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Korean Beauty Haul


Received my package from Zhen, owner of iheartkoreanbeauty – where I get all my Korean stuff. She is the NICEST SELLER EVA!! best online shopping experience ever!

She will personally email you after your order to thank you, and also ask you what type of samples you like, so she can throw in for FREE.
after that she realised she quote me wrongly for postage but absorbed the additional cost… then will send pictures of my package before mailing.

the package is painstakingly wrapped in bubble wrap, every single product, then even more bubble wrap in the shoe box that it came with. i was so excited when opening the box to see what i got, machiam like xmas present.

so many samples man!! and my stuff are all bubble wraped nicely!
can you see the postcard where Zhen writes me a personal note to thank me? wah got pen somemore OMFG

do you even know what i got?? haha

i counted. 40 forty samples of BB creams, emulsions, toner, masks, essence. totally unexpected. perfect for holidays

the products does not go through middlemen and prices are low, whats more is the service and personal touch.

I love iheartkoreanbeauty . if you cannot find the product, you can always request and she will get it for you next trip!