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[Review] L’Oreal Youth Code pre-essence


one of the items in last month’s Bellabox – the hyped up L’Oreal Youth code pre-essence!

i am quite excited to try this cos i’ve seen the ads everywhere, prints, internet, youtube. was thinking if its really so good… increase absorption of skin X2!

this is meant to be used on cleansed face before the usual skincare routine. I was apprehensive at first as i really dont get these multi steps routine, and i think its just a marketing gimmick to add another ‘staple’ into the routine


100,000 women tried it and saw instant results

the essence is off-white in colour of thick consistency, more runny than your usual serums

And true enough, I must be the 100,001 person whom saw instant results.
the skin really becomes softer immediately. however, i am not sure if softer skin = better for absorption of products.

applying to only the right side of my face (LEFT SIDE OF THE PHOTO)

i have tried this for about a week. i am happy to use it as my skin really becomes significantly softer each time i applied, with no sticky feeling.
If this is to increase the effectiveness of my skincare, i think its hard to judge as i seldom see visible difference and i always believe skincare is part of a long process to keep up and maintain.

i would recommend this to others, considering it is affordable and it works to keep skin soft and prep for the next steps of nutrients

[Review] The Face Shop Flebeaute White Crystal Effect Essence


“mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

In Asia, fair has always been a strong indicator of beauty. and even though there are many western/latin/global influences and tanned look is very hot now (look at the chio VS models!!!), I am still into the fair look =)

maybe cos im quite fair myself so im biased =P wahaha. easier to maintain right…
this pdt i am reviewing is actually my mom’s. and now i use ittogether with her.

the reason i start using it is cos it really works for my mom. she is in her fifties and have quite alot of drak spots and pigmentation on her face (aging sucks!). after using this and other pdts such as sunscreen etc. i really see an improvement, many ppl have commented she is fairer and skin colour is even. not bad!! too bad i dont have photos of before and after.

it is a translucent gel like substance, and smells fresh too. cos the gel is quite watery, it spreads like a dream across your skin and gets absorbed in abuot 1-2 minutes. i will wait abuot a few minutes before applying my moisturizer the Vitacreme B12

results? for me i think maybe 5% improvement… maybe cos i have almost no pigmentation and my skin is quite fair to begin with. but i believed prolonged usuage should lighten abit. for those ladies out there whom have draker skin and some pigmentation, its worth a shot! it worked for my mom =)

Update: 24 Jan 2012
i was at work and someone commented “wah you very long nvr do sports ah?”
i was like “Why leh?”
“cos you damn fair la!”
wahaha i guess there are some visible results now!! =DD