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[Review] Holika Holika Heart Full Moisture Lipstick


Here’s a rare make-up review from me.

I received this red lipstick from my fellow contributor, Fen as a souvenir from Korea. I kinda forgotten all about it until one day, I decided to do something different about my make up on a date night with Mr H.

2013-03-09 15.47.17


2013-03-09 15.49.58


Its packaging is really cute and small, perfect to pop into a clutch or a purse for quick touch-ups.

The lipstick lives up to its name of being a “heart full” lipstick by being in a heart shape. It’s very gimmicky but it works for me! However, I get super paranoid when I apply the lipstick as I feel I might ruin the heart shape. It’s probably best to use a lip brush for this lipstick.

2013-03-09 15.51.14

Fen got me this particular colour, which is supposed to be a pretty bright shade of red. Let’s compare the colour of this lipstick with two others in my make up pouch.

2013-03-09 15.53.09

From top to bottom: L’oreal Caresse Lipstain Rose on and on, Holika Holika Heart Full and Maybelline Color Sensational

As you can probably see, it’s not as red as I thought it would be. However, its texture is smoother than my Maybelline and more moisturising. Kudos to that!

After 2 coats of the lipstick, I got a pretty pinkish-red tone and the colour is pretty even.

2013-03-09 16.05.01

This red is good for those who are not daring enough to go full out and yet wanting to try something beyond the safe pink tone. But for those who are seeking an outstanding shade of red, you will be disappointed that 2-3 coats later, it will still be more pink than red.



The lip colour lasted about 2 hours before I needed to touch up, which means its staying power IMO is just alright. Nothing spectacular.

Overall, it was a good start to being slightly more experimental in my make-up choices.

P.S: For this look, I tried to modify the wingtip eyeliner to suit my sleepy eyelids but it doesn’t look that obvious.

LOTD – Tweed is the New Chic Cheap


One of my all time favourite fabrics is tweed. There is something in the richness of the texture that invokes images of all things British and scholarly chic. In fact, I find tweed so classic it is probably an eternal love affair.

When I was in London in December, I pounced on the opportunity to visit my Shrine of Fashion – Primark. I know many critics find Primark too mass-produced or with poor quality clothes. I remember fondly how I bought tons of things from Primark in Northern Ireland and they lasted pretty well.

So today, I am going to feature fashion that can be cheap but look chic. Of course, to achieve the perfect juxtaposition, I had to choose one of Singapore’s most chic landmarks, Singapore Art Museum.



Yellow tweed dress with black faux leather Peter Pan collar, Primark UK

Black ballet flats with butterfly accessory, DMK

Black satchel, Charles and Keith


The shoes are way comfortable and perfect for a day of walking through the galleries featuring Asian artwork. The satchel is roomy enough to put the essentials but for me, it was a struggle to keep myself from packing my usual load of stuff.


It was truly a day when chic met cheap.  Proof that we can all indeed aspire to be a diva on a dime, to quote the Canadian fashion show title that used to air in Singapore.

[Review] Dior Diorshow Iconic Extreme Mascara


This is by far my favorite all-time mascara. I have never been this faithful to any particular mascara before but once I tried this, I fell in love and have never looked back since.

Iconic Extreme is an addition to the already popular range of Dior’s Iconic mascara range. Let’s jump straight to why I love this mascara.


  • Comes off easily with lukewarm water
  • No more tugging on lashes to remove mascara which means no/lesser lash fall


  • Important when you have oily lids

Lengthening & separating power

  • The wand is like a comb and lashes are easily separated while lengthening

Smooth consistency

  • It never clumps, even after 3 coats
  • Or after 4 mths of usage when I’m done with it

Curling & staying power

  • My lashes get curled and stays up
  • I have not used my eye lash curler in years
  • Looks exactly the same even after 8 hours

Before vs. After

This is after ONE coat of mascara. Enough said.

[Review] Nivea Visage Refreshing Cleansing Milk


Bought this at Watsons last month.

2 bottles for $11.90 if im not wrong. A friend of mine wanted to get it as she used it before saying its not bad so i shared with her to try.

it contains parabens and castor oil =X

i’ve used it for about 2 weeks and i’m not sure if i should use it as a make up remover or cleanser. but i am going to review it for both functions anyway.


as usual i applied more than my usual day make up on the back of my hand.
concealer, eyeliner, mascara etc
it is more like a cream than milk, and fragrance is strong which i dont like it.

after rubbing for 20 seconds i feel like the make up is not coming off, so i added more milk and rub again

After rinsing…

Verdict: does not remove makeup.


i’ve used this as a cleanser in the mornings,
or after removing make up,
and even as a 2nd cleanser after washing my face once.

If i use this in the morning with some oil on my face, this cleanser cannot get rid of the oil.
i can feel a film of something on my face.
and my skin cant seem to breathe at all.

after drying it is better like nothing is there but just to play safe,
i will wash again with my regular cleanser

However, this effect is less apparent if i washed my face with my regular cleanser, followed by the Nivea Cleansing milk.
i guess my regular cleanser removed the oil on my face already.

so to illustrate what i was saying:
i washed my makeup free left hand with the Nivea cleansing milk
i washed my right hand with the Avene Soapless Foaming Gel (my regular cleanser)

You can see that after rinsing, the water on my left hand will streak together.
but the water on the right hand is evenly distributed

so i think, there is really something left behind after washing with NIVEA.
after cleansing, the next steps are the nourishing part like toner, serums etc which i want them to be evenly absorbed and not blocked by anything.

i am sorry, i cannot recommend this for those with combi – oily skin.

it worked for my friend, whom has dry – normal skin.