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Review: Garnier Pure self heating sauna mask


Bought this from watsons when my friend LJ recommended that she uses this for purifying and clarifying. it comes it a pack of 2 so you can use it twice. i rmb its fairly cheap too.

I had Mookata (thai styled steamboat) on the day i first tried this, since there so much oil splattering on my face, so i thot this is a good time to try.

sounds like a good deal right? SELF heating somemore! i’ve never tried a self heating mask before.

Heres the before pictures:

time to open it!!!!!

im surprised to see its a light blue colour, i wonder what makes it blue, copper 2+? (hahaha!) i thought its only zinc and clay stuff. anw i can already feel it heating up on my fingers so i am going to apply on my face quickly. so hard to take photos at the same time.

and there’s really more than enought for my T zone and chin, i even used it on my mom and still got excess

more than 3 min later…

am i suppose to expect visible difference from photos? my camera takes bad macro shots. my pores are definitely more ‘dry’ and it does a decent job in removing oil, altho i applied it after washing my face so there was not much oil to begin with right. i love the self heat part though. the next 3 days, i can see my pores producing less sebum that it normally does =)

normally i use oil control paper to suck up oil on my nose in the day and i really see less oil on the paper the next 2-3 days.

Not bad!

[Review] Yamano Doronko Clay Mask (black)


Today, i am going to review one of the many masks i have on my rack… which i really wish i have more discipline to use. this is the Yamano Doronko Clay original 24 Black clay mask.
I first heard abuot it from Sydney, whom said that this is a really good clarifying mask, effectively getting rid of excess sebum or oil. she even said that she has used 3 tubs of it!
the only down side is the price tag. it normally retails about SGD65. hwoever, she got it at the discount when Beauty Language’s have their periodic sales.. i dont know anywhere else that sells this though..

so i was really happy when i saw beauty language having a fair at harbourfront centre! it was retailling at ard $35!! i immediately got it for myself.
that was about 6 months ago, and i admit that i have only used it for about 10 times. maybe once every 3-4 weeks?

this is the heavy tub of black mask

this is how the mask content looks like inside, its a dark shade of grey.. smthg like cement lol

the texture is really thick and dry.. exactly like mud. which i believed is good for absorbing oil and sebum?

after washing my face, i patted it dry and start scooping this tub of clay/mud onto my face. since the texture is so thick, it really sticks to your skin and does not really spread like your normal moisturiser, so need to use up quite a bit of mask. and this thing really makes you feel that you have alot of pores!! each time this thing spreads over to my pores, you can really see ‘holes’ and potholes on the mask, super emphasize that you have large pores at a certain area. which is good i guess i know where my enlarged pores are

there is a earthy muddy smell to this pdt but it does not bother me or antyhing, it feels natural actually.

can you see the potholes?

after spreading ard my entire face

leave this on for the next 20-30 min and you can feel it ‘drying up’. you cant really do much facial expressions and you can feel your skin tightening.

after that, i washed this off with water. it is really hard to wash off cos the thick creamy texture and really need to wipe my face alot of times to make sure that its really out. you might want to wash your face again with a gentle cleanser to be safe. i didnt do it though, i just use my L’Occitane toner to swipe after rinsing and drying.

the output is really clean, oil-free, tighter and firmer skin!! can feel that my skin’s sebum and oil are sucked up.

close up of the clean but taiko skin

overall, this is a mask that i want to have in my regime as it is really different from those wet sheet masks/leave on ones. its dryier and good for days where you feel like your skin is producing too much oil.
after this step, a good moisturizer is impt too, to ensure that your skin is hydrated and wont produce more oil… like chemical equilibrium if you know what im talking about.

rating: 4.5/5