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[Review] Vitacreme B12


Good saturday dear readers!
Today i’m gonna review one of the best moisturizers i’ve tried and am using faithfully for the past year.. the Vitacreme B12

I first came across this from one of the sprees online on livejournal – and that it promises to do alot of things, and Jap actress Norika Fukiwara (if you still rmb who she is) secret to looking young haha. and some famous HK beauty reviewer Queenie also did a good review on this.

Taken from the Vitacreme site (http://www.vitacremeb12.co.uk/)
Vitacreme B12 is the only cosmetic product with the Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) as a main active ingredient.

The principal actions with the application of VitacremeB12 are:

•Skin Reconditioning
•Very significant reduction in the extent of the wrinkles and fold of the skin
•Improvement in skin elasticity
•Correction of the skin dryness

VITACREME B12 penetrates as far as dermo-epidermic junction thanks to its liposomic reactivating agents as well as the growth of germinative cells (Deeper layer of the epidermis) favouring the formation of elastin and collagen fibres

the sad thing is, it is not available in Singapore. so have to buy online or overseas.
i got my first tube online from that spree. and after which i went HK recently and they were haveing a promotion, buy 1 get 1 free!! i think it was $30+ SGD for these 2. 🙂

i like how you see that its fully sealed when you open the cap. and you have to use the pointed tip of the top of the cap to poke it through…

the creme is of pink colour, exactly the same as the Johnson and Johnson’s famous moisturizer and also this creme is odourlos which is ++ point. somehow i think frangrance added to cremes means the original creme is too chemically strong or smthg.

i like how this spreads easily over my skin, and its not too haeavy, rather light feeling and really moisturizing afterfeel.
However i would like to point out that in Singapore’s humid weather, its really hard to feel dry skin… at least for me. everywhere i go i see ads promoting how impt it is to moisturize etc. and never in singapore i feel like i need to moisturize. so, when i put this creme on before bed (i sleep in non air con room), i feel that my skin has less room to breathe. and personally i much prefer the feeling of after wash, with completely nothing on my face…

during my taiwan trip last nov, i brought this along as well. and yes, i can really feel the difference. the air there is def less humid, and it was end autumn. even after putting a generous layer of B12, i feel like i have not put anything and my skin still feels drier than any sg moment. i have to keep on applying every few hours, to feel abit more assured and so my skin feels like it is drinking water. so im convinced that all these marketing about moisturzing constantly is more application for europe/us/north asia. dont know why when these pdts come to singapore they assume its one product fits all – its not.

anyway, here is the before and after photo of the back of my hand with Vitacreme B12



the best part i feel about this creme. THe regenerative function really works! you know how i keep on getting breakouts of fugly pimples these days… during the lucky time of the months.. 😦 and this creme really helps to fade the scars after each breakout… i believed this is credit to the regenerative B12 🙂

during my breakout F damn taiko!

after 1 week of breakout

can you see that its much lighter? sorry i didnt take the whole face. i got the most ginormous zit in my life on my cheek 2 days ago 😦

Rating: 5/5