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[Review] Mud Rang Cleansing Foam – Clay


Received this many months back in my Glamabox (which i have unsubscribed).

Have you heard of this brand? i have never seem or heard it, so have no expectations at all.

the words behind are all in korean so i didnt take any photo


Boryeong Mud which has been collected around Daecheon beach, is well known to have an excellent effect on a skin contraction and anti-aging, keeps the skin vitalized and elastic to look young and fresh, because it includeds good elements for the human body such as Minerals, Gemanium and Bentonite.

Boryeong mud produces a large amount of far-infrared rays (FIR), a form of light invisible to the naked eye – which ionizes and activates water molecules in our cells and blood. The effects of FIR are improved oxygen levels in our bodies, the removal of toxins and fats from our bloodstream and elimination of waste, and improvement of nervous functions.

I have tried, solid, powder, gel, foam cleansers and gel cleansers works best for my skin. i dont like foam cleansers normally as i feel they strip out my skin moisture and always leave behind a residue feeling so i dont use them

anyway, i gave this away, and when i need to wash my face that day, i had to use it.

I really love it!! so i decided to review it

you can see the colour is slight dirty sandy colour from the ‘clay’ and natural mud.

to my surprise – this foams more easily than i thought! i can spread this easily and massage this over for about 30 sec

(there should be more foam than this)

during rinsing, i can really feel that there is no residue and it really washes off everything.

upon drying – face feels really clean and soft too – no tightness from stripping moisture!!

i love cleansers that cleans well. i dont buy the idea of those ‘added function’ cleansers, like those in the whitening series, or anti aging series, or hydrating series.

to me, a cleanser shd just ensure nothing is left on the face. then the face is ready to absorb anything after that right. anything extra shd come after that.

Sold on Glamashop SGD28.43 for 150ml
i found the Facebook page for it which is for Malaysia 150ml for RM120