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My Wedding Memories


This is (as usual) a really backdated post, so please bear with my reminiscence.

I got married 6 months ago and it was indeed one of the most beautiful and sweetest memories I had so far in my life.

When I started planning my wedding, like all web-savvy brides, I prowled through the web for inspiration to make my wedding as beautiful as it could be. Pininterest, Ā Instagram, Taobao and other bloggers.

To be the perfect wedding, I realised it must look really lovely in pictures so I racked my brains how to make it look pretty and not cause me a hole in the pocket. I am grateful I have a sensible husband who canned many of my ideas as his practicality rationalised my whimsical wants.

So, I compromised and now looking back, I am glad I compromised. My wedding was not Pininterest perfect, but it was perfect to me as all who loved me were there and the pictures turned out great even when I did not spend as much as what some other brides would have.

Sharing some of my favourite memories from my big day last year.




My gown was a bustier with a sweetheart neck-line, accessorized with diamantes, a silhouette toga as well as the monstrously fluffy train. I wanted a gown that was as couture as possible and I couldn’t have asked for a prettier gown. It might not suit everyone but I was happy with how I looked.


It was like the dramas which I watched, but it was real. Watching your husband beam as he walked into the room to pick you up, the moment is indeed priceless.


The classic bride in the car moment.



The first few moments of us in our room were spent eating glutinous rice balls in a sweet soup (signifying a blessed and happy union) and him taking out the pins from my hair. Only the husband is allowed to do so, one of the many Chinese rituals which I learnt along the way.



The people who kept us sane – the bridal party of my bridesmaids and his groomsmen. Without them, we could not have gone through everything smoothly and happily.


My traditional Kwa, the classic wedding gown of a Cantonese bride. Many prefer wearing the cheongsam for its classic silhouette and how it can be designed to show off the bride’s figure but I wanted to wear the Cantonese wedding kwa as a nod to my heritage. Plus, I learnt to appreciate how ornate the embroidery and opulent the dress can look.


Our shoes when we were kneeling down for the tea ceremony. His were Dior Homme and mine were from Elisa Lutz. This shot is such an interesting way to look at our wedding ceremony šŸ™‚






This series of pictures is as Pininterest as it gets. We took a slight detour off to Singapore Botanical Gardens to take some pictures and of course, it was the perfect opportunity for me to wear another gown. This gown was rented from another vendor, Bridal Closet, apart from my original gowns. I love how the purple and bronze iridescent looked so flowy in the daylight and how my bridesmaids’ dresses look absolutely classic and timeless. These pictures always bring a smile to my face.





Some shots of the decor from the banquet at night. One of the frills I fought for was the candy buffet bar by JOandJARS. I had such a lovely time working with Petrina and she shared my aesthetic eyes to conjure my green and purple Garden theme using gem biscuits, lace cones and the prettiest flowers combination. It went so well with the apple theme that we picked for the ballroom decor. Not the typical colour scheme you expect from a banquet dinner but both of us really liked how it looked.

I would let the pictures do the talking šŸ™‚



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I did not put up many photos of guests as I wasn’t sure if my guests would take kindly to their photos being posted on this blog. Nonetheless, I think my fellow contributors would not mind having their photos featured as part of this wedding post.

I will end this post with my favourite picture of the night – it is a really goofy and unglamorous picture of us.


A little story behind this picture – my husband was opening up the bottle of champagne and the cork hit the ceiling. Loe and behold, it ended in my father-in-law’s champagne glass. That probably explain why our expression is so classic. But this is really us, we are goofy and not the most polished of all couples. This way, we are perfect for each other.

Sunset Wedding @ 1-Altitude


Hey everyone, I was at Stellar @ 1-Altitude last weekend celebrating the union of Eileen & Alvin.

I love how they wrote their own vows cause it’s that much more personal. Words are a powerful thing. What you say to others and how you say them has an impact more than you could ever know. It was an emotional episode as the bride read hers our loud while choking back tears of joy. Even I got a lil teary-eyed. Words, gestures, actions . . . All very powerful.

It’s kinda like being at the top of the world and declaring your love for one another during one of the most romantic moments of the day – sunset

Of cos the bride was lovely in white+lace

Topshop dress, Vintage belt & necklace, Triselle stud earrings, Steve Madden clutch

Instead of classic black (or white), I though the vibrant green would be more cheerful and suitable for the occasion. Not to mention green looks extra gorgeous during sunset šŸ˜‰

A lovely view of Singapore city skyline

Scenic pics by Martin from MLC Productions

My Wedding Inspirations – The Dress


I don’t know about you but to me, the bridal dress means everything to a bride. Ā As I told a number of people, you have the rest of your life to wear simple classic clothes, but how often do you get a chance to wear a big poufy dress and everyone looking at you?

I was very certain I wanted a dress which is simple and elaborate.

Simple in the bodice.Ā Elaborate in the train.

As far as I could, I wanted to push my sartorial choices to be as couture as possible. I really want to be able to capture the attention of my guests, in a good way.

Here were some of the take away from recent bridal trends:

– Illusion necklinesĀ 

I wanted this oh-so-chic-it-hurts neckline so badly. There’s something alluring about a peekaboo neckline which is both classic and trendy. Absolutely mind-blowing beautiful.

A gown from Monique Lhuillier – the toga illusion neckline got me at hello.

– Elaborate train with texture

Since I was a little girl, I would wrap a towel around my waist and twirl around silly. The five year old me would have gotten a kick twirling my long crazy elaborate train. I wanted something tulle so that it’s light yet beautifully textured.

When I showed my colleague my actual gown, she nearly died. She is a bride-to-be and she said she would never wear the dress I chose. I was naturally a bit miffed but I know I can carry out this style with plenty of omph!

– Bling it away!

I’m sure by now, you can guess I don’t shy away from details. I wanted a shiny bodice to balance the insane train I had and I got what I wanted – crystals on the bodice.

Well, I more or less revealed what my wedding gown looks like – you just need to put the three details together and voila, my dress would appear. However, I will not reveal my gown until my wedding is over (I’m superstitious in that way!)

However, I would show you some pictures of me in my ROM wedding dress and some of the dresses I tried.

My hubby and I at our pre-ROM party photoshoot – not sure if you can see the details of the dress. My photographer told me she has never shot a bride in black shoes.

My heritage as a Cantonese bride – the traditional kua. Love the opulence and richness of the dress. Will be wearing this on the actual day.

One of the first few gowns I tried. Liked the look, but canned it because it looked a little dated.

It was between this gown and the gown I ultimately picked. I love the intricacy of the crystal details and how it is edgier than the usual princess-y ball gown. However, the beauty was insufficient to distract me from my dream of a couture dress.

One of the many evening gowns I tried. Love how it made me look super slim and the colour gradient. However, it looked too dark to stand out in a night event.

That’s enough revealing of secrets for one post! Next up, I’ll post up other wedding related stuff as well.