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[Travelogue] Lake Tahoe, Monterey Bay & Los Angeles April 2012


We rented a car from Hertz and drove to Lake Tahoe. We put up at a cozy studio via airbnb. The place was clean and Lisa, the host was great!

Our first day, we went out to Northstar and signed up for snowboarding lessons.

See how bundled up I was. Borrowed Chi’s Roxy ski jacket cos I couldn’t bring myself to spend on one. Yes, the slopes here look gentle COS we’re beginners 🙂 After a day of falling, we both ended up with bruised bums and goggles tanlines.

It really snowed pretty heavily that night, which means perfect conditions tmr to snowboard….yay!

Dinner @ Bridgetender with my humongous taco salad. The waffle fries were a god-sent. THey have a full bar but we ordered beer.

Just an hour n our car was covered with freshly fallen snowflakes

We didn’t have snow chains so we decided to walk out/down the hill frm where we were staying to the main road. Check out the snow! But we were lucky, a guy gave us a lift all the way to Squaw Valley cos he was going there to ski too!

This was taken at Squaw Valley and yes we’re in the same gear as yday + helmets

Taken on the drive down as we head to Monterey Bay

@ Monterey Bay Aquarium. It’s like no other Aquarium

Chocolate ice cream from Ghirardelli. DOn’t try other flavours cos u’ll just be paying for overpriced Dreyer’s ice cream

Drove along the 17 mile drive @ Pebble Beach

Ha! At least E knows how to change a flat tyre in 10 min

After this it’s on to Los Angeles..

We took the coastal route and stopped along the way

Sea lions sun-bathing

Soon we reached LA, after stopping over at the outlet mall first.

Love Korean BBQ? Soowon Galbi KBBQ is the place to go. We took the set for 2 and were very happy with the variety.


@ Farmers Market. Good coffee & delicious pastries, esp the apple pie we tried.

I heart Yogurtland. Pay by weight of contents in cup. I love fruity flavours

It was surprisingly hard to find krispy kreme

I attacked the original glaze donut before E could snap a pic

We stayed really near Santa Monica beach but it was a dead town

Venice beach was a much better place, buzzling with life. Parking was a bitch,couldn’t find a lot.

A random pepperoni pizza along Venice beach

I guess that’s all the pics I have, we didn’t take alot and I know it was mainly food pics. That happens when the main photographer is E.


Till next time, bye~