakfast as well. We really enjoyed our meals there and for those who like Korean eye candy, there are quite a few good looking Korean service staff there to make your day!

Oh yes, there is a mineral water swimming pool that sounds really intriguing but I didn’t get to use it.

What I would think twice before recommending would be the St Gregory Spa. I was rather disappointed because it is a rather well-known spa and I would have expected better massages there.

The good news is for hotel guests, you get a $50 voucher off for services more than $120 (if I am not wrong). So I paid $90 for a 60 minutes Javanese massage, usually priced at $140.

The counter staff was really helpful but the masseuse was a bit too chatty for my liking and I would like more emphasis on those dreaded knots on my back and shoulders. Also, she tried really hard to sell me a body scrub service which frankly gets the thumbs down from me. It was not as relaxing an experience I wish it could be.

Overall verdict: For $270 per room per night (without corporate rates), it is not exactly the most affordable option. However, I would return for another staycation with the lure of 10@Claymore and the comfort of the room.

Hope this staycation series would strike a chord with the readers at Sweetpots!

Sunset Wedding @ 1-Altitude


Hey everyone, I was at Stellar @ 1-Altitude last weekend celebrating the union of Eileen & Alvin.

I love how they wrote their own vows cause it’s that much more personal. Words are a powerful thing. What you say to others and how you say them has an impact more than you could ever know. It was an emotional episode as the bride read hers our loud while choking back tears of joy. Even I got a lil teary-eyed. Words, gestures, actions . . . All very powerful.

It’s kinda like being at the top of the world and declaring your love for one another during one of the most romantic moments of the day – sunset

Of cos the bride was lovely in white+lace

Topshop dress, Vintage belt & necklace, Triselle stud earrings, Steve Madden clutch

Instead of classic black (or white), I though the vibrant green would be more cheerful and suitable for the occasion. Not to mention green looks extra gorgeous during sunset 😉

A lovely view of Singapore city skyline

Scenic pics by Martin from MLC Productions