Look of the Day – Travelling Stylishly for Work


I must confess that my frequency of blogging on sweetpots is not something very admirable. So, I’m gonna make up for it by doing a post (or even 2) about my travelling outfits for a business trip and my moisturizing regime while travelling.

I went to the UK for work recently and it was a 8 day trip. I needed to pack for work (look professional), be warm, be stylish and of course pack light. Multiple challenges would not faze a fashionista willing to plan.

Lemme show you some of my outfits.

Taken at Heathrow Airport’s Harrods.
Being stylish & comfy on a 12 hour flight, another 3 hours of transit and 1.5 hour flight to connect does not give me much incentive to wear a dress. I chose a black, bell-sleeved tunic matched with my Uniqlo houndstooth jeggings and black suede boots. To keep warm, my New Look military jacket came to the rescue. Twisted my hair in a Korean-esque bun to keep my hair in place.



My conference outfit. My hubby to be strongly felt that I should look sharp for my international conference. Tailored a shirt & pants from this awesome shop called Gab Noble at Tras Street and with some classic pumps from Americaya, I looked good and felt good to take the academic world by storm.

20110708-123700.jpg My cyan ruffled sleeved top from Bysi with my grey harem pants (absolute must have – chic, virtually uncreasable and light) from Bangkok.

Topped with a turquoise and purple scarf from HK.
Love this outfit to bits. I can still show some summer flava in a summer of 14 degrees celcius!


Strangely opted for the same colour turquoise but in a draped dress, with an ombré tone I can’t resist. One of my prized purchases from Bangkok. Together with hubby’s A/X jacket and leggings, I was able to stand the cold of 12 degrees!

Sad to say, I still overpacked for my trip plus I overshopped. My beloved pink luggage is currently looking a tad miserable from that weight.

Hope this post could help/inspire you to think about clothing options while travelling. It was really fun dressing up.


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